Everything New on Netflix This Week, Including The Reality Show Everyone Is Obsessed With

Liz Minch/Bustle

If your ideal night in typically includes a pair of baggy sweatpants, a tub of ice cream, and a date with your Netflix queue, get ready: you're gonna want to stay in every night this week. There are so many great movies and shows coming to Netflix this week, and judging by the list of new titles, you're gonna want to cancel all your plans and marathon content instead.

First things first, there's Queer Eye Season 2. On June 15, your favorite Fab Five come back for another eight episodes of helping people to become their best selves while ruining any makeup you bothered to put on that day. Seriously, this show is scientifically designed to give you all the feels. If that weren't enough to emotionally victimize you, Season 14 of Grey's Anatomy is coming to Netflix this week, so prepare to say goodbye to April and Arizona all over again. And once you've shed every tear your body has ever produced, pick yourself up and enjoy the new Netflix rom-com, Set It Up or the dance party that is Step Up 2: The Streets.

Whatever you're into, there's a movie or TV show for you. So check out the schedule below and plan your week (and Kleenex budget) accordingly.

'Cutie And The Boxer' (June 14)

We know you've feverishly watched all of the Netflix true crime documentaries curled up with the lights on. But, get ready for a lighter true story about the 40-year union between boxing painter Ushio Shinohara and his wife, Noriko. It's a tale of love, art and identity that was nominated for the Best Documentary Oscar in 2014.

'Marlon' Season 1 (June 14)

The same day Marlon Season 2 premieres on NBC, you can catch up with the entire first season of this family sitcom. In it, Marlon Wayans attempts to co-parent his kids with his ex-wife, amidst meddling family members and dueling personalities. What could go wrong?

'Queer Eye' Season 2 (June 15)

After invading pop culture (and our hearts) in its empowering first season, Queer Eye is coming back and once again breaking barriers. Featuring the show's first ever trans hero and first female hero, Queer Eye Season 2 is a major must-see.

'La Hora Final' (June 15)

If you want to feel simultaneously compelled and terrified, this Spanish-language film about a "man that killed thousands of people in his reign of terror", according to IMDB, might do the trick.

'Lust Stories' (June 15)

This Netflix Original Movie tells four stories about love, sex, and relationships against the backdrop of modern India.

'Maktub' (June 15)

Set in Jerusalem, this film follows two mobsters who survive a terrorist attack and decide to change their lives for the better.

Step Up 2: The Streets (June 15)

On the heels of Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan's split, watching the 2008 sequel to Step Up will hurt so good.

'Set It Up' (June 15)

In the rom-com Set It Up, Zoey Deutch and Glen Powell conspire to match their two bosses, played by Lucy Liu and Taye Diggs. Yup, this is the movie that Chrissy Teigen might've willed into existence.

'The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus' (June 15)

This fantasy film about a traveling theater company is worth a watch if only to see Jude Law, Johnny Depp, and Colin Farrell take over Heath Ledger's role after his untimely death during production.

'The Ranch' Part 5 (June 15)

The first half of Season 3 of The Ranch will wrap up Danny Masterson's storyline on the series before rumored replacement Dax Shepard takes over in Season 6, as TVLine reports.

'Sunday's Illness' (June 15)

Experience a mother-daughter relationship that spans over three decades and is shrouded in mystery.

'True: Magical Friends' (June 15)

The small people in your life need entertainment, too. Bright colors, robots, and trolls fill this fun animated series.

'True: Wonderful Wishes' (June 15)

True and the Rainbow Kingdom release a second installment of kid-friendly adventures.

'Voltron: Legendary Defender: Season 6' (June 15)

Let the intergalactic showdowns continue with the next season of Voltron's epic battles.

'Grey's Anatomy' Season 14 (June 16)

Like the wounds its characters aim to treat, Grey's knows just how to break open what once was healed. Season 14 was a doozy, but April and Arizona deserve one last marathon to remember them by.

'In Bruges' (June 16)

Colin Farrell plays a hitman in this crime dramedy written and directed by Martin McDonagh. Sold yet?

'Club de Cuervos presenta: La balada de Hugo Sánchez' (June 17)

Family drama meets sports comedy in this Spanish-language Netflix feature.

'Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.' Season 5 (June 16)

Now that we've collectedly picked our jaws off the floor from the bloodbath known as Avengers: Infinity War, armor up for more drama in the Marvel universe.

This week is a biggie for Netflix — so get watching!