13 Movies Out In 2018 That Disney Fans Will Love, From 'Mulan' To 'The Incredibles 2'


2017 was a banner year for Disney films, with Star Wars: The Last Jedi breaking box office records left and right, and Coco winning over audiences and critics alike. 2018 is off to a great start, but some of the company's tentpole films won't come out for months. In the meantime, where's a fan going to get her peppy, upbeat musical/action fix? For those who just can't wait, here are 19 movies coming out in 2018 Disney fans will love, to tide you over between the banner releases coming out later this year from the studio.

2018 is an amazing year for animation fans. For one thing, Wes Anderson's continuing his stop-motion fixation with Isle Of The Dogs, though don't let the cute pups fool you — Anderson transposes the underlying sadness of his live action films right into animation. And that's just the start; there are many intriguing new movies coming out in 2018 that should hold Disney fans over until they can get a taste of the real deal later in the year.

There's also plenty of wackiness, romance, singing and action in the live-action world too, including a full-on ABBA sequel tailored to get songs stuck in your head (and encourage some in-theater singalongs too). Wishing on a star won't get anything released sooner, but these films will more than fill the gap.


'Paddington 2' (Out Now)

The cuddliest bear in London wades into darker territory with this sequel, but even the prison scene's shot in Millenial Pink. Any movie with the wholesome message "if we're kind and polite, the world will be right" is definitely for fans of Disney's upbeat lifeviews.


'Mary And The Witch's Flower' (1/19)

A young woman finds a magical flower that gives her the power of a witch for one night only — what would you do with that kind of magic? This will be an absolute treat for fans of Disney's lush animation, fantastical worlds, and strident young women.


'Forever My Girl' (1/19)

It's not animated, but it sure is sweet. This country-fried romance looks as charming as any Disney romance, and features plenty of music to boot.


'Early Man' (2/16)

Aardman's stop-motion movies are must-sees for any fan of goofy, sweet animation, and Early Man looks like a charmer. It's one isolated caveman valley stuck in the stone age vs the entire Iron Age that popped up around them, fighting to get their home back.


'Black Panther' (2/16)

Big-budget action flicks could seem a world away from Disney toons, but both films have the same beats: a young person finding their way in the world, who has to return to responsibility and to save the ones they love...plus there's enough FX for this to practically qualify as animated.


'Every Day' (2/23)

This teen romance is perfect for those ready to graduate to something just a little bit bolder than Disney Princesses. A high-concept romance has a "traveling soul" who inhabits a different body every day fall in love with a young woman. Can their romance cross all physical barriers, and is it right to manipulate the individual lives involved?


'The War With Grandpa' (2/23)

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Looking like a throwback to Disney's live-action '80s films, this movie is jam-packed with A-list celebrities. When they're forced to share a room, it becomes an all-out war for room supremacy between a young man and his grandpa.


'A Wrinkle In Time' (3/9)

With Ava DuVernay directing the adaptation of Madeline L'Engle's beloved story, A Wrinkle In Time is easily one of the most anticipate movies of 2018. Packed with stars (hello, Oprah) and talented newcomers, this is one fans everywhere have been waiting for.


'Isle Of Dogs' (3/23)

The latest from Wes Anderson might seem darker than the usual Disney fare — all dogs are banned to a remote island, and a young boy journeys to get his friend back — until you remember the original Little Mermaid ended with a near-murder and suicide.


Solo: A Star Wars Story (5/25)

For a movie supposedly coming out in five months, surprisingly little is known about this upcoming Star Wars prequel. Disney just released the official synopsis, and beyond promising Han will meet up with Chewie and Lando Calrissian, there's not much else to go on. Still, get pumped.


'Won't You Be My Neighbor?' (6/8)

This documentary on American saint Mr. Rogers lacks the zest and brashness of bold princesses, but Rogers' earnest, caring nature would melt anyone's heart, even if it was made of solid ice.


'The Incredibles 2' (6/15)

This one barely needs explaining — the long-anticipated sequel to Pixar's The Incredibles finally has a teaser trailer, showing the family's youngest member finally strutting their stuff.


'Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again' (7/20)

It wouldn't be a proper Disney list without some kind of musical. The upbeat tunes of ABBA get another feature film as everyone returns to the island to face the future and learn about the past.


'Christopher Robin' (8/3)

This live-action story follows a grown-up Christopher Robin who's lost his groove. To find his way, his 100 Acre Woods friends have to come into our world to help him back.


'Mowgli' (10/19)

Ethan Miller/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

This version of The Jungle Book, directed by animated actor Andy Serkis, combines live-action and motion-capture performances to tell the story of a young man learning his way in the world. Put on hiatus due to Disney's latest version of the same, this one finally gets a chance to shine in 2018.


'The Nutcracker And The Four Realms' (11/2)

The classic holiday tale gets a darker extended universe as Clara finds a magic key that takes her through the titular four realms. Keira Knightly plays the Sugarplum Fairy, and Helen Mirren is vicious Mother Ginger.


'Ralph Breaks The Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2' (11/21)

Another Wreck-It Ralph movie — what's not to get excited about?


'Mary Poppins Returns' (12/25)

Get that spoonfull of sugar ready. Definitely not a remake, but a sequel to the beloved original, the film takes place in the '30s instead of the turn of the century, the time the original books were set. Dick Van Dyke is slated for an appearance, so keep your eyes peeled.


'Mulan' (TBD)

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

You had me at "live action Mulan". The movie, coming out in November, has scant details, but recently cast its lead, Yifei Liu.

Get ready, Disney fans — 2018 is shaping up to look pretty great.