13 Top Simple Pantry Organization Ideas & Hacks Trending On Pinterest

by Mia Mercado
Pinterest has tons of ideas and hacks for kitchen pantry storage.

If you have reached the “I guess I’ll... clean my... kitchen?” part of quarantine, welcome. Many of us have been here for a while, so stricken by cabin fever that they are turning to — gasp — tidying up. Our parents would be proud. Our younger selves would weep. If you’re looking for inspiration or just another source of procrastination, Pinterest is packed to the brim with simple pantry organization ideas and hacks, which... of course, it is. It’s Pinterest. That’s why it was created: to give us something to aspire to while we inevitably scroll through color-coded bookshelves for three hours.

To be abundantly clear, you do not need to be more productive during this time. You do not need to pretend you suddenly have so many more usable hours in the day now that you don’t need to commute to work or your hours have been cut down drastically. If you are more exhausted than usual, more tired despite not having left your house in weeks, that is more normal than it may sound. Anxiety and stress levels are high during the pandemic. One way your body responds to stress, anxiety, and general uncertainty? Messing with your sleep schedule.

So, go take a nap. Rest up a bit. When you’re feeling a bit more refreshed, come back and see if one of these easy pantry organizational hacks inspires you. If nothing else, enjoy the pictures of well-organized spices.


Get A Canned Food Organizer

If you search “canned food storage” on Pinterest, you will be met with thousands of photos of beans, soups, and more stacked in ways you didn’t even know cans could be stacked. Blog Shanty 2 Chic has instructions for how to make your own. Or places like Bed, Bath, and Beyond sell already-made canned food storage containers you can pop into your pantry.


Repurpose Soda Boxes Or Magazine Racks Can Storage

Finding ways to upcycle items on Pinterest is like finding leaves on a tree: it’s just part of its nature, babe. Rather than throw away your old soda boxes or recycle old magazine racks, turn them into something new: a place to store all the soup you’ve stocked up on.


Don’t Forget Door Space

Andreas von Einsiedel/The Image Bank Unreleased/Getty Images

Utilizing pantry door space is one sneaky way to get more out of your existing storage. Add hooks to hang measuring spoons or small shelves for things like bags or small, easy-to-misplace containers.


Get Shelf Risers

If your storage is particularly tall and you have a lot of unused space between shelves, self risers are the solution you seek. Pinterest has plenty of DIY shelf risers or you can find them via online retailers like


Turn Unused Wall Space Into Storage

Pantry wall storage transforms otherwise dead space into a place for odds and ends. Use hooks or Command strips to secure smaller containers onto the walls to store things like tea bags, spice mixes, or seasoning packets.


Baskets, Baskets, Baskets


Go full Marie Kondo and store your pantry items in baskets. Grouping similar items not only helps keep things neat, but it’ll also make it easier to find that granola bar without having to disassemble your entire pantry.


Lazy Susans

Pinterest has pages of ideas on how to use turntables in the pantry. One easy way? Storing bottles for easy access.


Utilize Label Makers


Before you go and buy a label maker or a bunch of chalkboard paint, search Pinterest for DIY pantry labels. If you don’t feel like learning calligraphy, Pinterest will find a way to let you use someone else’s.


Turn Deep Cabinets Into Sliding Drawers


If you have to reach beyond rows and rows of things before getting the item you need, check out deep cabinet storage on Pinterest. Staples has plastic storage drawers that will give you easy access to items in the back and additional shelf space to set food on top of.


Alphabetize Your Spices

Luxy Images/Luxy/Getty Images

Arranging your spices in alphabetical order is simple because 1) you already know your ABCs and 2) it’s slightly less daunting than rearranging your entire pantry.


Office Supplies For Cutting Boards And Cookie Sheets

You know those racks you see in office supply stores that are meant to store papers or folders or who knows what? Those are prime cutting board storage. Set them at the bottom of your pantry to keep your boards and cookie sheets organized.


Take Things Out Of Their Original Containers


You can stop worrying about your flour spilling out everywhere if you store it and other baking supplies in clear containers. Blogger Beauty for Ashes has a kitchen pantry you can drool over as you imagine putting all your crackers in a clear box labeled “crackers.”


Upcycle Coffee Creamer Bottles

Rinse out your old bottles of creamer to store things like popcorn kernels, chocolate chips, and candy. Not only will it make them easier to find, but you’ll be able to pour our precise measurements without tearing apart a bag.

If all else fails, just eat your way through your pantry: the less you have to organize, the more tidy it will look.