These Are The Vloggers You Should Be Following If You've Got Natural Hair

by Summer Arlexis

Empowering women of color, the natural hair movement continues on with full speed. Helping fluffy fros, mesmerizing twist-outs, and braided masterpieces have their major moment, natural hair vloggers are giving us plenty of reasons to drool over Afro-textured locks.

Every woman of color rocking a naturally-textured mane has her own unique and personal hair story. But finding others in the natural hair community with whom you can relate to and share experiences makes the journey all the more rewarding. Thanks to the power of social media, natural hair influencers and vloggers have gained mega platforms to address their curly-headed audiences. From loads of protective style tutorials to breakdowns of the best products for Afro-textured hair, a kinky-coily goddess can find everything she needs to know after scanning YouTube. It's valuable DIY content like this that gives women of color the knowledge needed to rock their curls to the fullest.

Whether you're a bonafide naturalista or looking to make the transition, there's something to be gained from watching the videos of top influencers. Learn how to style naturally curly hair, properly care for your tresses, and more by following the journeys of these 13 vloggers.

1. Naptural85

A type 4a/4b style guru, Naptural85 is no YouTube rookie. She's close to hitting her 10-year marking as a naturalista, and has countless videos detailing her journey. Find wash-n-go routines, myriad style tutorials, and so much hair inspo you'll nearly faint.

2. My Natural Sistas

This trio is all about sisterhood. Yes, they are biological sisters. Yes, they are totally worthy of hair crush titles. You'll probably come for the handy My Natural Sistas hair how-tos, but you'll definitely stay for their fun lifestyle vlogs and transformations.

3. Sai De Silva

Turn to the Scout The City YouTube Channel for hairspo for you and your mini-me. Lifestyle Vlogger Sai De Silva and her celeb-u-tot daughter, London Scout, does more than just style she and her daughter's curly tresses. This mommy does it all, from mother-daughter fashion tips to vacation vlogs.

4. Taren Guy

A self-proclaimed former curly girl, Taren Guy traded in her luscious curls for freeform locs. A natural hair vlogger of nearly 10 years, there's a ton of content to view on her channel. Watch her inspiring loc journey if you're interested in taking on the style yourself or travel back in her video repertoire to find solid advice on how to maintain natural hair.

5. Nikkimae2003

Seriously, is Mae of the channel Nikkimae2003 hair goals, or what? She gets handy with gadget how-tos on her textured mane and gives the most satisfying product reviews and styling tips.

6. Monica Stevens

Monica Stevens truly lives up to her Mo Knows Hair social media handle. Homegirl definitely knows her stuff, giving the most detailed product breakdowns and tutorials on a range of type 4 hair naturals. You'll definitely want to trust this veteran stylist with big, gorgeous hair, who was even featured on the Wendy Williams Show.

7. MahoganyCurls

Vlogger MahoganyCurls went from a big chop to the shiniest, silkiest looking tresses. This naturalista has seriously perfected a wash-and-go, because her outcome is always so dreamy. Hit the "subscribe" button immediately!

8. Chime Edwards

Chime Edwards has undergone a "big chop" and slowly grown out a relaxer, so she's experienced with both methods for transitioning to natural hair. Follow her Chime (Hair Crush) channel for tips on preventing breakage, accelerating hair growth, and all the tips a woman of color needs to make the transitioning journey a healthy one.

9. Happy Curl Happy Girl

You're bound to fall in love with HappyCurlHappyGirl's burgundy curls. Tune into her channel for product reviews and demos on all of the stylers you've likely been eyeing. She's also a pro at adding natural-textured clip-ins and extensions, so you'll learn to give your hair versatility and length without sacrificing your texture.

10. Alyssa Forever

Alyssa Forever is another beauty guru that does it all. She features lifestyle vlogs, hair tutorials, fashion advice, and more on her channel. Be sure to pay close attention to her hair how-tos though, because this naturalista performs magic with twist-outs.

11. Alicia James

You'll want to check out Alicia James' tutorials for tips on manipulating shorter strands. She's got defining short coils down to a science. But this beauty has truly mastered it all because she slays styles with every hair length.

12. ImShineStruck

A golden-haired curly Q, ImShineStruck's channel features some serious hair porn. Find bantu knot tutorials, plenty of braided styles, and spirals of pure perfection when you subscribe.

13. HeyFranHey

The DIY guru that is HeyFranHey is a believer in all things natural beauty. Just name it and she has probably made it! Whether it's a hair and body butter or an all-natural cough syrup, this bohemian goddess is your guide to whipping up your own recipes at home.

Whether they are OGs in the natural hair vlogger sphere or fairly new to the game, these curl masters are serving up the gorgeous looks women of color need to see asap.