13 Things That Will Help You Survive Summer’s Mercury Retrograde

Pole & Swede

Mercury will be in retrograde motion from Jul. 26 to Aug. 19 — right smack in the middle of summer, threatening to stress us out of our happy place. But just because we're in a retrograde, doesn't mean our lives have to start going backward, too. There are plenty of ways to fight the effects of planetary motion, and spending a little bit of time preparing yourself for the potential issues that might arise will go a long way. So, that in mind, you'll want to know about a few items that will help you survive Mercury retrograde in summer 2018, because it might be a lot to handle on your own.

With a combination of soothing products, luxe touches, and distractions from your everyday complications, you'll be ready to greet all of the challenges that Mercury retrograde brings with strength and ease. Here I've put together a list of retrograde-busting products that will help you keep your head on straight during the next few weeks. There's nothing that Mercury retrograde will throw you that you can't handle, especially if you're staying well-rested, organized, tuned into yourself, and mentally sharp. Just hang in there, stay positive, and remember that we're all going through the same thing.


A Funny Book

A Backup Hard Drive

A Tile Tracker

Soft Slippers

A Silk Pillowcase

A White Noise Machine

A Facial Steam

A Silk Robe

An Oil Diffuser

A Candle

A Roku