13 Moments From 'The O.C.' Where Ryan Proved He Was Actually Funny

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When, on The O.C., Taylor told the Cohens that Ryan is hilarious, they were understandably perplexed. Ryan wasn't known for being funny, unlike Seth and Summer, who had some of the best one-liners on The O.C. But, despite rarely intentionally trying to be funny, Ryan actually had hilarious O.C. moments aplenty. Many of those were in part thanks to Seth, who, by becoming his quasi-sibling, inspired Ryan to become a bit more sarcastic and retaliate with Seth-worthy one-liners.

But besides those one-liners, part of what actually made Ryan funny is the way he constantly called out Seth. From pointing out his concern over Seth talking to inanimate objects like Summer Breeze and Captain Oats, to noting Seth's lack of self-awareness about being one of the Comic Con nerds that he mocked so much, Ryan was responsible for so many priceless interactions.

Ryan also had his fair share of dad jokes that he most likely picked up from living with Sandy. Who can forget his perfect, groan-worthy quip about Seth having the “Summer flu” and needing Anna-biotics from the first season? And so even though Seth’s hilarious moments often upstaged Ryan’s, it’s time to look back at Ryan’s own hilarious moments — even those that were purely unintentional.


When He Responded To Summer's Disgust Over Her Temporary Crush On Him

Looking back, it's both weird and funny to think that Summer initially had a crush on Ryan instead of Seth. When she looked back at that time, though, she noted her disgust towards her former crush. And Ryan had the perfect response.


When Ryan Borrowed Captain Oats

When Ryan borrowed Captain Oats to model the Trojan horse for the Harbor Spring Bonfire, Seth jokingly gave his inanimate buddy a speech asking to warn him if Ryan touched him inappropriately. Ryan responded like any sibling would — by punching Seth and grabbing Captain Oats.


When He Mocked Summer

Ryan often gave Seth a hard time, so it's hilarious and sweet that by the third season, he felt comfortable enough doing it to Summer, too, by imitating her.


When He Told A Sandy-Approved Dad Joke

As noted earlier, one of Ryan's earliest funny moments was when he made a clever dad joke, saying Seth had the "Summer flu" and needed "Anna-biotics." Sandy even patted him in the back and said, "That was good!"


When He Joined In On Saying "Yogalates"

Right after his dad joke, Ryan proved that he had become one of the Cohens by joining Sandy in on repeatedly saying "yogalates." Clearly, the one thing the Cohens loved more than bagels was saying "yogalates."


When He Tried To Learn To Play Golf

Ryan also showed his sense of humor early on when Sandy tried to teach him how to play golf, which was a total bust. But perhaps even funnier was when he jokingly threatened Sandy and Seth with the golf club when they lightheartedly teased him.


When He Pointed Out That Grady From 'The Valley' Was Definitely Seth

O.C. creator Josh Schwartz loved to include some meta moments, so it's pretty funny to hear Ryan tell Seth that he was clearly just like Grady from The Valley, the fictional TV show that mirrored The O.C.


When Seth Tried To Wake Ryan Up

Before their big Vegas trip, Seth woke up Ryan in the middle of the night by pinching his nose just to talk about Summer. Ryan was not having it.


When He Reminded Seth He Was Talking To A Boat

Ryan's funniest moments often involved him calling Seth out on his weird habits, including talking to his boat Summer Breeze.


And When He Reminded Seth He Was A Nerd

Instead of going to Tijuana, Ryan claimed he would've much rather had gone to Comic Con. But Seth shut this down, saying Comic Con is for "pathetic virgins ogling some porn star dressed as Catwoman." Ryan instantly reminded Seth that he was one of the nerds who went every year.


When He Told Alex He Didn't Like Live Music

It seemed like Ryan and Alex's double date with Lindsay and Seth couldn't possibly be more awkward, but when Alex asked Ryan if he enjoyed live music, he told her he didn't. This clearly upset Alex but made for a hilariously uncomfortable moment.


When He Almost Dropped The Penguin

Ryan tried so hard to help Marissa carry her penguin for the school dance, but he showed that he might not have been as strong as he thought he was by constantly nearly dropping it. Then, once he got a good grip on it, he chased Marissa around.


When He Teased Taylor For Getting Drunk So He'd Confess He Loved Her

Taylor pulled the ultimate power move by trying to get Ryan drunk so he'd tell her he loves her. But her plan backfired because Ryan's alcohol tolerance was pretty high, so she became the drunk one. He found humor in this, though, and teased her for it, while also sharing a heartwarming moment.

Ryan might not have been the king of one-liners, but he definitely had plenty of memorable funny moments throughout the show.