Veronica & Logan Moments That Are Truly Unforgettable

by Mary Grace Garis

They don't write articles about the relationships that come easy. Take, for example, one Veronica Mars and Logan Echolls. A solid decade after Veronica Mars was ripped off our television sets (and a decent amount of years since the movie nearly satiated our dreams) Marshmallows still can't get over the super sleuth and her bad boy on-again, off-again boyfriend. And while we wait in agony for another six episodes, we're only left with our memories of that passionate-brimming, angst-filled, constantly-bantering couple.

Or... not. As it would turn out, there's this nifty little site called "YouTube" that allows you to visually experience your absolute favorite moments from certain television shows. I know, technology is magical. Therefore, fans are able to harvest all those particularly memorable Veronica and Logan interactions. From the spinning kisses to the tear-stained arguments and all the delightful battles of wit in between. They're haven't left your mind, and now they're here for you to rewatch as you wait for the couple to return to your computer screen (and subsequently inspire more of that erotic LoVe fanfiction).

So feel free to scroll down and revisit a timeless pop culture romance that proves to be funny, dramatic, and for lack of a better word, epic.


When Veronica Comforted A Devastated Logan

You could argue that the seeds for LoVe were planted right here, when Veronica essentially cradled a crumbling Logan after he realized that his mom was really, truly gone.


When That Unexpected Kiss Turned Into A Full-Fledged Make-Out Sesh

Veronica is just overcome with gratitude because of Logan's rescue and sort of shocked by it, but in an unexpected (well, "unexpected") twist he is all about it. And so are we.


When They Had That Blockaded Bathroom Tryst

It's hot because it's all so wrong, it's cute because she basically gives him a fake tardy pass and test prep before he heads out.


When They Were Caught By Half Of Neptune High


When Logan Apologized To Veronica For His Role In The Shelly Pomroy Party Incident

I don't ever appreciate that whole Logan-was-a-GHB-supplier thing, but it's good that he shows genuine remorse and wants Veronica, more than anything, to trust him.


This Painful Make-Out Flashback

SIGH. It's everything we missed since Veronica and Logan are very much broken up during season two.


When Logan Says That What They Had Was "Epic"

SPANNING YEARS AND CONTINENTS, LIVES RUINED AND BLOOD SHED. Blah blah blah, you know the whole thing, it's an instant reblog.


When Logan Saved Veronica From Beaver

Look how calm he is when he says, "you're not a killer, Veronica," look how sweet that embrace is. Or... don't, because this scene is as genuinely hard to watch as it is completely unforgettable.


When Logan Explains His Need To Protect Her

There are...definitely some murky ethics behind hiring a bodyguard for Veronica without her consent. Regardless, this fight is worth it for the "I love you."


This Bedroom Banter

"You know, if I were a hooker, this snuggle would cost you." "I'll glady pay." These crazy kids. <3


When Logan Breaks Up With Veronica

I mean, just because something's memorable doesn't mean it's happy. And yes, this one still stings hard.


When They Reunited After A Decade's Seperation

And I love how, despite being gobsmacked by seeing each other again ("You should only wear this, like ever") they still have a witty littler rapport.


And Of Course, When Their Old Feelings Bubble Over

It was the hook-up that Veronica/Logan fans had waited forever for... after all, you can't deny true LoVe.