These “If Trump Were Santa” Tweets Are So Spot On It's A Little Scary

Mark Makela/Getty Images News/Getty Images

As Christmas approaches, many kids are gearing up for a visit from Santa Claus, that same jolly figure who makes his way down the chimney of houses around the world to deliver presents to good boys and girls. But what if President Trump were Santa Claus? One recent report notes Trump's already sending Santa Claus an abnormal number of adults who are looking to talk about how anxious his presidency is making them. Twitter users imagined just that Trump-as-Santa scenario over the weekend, and the results were at once hilarious and terrifying.

While the president entered office with every intention of accomplishing each item on the long wish list of the people who voted for him — bringing back jobs, building a wall along the border with Mexico, and repealing Obamacare are just a few of them — so far, he hasn’t delivered on many of these campaign promises. That poor performance hasn’t gone unnoticed: CNN recently reported that his approval rating is just 35 percent, the worst of any elected president’s first year by a significant margin.

We know that Trump hasn't exactly met his base's expectations before Christmas this year. But here's what Twitter users joked the world might look like if he took on the job of Santa Claus:

Lines At The Mall Would Be Shorter (Get It?)

Trump loves to boast about the amazing turnout that he draws at his rallies, but official photos from his January inauguration painted a different picture. At the very least, if Trump were Santa Claus, he wouldn't be drawing the same crowds to the mall as his predecessors.

Plenty Of Coal To Go Around

Trump has long boasted about his goal to bring back jobs to the coal industry, Despite these efforts, though, there's been no real indication sustained job growth for coal workers under Trump.

Jared The Elf?

It's no secret that Ivanka's husband Jared Kushner is one of the quieter members of the Trump administration. Given the amount of responsibility he's been given by his father-in-law since entering the White House, it's not hard to picture Kushner as an elf that the president brought on to do a good portion of his work.

Cringe So Hard

It shouldn't be hard to answer that question. *Cringes*

Bad News For The Reindeer...

The Trump sons' penchant for trophy-hunting has been well documented. Needless to say, we'd worry for Rudolph if the president were driving his sleigh.

One Staffer Might Still Have A Job

It’s kind of uncanny how much the head elf from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer looks like Trump’s former deputy assistant Sebastian Gorka.

He'd Be Down To One Elf

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is perhaps the most elf-like character to survive the Trump administration so far.

Food For Thought

By the time they reach adulthood, most kids have accepted that Santa is part of an elaborate fairy tale. What the world be like if we woke up and Trump's presidency had just been one long parable?

The New Cookies & Milk

We know about the president's long-held penchant for fast food. For this Santa, milk and cookies just wouldn't do the trick.

A Yuuuuge Collection Of Gifts

Trump loves a hyperbole, so Trump-as-Santa would outpace all Santas in his speed and efficacy at delivering gifts.

Fake News!

Santa is real, kids! Don't let CNN tell you otherwise!

Tiny Hands

To paraphrase Sen. Marco Rubio, you know what they say about Santas with small hands...

The POTUS Who Stole Christmas

Now wouldn't that make one heck of a movie reboot?