Old Shows We're Dying To See On Netflix This Year

by Mary Grace Garis
Buena Vista Televison

It's been an entire month and I'm still reeling from everything we lost on Netflix this April. That hit started with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which in my world is everything, and it just kept going from there. I have been hoping with a full heart that some new shows on Netflix will make up for this deep dark tragedy... provided that they're all the old nostalgia-friendly shows from my adolescence.

That isn't to say that the streaming service doesn't have some incredible original content. It's just that I miss the days when the CW was the WB, the CW had shows that weren't all Vampire Diaries spinoffs and Archie Comics murder mysteries, and Nickelodeon just got super cool late at night. I'm looking for something (or a few somethings) from a simpler time that I can just instantly stream when I'm feeling down. And there are more than a few shows that feel long overdue when it comes to making their official Netflix debut (or return, as the case may be).

So, for your consideration, let's throwback to our days of adolescence and hope they follow suit. Here are just a few great old shows that would make Netflix a much brighter place in spite of everything we lost.


'Veronica Mars'

I'll just start here because it's a constant personal gripe. Veronica Mars is one of the few shows I had to actually buy on DVD in the latter half of the 2010s, because it's somehow not readily available. I think you can purchase episodes on Amazon, and otherwise it's a whole ordeal.


'Sabrina The Teenage Witch'

Teen witches are so hot right now, and this also flashes me back to some of the happiest Friday nights of my childhood.


'Dawson's Creek'

I actually started this on Netflix a few years back before it was violently ripped from my clutches. Seriously, rude, how am I going to know how a 20-year-old show ends unless they bring it back (OK, beyond Wikipedia).


'The Golden Girls'

They're friends and they're confidantes, and they're on Hulu. What's good, Netflix?


'Full House'

Netflix has that spin-off exclusively, so wouldn't it just make sense to just grab the OG version?


'Boy Meets World'

On a similar note, we have Girl Meets World at the ready, but mostly it just makes me feel very, very old.


'The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air'

Just so much more than that iconic theme song and the Carlton dance (but that's enough for wanting to bring it back, right?)


'Degrassi: The Next Generation'

As a side note, I'd also be really interested to see all the older versions of Degrassi, that first generation or so. This, however, is the ecstasy-popping, gun-shooting, thong-wearing drama that I was able to compare to my own boring adolescence.


'All That'

Oh, what I wouldn't do to have some of those SNL Jr. sketches at the ready. Like, not in a grainy-30-second-clip-on-YouTube way.


'Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!'

There are many different strains of Scooby-Doo, and yet I still love the old-fashioned, very groovy original version the best.


'As Told By Ginger'

This would be great for those of you who missed how dramatic this show got in the last season or so. Also great in case you want to relive that show-stopping performance of "Little Seal Girl."


'The Muppet Show'

This was a really fun way to check out the talent of the '70s back in the '90s. So now it would be like, extra vintage, and still very fun.


'The Nanny'

Call me a sucker, I still want Fran Drescher to babysit me (and give me style tips).

Hopefully, we can get these and more of our other old-time favs back into our lives soon. I have confident that the streaming service won't let me down... eventually.