13 Pet Names Inspired By Starbucks That You Will Love A Latte

Chelsea Guglielmino/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Starbucks is a lifestyle. And so when it comes time to name the latest addition to your family, why not turn to the coffee house for a little inspiration? Yes, there are a dog and cat names inspired by Starbucks that you will love a latte. Love for Starbucks is so real, it makes perfect sense to ~officially~ make it a part of the family.

Have you ever heard orders being called out as you wait for yours at Starbucks and thought, "Hey, that would be a cute name for a dog"? Same. And if you haven't, start taking notes! A Grande Iced Mocha has a nice ring to it. "Fred" and "Max" and "Rex" are cute names for your Golden Retriever, but you'll never forget a doggo named "Nitro."

Your obsession with Pumpkin Spice Lattes is serious when you bestow the legendary fall coffee order upon your mutt or cat. It's also sort of brilliant. Naming your pet after an iconic seasonal latte means you can enjoy a PSL year round — just in a different, cuter way. Even though there are a number of Starbucks inspired names perfect for your kitten or rescue dog, here are a few cute ideas to get you started.


Coffee is a perfect place to start for naming your new pet. If you love the "chocolatey-tasting coffee bean," as the Starbucks website describes it, love it harder when you name your Golden Retriever puppy after it.


If you drizzle caramel sauce all over the whipped cream caps of your blended Starbucks drinks, you might have your next pet's name. Drizzle the sweet name all over your cat! If you want to get ~particularly~ Starbucks with it, name your pet after the Caramel Cloud.


You can order your chai hot or iced. Whatever personality your dog or cat shows — whether they keep you warm with their cuddles or don't want anything to do with affection, "Chai" covers all traits.


I mean. Can you imagine chasing after a "Latte" at the dog park? Can you imagine screaming "Fetch, Latte!" I can. What joy.


The only hiccup with naming your cat or dog "Grande" is that you'll have to explain that it's not after the ~Ariana Grande~ but the Starbuck's term for "medium." This is the perfect name for mid-size doggos.


If you have a large dog or a very big kitty coming into the family, perhaps Venti — Starbucks language for a large coffee — is the most fitting Starbucks inspired name.


Who doesn't love Starbucks' blended ice drink? You can't not love a dog named "Frappe." There are so many variations of the Frappuccino that you can tailor the name to whatever breed of dog or cat you get to make it a perfect fit.


Nitro Cold Brew, anyone? Can't you just picture a lightning quick Australian Shepherd named Nitro jumping to catch the frisbee? Or maybe a corgi running full speed into the lake? Be right back, searching corgi rescues to name Nitro.


Pike Place is Starbucks' famous roast. And it could be your sassy cat's name.

Java Chip

Call out to "Java" or "Chip" when it's time to hop in the car for a ride over to Starbucks. Then pick up a Java Chip Frappuccino (and of course a Puppiccino for you and "Java Chip" to enjoy together).


Obviously, anything Starbucks-inspired has to reference the notorious PSL. Thankfully, "Pumpkin" is a cute pet name people use to call each other. So, why not call your actual pet "Pumpkin"?

Mr. or Mrs. PSL

Is it not the cutest thing when pets come with a title? Mr., Mrs., Miss., Ms., Sir., or Madame, PSL is guaranteed to ~slay~ whoever asks what your dog's name is.


Bean! As in, coffee bean! It's perfect for your little pup or kitten joining the family. Especially if they have a lot of energy.