13 New Shows & Movies On Netflix This Week, Including A Terrifying Travel Docu-Series

There are plenty of exciting TV shows and movies coming this week to Netflix, but there’s nothing quite like Dark Tourist. The new show is made by New Zealand journalist David Farrier, the same documentarian behind Tickled, the doc that uncovered an unbelievably controversial tickle fetish empire. But this time, the subject matter is way darker. In the series, Farrier travels around the world trying to find the most dangerous and scariest experiences available to tourists.

In the intense trailer for Dark Tourist, you see a wounded Farrier going into an eerie hospital, along with plenty of other terrifying bits of the series, including him being at the center of a war zone, a man breaking a statue on his own head, a killer named Popeye holding the gun at someone, and a woman telling Farrier to stay back because she doesn’t want him to be “possessed.” In an episode that takes place in Los Angeles, he’s even warned that he’ll be hurt, drowned, and buried that night.

Even though those experiences sound extremely unpleasant, Farrier apparently sees a positive side to it. In the Dark Tourist trailer, he says, “I’ve been forced outside my comfort zone. And somehow, it’s made me feel more happy to be alive.”

If you’ve been looking for a new thrilling docuseries to watch, this is the perfect one to marathon this week. But as always, Netflix also has some other great stuff coming, too. Here are all the new movies and shows on the site this week that you definitely need to watch.

'Bonusfamiljen': Season 2 (July 15)

Last year, Netflix bought the rights to the hit Swedish show to bring it to a global audience. Now the show's making its return for its second season.

'Going For Gold' (July 15)

If you love teen movies and miss the golden age of cheerleading flicks, Netflix's got you covered. In Going for Gold, new student Emma creates a cheer squad of her own with her friends after being rejected by the school's cheerleaders.

' The Joel McHale Show With Joel McHale: Part 2' (July 15)

Miss The Soup? Joel McHale's Netflix show brings it back with his own spin on it and now it has returned for a second season.

'Amazing Interiors' (July 20)

This isn't your typical home interior show. It looks into the craziest homes that might look ordinary from the outside but have some amazing features that'll make your jaw drop, from roller coasters to indoor aquariums.

'Dark Tourist' (July 20)

If you thought Ricky Gervais and Karl Pilkington's travel docu-series An Idiot Abroad was wild, wait till you see this one. David Farrier pushes his own boundaries while experiencing some of the most terrifying things available to tourists all around the world.

'Deep Undercover: Collection 3' (July 20)

The docu-series about undercover crime-fighting operations returns for its third season with some brand new stories that'll keep you on the edge of your seat.

'Duck Duck Goose' (July 20)

Netflix has introduced plenty of original films this year and this includes children's ones, too. This one tells the tale of Peng, a goose who reluctantly becomes a paternal figure to two lost ducklings as he tries to safely return them home.

'Father Of The Year' (July 20)

This raunchy original Netflix flick is part of Adam Sandler's production company Happy Madison's deal with the streaming site. But instead of Sandler starring in it, his friend and frequent collaborator David Spade stars instead as a drunk dad who is set to battle his son's friend's dad after their sons debated who'd win a fight.

'Fix It And Finish It: Collection 3' (July 20)
Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Love home improvement shows? This week you can watch brand new episodes where Antonio Sabato Jr. transforms homes in a day.

'Home: Adventures With Tip And Oh: Season 4' (July 20)

In this Netflix original children's show, Tip befriends a cute purple alien named Oh and embark on adventures.

'Jimmy: The True Story Of A True Idiot' (July 20)

This original Netflix series is a biopic of Japanese comedian Jimmy Onishi, telling the story of his journey to fame.

Last Chance U: EMCC & Life After' /'Last Chance U: INDY: Part 1' (July 20)

Last Chance U is a gripping docu-series about recruited football players who are at risk of losing their spots on Division I and have to play at the junior college (JUCO) level, while attempting to prove they are worthy to return to Division I. The first installment of the series takes place at East Mississippi Community College (EMCC), with a new season coming this week. But Netflix has also introduced another brand new installment within the series about the players at Independence Community College in Kansas (INDY).

'Luna Petunia: Return To Amazia: Season 2' (July 20)

Another original Netflix children's TV show returns. This animated series is about a little girl named Luna Petunia and the world she creates with her imagination.

If you are a big fan of docu-series, this is your week!