13 Last-Minute Gifts For Your Valentine

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I've always been a gift-giver. Growing up, I was a proud owner of You're Invited to Mary Kate & Ashley's Christmas Party and their song "Giving is Getting" totally changed my life — I distinctly remember listening to it and thinking, "it is better to give than to receive! They're right!" So basically, I've been training for last-minute Valentine's Gift ideas my entire life.

Valentine's Day is meant to bring you and your partner closer together, but sometimes, the stress of planning the perfect date and finding a thoughtful gift can actually pull people apart. In the midst of busy day-to-day schedules, work projects, and unideal weather, people often find themselves in a bit of pickle: it's a day or two before, and the bottom drawer where you usually hide your partner's Valentine's Day gift is still completely empty.

Luckily, there are plenty of quality last-minute gifts out there you can get your significant other for Valentine's Day, from a craft beer-making kit to Kama Sutra massage oils to a USB that's in the shape of a mix tape. And even better, all of the thoughtful items on the list below are time-sensitive (aka rush delivery), cost-effective, and guaranteed to make your significant other swoon.

Magnetic Panel Floating Frame
Wexel Art

Wexel Art Magnetic Panel Floating Frame (11 x 17), $65, Amazon

Arrange a few of your favorite photos of you and your partner, mix it up with a couple mementos (perhaps a ticket stub from your first movie date), and voila! You've created your own personalized art installation. Added bonus: the Glass Panel makes it look less gimmicky and more professional.

Lumion Dandy Wallet Phone Case

Lumion Dandy Wallet, $17, Amazon

This handy dandy phone case is not only sleek, but will also carry everything your partner will need for a night out.

Pro tip: Add a picture of the two of you to the wallet, so it's the first thing that they see every time they open it up.

Benchmark Bouquets
Benchmark Bouquets

Red Roses and White Oriental Lilies, $57, Amazon

Um, did you know that you could order real flower deliveries on Valentine's Day through Amazon Prime? Yup, me neither. This bouquet is available to order up until the day of.

Custom Easy Button
Custom Easy Button

Custom Easy Button, $22, Amazon

It's like Staple's Easy Button, except you get to record your own message! Try recording yourself saying anything from "I believe in you", to "I love you", or any other motivational phrase to help your partner get through their day. I recommend buying it in white, so that you can write your own message too!

Vintage Love Letter Stationery Sets

Eternifying Vintage Stationery Sets, $13, Amazon

Even if you're not in a long-distance relationship, writing letters to your partner can not only help you verbalize your feelings, but will give you something tangible to hold on to. It's a great way to promote emotional intimacy — especially if your partner's Love Language is words of affirmation.

Name A Star
Star Registration

Standard Star Package, $40, Star Registration

Registering an actual star or constellation under your partner's name is one of the most thoughtful gifts that you can give them. It's a permanent symbol of your spark! The best part: for quicker access you can print the certificate out yourself. Try sprucing it up with a frame to make it even fancier.

Love Coupons

Love Coupons, $6, Amazon

What a sweet and affordable way to treat your significant other. Plus, the pack comes with two write-in coupons just for you.

Mix Tape Memory Stick
Suck UK

Mix Tape USB Memory Stick, $27, Amazon

Last Valentine's Day, my partner actually gave me a USB with a playlist of songs that made him think of me. Can you imagine if his take on the classic "mix tape" looked like an actual vintage mix tape? This is genius.

Kama Sutra Massage Oils
Kama Sutra

Kama Sutra Massage Oils (Set of Five), $21, Kama Sutra

The perfect ready-to-use gift if you want to set up a DIY spa after dinner and give your partner a sensual massage. Plus, how can you not giggle over the name 'Pleasure Garden'?

Cozymeal Cooking Class

Cozymeal Cooking Class, $75-100, Cozymeal

For $100 or less, you can have a certified traveling chef come straight to your kitchen and teach you and your partner how to cook the cuisine of your choice. I tried their sushi class — it was so much fun and we made so many rolls. We were eating spicy tuna for breakfast the next day!

Dry Erase Board With Decorative Distressed Wood Frame
The Board Dudes

Dry Erase Board With Decorative Distressed Wood Frame, $15, Amazon

OK, hear me out: give this ultra-chic framed white board to your partner with a sweet message written on it. Make sure they hang it up, and then every morning before you leave for work, write your partner a new message. That way, they'll have something new to look forward to reading everyday when they get home. It's the gift that keeps on giving!

What I Love About You Journal
Knock Knock

What I Love About You Journal, $7, Amazon

This gift is not only inexpensive, it's beyond brilliant: you get to fill in the blanks and create your own version of 10 Things I Love About You. It comes in an adorable, transportable book that your partner will be able to take anywhere. For every anniversary, birthday, or special occasion, you can fill in more blanks!

Craft Beer Making Kit
Mr. Beer

Homebrewing Craft Beer Making Kit, $50, Amazon

A fun activity to do together, with a tasty reward. I know beer might not sound that romantic, but try calling it a 'love potion' instead.


No matter how late you are to this holiday, there's a thoughtful, last-minute gift (with rush delivery) out there to make your partner's Valentine's Day a special one.