13 Last-Minute March For Science Sign Ideas

Kena Betancur/Getty Images News/Getty Images

On April 22, scientists, science enthusiasts, and, frankly, just reasonable people will take to the streets in the name of "robustly funded and publicly communicated" science. You in? Here are some last-minute March for Science sign ideas, because even if you wait to make your sign until the bitter end, that doesn't mean it can't still make the maximum amount of impact.

Right after Trump's inauguration in January, the official White House page on Climate Change disappeared — which turned out to be a herald of many other disturbing actions the administration would take with regard to science and research in the days to come. Here is just a smattering of what's happened since: Scott Pruitt, who doesn't really seem to understand climate change, was confirmed as the head of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA); Trump's proposed budget cut 31.4 percent of the EPA's funding and $6 billion from the National Institutes of Health (while adding $54 billion in defense spending); Trump signed an executive order that experts say is going to be a climate change disaster; and Trump has ignored scientific facts left and right.

Understandably concerned (and also bolstered by the success of the Women's March), scientists across the internet began brainstorming a new march — one for science. The idea snowballed from there, and the current Facebook event page for the March for Science now has over 500,000 likes. Though the primary march will be taking place in Washington, D.C., there are currently 517 satellite marches set to happen around the world, everywhere from Birmingham, Alabama, to Santiago, Chile.

The goal is not simply to emphasize the importance of science; it's a worldwide plea for scientists to engage with communities and share their research, to reach beyond their immediate peers and help educate those whose lives are most directly affected by things like climate change. It's an embodiment of the belief that access to knowledge and information is a basic human right. Also, our lives literally depend on science.

So, if you're marching this weekend, here are some signs you can put together in next to no time at all. March strong. March proud. March for science.

1. Go For Something Bleak, Yet True

350 dot org on Twitter

2. Speak Volumes With Just A Few Words

Climate Nexus on Twitter

3. Make A Straightforward Plea

1199SEIU Caregivers on Twitter

4. Encourage Some Mild Controversy

Rachel 📖 Sharp on Twitter

What if I told you that science and God can exist at the same time? Even the Pope understands that.

5. Offer Hope Amid Dispair

Jennifer Tribble on Twitter

6. Get Some Goofs In

The Anti-Trump on Twitter

7. Some GOOD Goofs

350 dot org on Twitter

8. Really! Good! Goofs!

STAT on Twitter

9. Reference Your Favorite PBS Characters

Sierra Tuthill on Twitter

10. Make Your Wordplay On Point

March For Science MO on Twitter

11. Remember This:

Poe Dameron 🖖 on Twitter

12. Take Your Cues From Children's Books

Susan Van Metre on Twitter

13. And, Of Course, Give A Nod To Scientists Themselves

MarchForScience-Hou on Twitter