13 Mother’s Day 2019 Gifts For Grandmothers That They’ll Absolutely Love

We Are Knitters

PSA: Do not, I repeat, do not forget to celebrate your grandma on Mother's Day! If each year you forget that the holiday extends to your mom's mom and always have to scramble to make a card last minute, might I suggest sourcing some gifts for grandma on Mother's Day 2019, ahead of time? If it weren't for your grandmother, you wouldn't have a mother. It's a very obvious fact that's also somehow incredibly easy to forget or over look. That is... until you get to brunch and everyone else remembered to get granny something, and there you are trying to add your name to someone else's card or excuse yourself to go to the bathroom only to run down the street in desperate search of something you can gift your grandmother.

This year, cut the last-minute shenanigans and get something for your grandma ahead of time so that you can slay with generosity and thoughtfulness for everyone that counts this mother's day. Here I've put together a list of grandma-approved gifts that will show her just how much you love her, without taking too much of a risk. Aka, here's a collection of gifts that any mature woman would be glad to have, interests and tastes aside, these are just all around great gifts that you can bank on being impressive and well received. You might even want to get a gift for next year while you're at it. Don't leave granny out, you wouldn't be here without her, literally.

An Indoor Herb Garden

Self Watering Herb Pot


Uncommon Goods

Give your grandmother the gift of being able to grow her own herbs without having to go to the garden. This pot is made to fit in your kitchen, giving you access to fresh herbs-year round, without having to go outside.

An Audio Book Gift Card

Gift Card



Instead of guessing what kind of book your grandmother might want to read, give her a gift card that will allow her to download whatever book she wants to listen to, whenever she wants. You don't have to wrap it and you can't go wrong.

An Artisanal Vase

Morandi Large Bud Vase - Dipped Pink


Canvas Home

This simple vase is a stunning accent that will easily fit into any room and will give your grandmother something to put her new flowers in.

A Spring Silk Scarf

Circus Poppy Silk Scarf


In The Pursuit

This beautiful scarf offers a fresh pop color for any outfit and is perfect for spring.

A Tea Cup From The Future

Ember Ceramic Mug



Welcome to the future: this mug comes with temperature control. Now, your grandma can sip her tea at whatever temperature she likes it at, without having to rush to finish it. She can enjoy it leisurely and the temperature will stay the same.

A Vegan Leather Bag

Grace Cross Body


Angela Roi

Gift your grandma a new purse that's perfectly spring. This compact cross body bag is made with 100 percent vegan materials and yet it looks identical to leather.

A Personalized Sky Print

Personalized Sky View Print



Pick a place and time and this Etsy shop will create a unique print that will depict exactly what the sky looked like at that time. It could be your birthday, the first day you met your grandmother, or any other special place or moment she might appreciate.

A Knitting Kit

Blanket Knitting Kit


We Are Knitters

This knitting kit comes with everything your grandma will need to knit this wool blanket. Get one for yourself while you're at it and you can knit together.

A Blanket From The Future

The Napper



This isn't just any nap blanket, this is a weighted blanket that reduces stress, anxiety and helps you to fall into a deeper and more restful sleep. Wherever your grandma likes to get cozy, this blanket will make it a much more relaxing experience.

An Ancestry Kit

Ancestry Service


23 & Me

Give your grandma the gift of learning about who she is. This is a great interactive gift that will keep on giving. Once your grandma gets her results, it will be a fun learning experience for everyone in the family.

A Luxury Robe

Luxury Robe


Nest Bedding

Give your grandma a gift that she'll be excited to go home and use right away. This chic luxury robe will probably be the new most relaxing part of her day.

An Epic Card

Cherry Blossom 3D Card



If you're just going to get your grandma a card this year, get her the most epic card there is. This 3D card comes with a pop up cherry tree that she can enjoy endlessly, without ever having to water it.

A High End Photo Album

Everyday Photo Book


Artifact Uprising

This photo album is super easy to make. If you have siblings or other family members who want to go in on a group gift, this is the perfect option. The more pictures, the better. This is super easy to create and the finished product is super sleek.