13 Places To Buy Natural Hair Extensions If You're A WOC

by Summer Arlexis

With hair care lines geared towards natural haired women of color popping up more and more, it's not surprising that the hair extensions market has expanded to cater to naturalistas too. Places to buy natural textured hair clip-ins used to seem few and far between, but the options for curly Type 3 and 4 naturals are now better than ever.

There probably isn't a woman alive who'd object to having a versatile, low-maintenance 'do. As a member of #teamnatural, I've lived the struggle of spending a couple of hours or better trying out a new hairstyle. Even a simple wash and go hair regimen can take a solid chunk out of your morning when your curls just won't behave. With perfectly blended extensions, however, the possibility of hairstyles naturalistas can master quickly are endless. Available in every wavy, curly and kinky-coily texture, they're the key to instant volume, length, and flexibility. You just can't beat rolling out of bed at the last minute and adding flair to your fro in a matter of seconds.

Whether you need a little oomph as you grow out your tresses or you want to try a completely new style, natural extensions won't compromise the look or feel of your from birth texture. Continue embracing your natural hair while achieving the styles of your dreams with these 13 retailers that make women of color a priority with collections of Afro-textured wigs, extensions and clip-ins.

1. Her Given Hair

Curly Textured Wefted Hair, $109, Her Given Hair

Shop by texture when you browse the Her Given Hair collections. The Kinky Hair selection caters to type 4b-4c naturals, the Coily collection has type 3c-4a's written all over it, and 3b-3c ranging naturalistas will find something worthwhile in the Curly Hair line.

2. Curl Sistas

Adaeze Kinky Curl Extensions, $160, Curl Sistas

Curl Sistas offers the Adaeze, Chima, and Chi-Chi collections, all of which can be straightened, washed, and curled at your leisure. Find your texture in weft, clip-in, and lace closure options.

3. Koil

Extensions, $179, Koil Hair

Koil extensions make adding drama to your fro easy peasy. It feels and behaves like your own hair, ready to twist out, dye, blow dry and more. If a mega fro is more your steez, there are even Angela Davis and Tracee Ellis Ross-esque wigs available for purchase.

4. Kurly Klips

Mermaid Fro Clip Ins, $199, Kurly Klips

The Mermaid Fro clip-ins curtesy of Kurly Klips are the extensions to see. Banish shrinkage and transform into a kinky haired goddess with just one snap of these voluminous type 4 clip-ins.

5. Heat Free Hair Movement

"Blow Out" Wefted Hair, $149, Heat Free Hair

Heat Free Hair Movement is no stranger to the Afro-textured weave game. A retailer with one of the most diverse selections, they've even got a "Blow-Out" line that mimics black natural hair when straightened.

6. Haute Kinky Hair

Haute Curls Clip-Ins, $135, Haute Kinky Hair

There's much to love about Haute Kinky Hair. Whether you fall on the kinky end of the spectrum, rock defined curls, or you have voluminous coils, you're guaranteed to find textured extensions that match your 'do.

7. Better Length

Curly Clip-In Set, $150, Better Length

Try not to get too overwhelmed by all of the hair texture options that Better Length has on their virtual shelves. With eight distinctive curl types, it'll be impossible to not find your match. If you have no idea where to start to determine which collection best mimics your curls, feel free to purchase a sample pack of hair to test on your strands

8. Kinky Curly Yaki

Kinky Curly Clip-Ins, $104, Kinky Curly Yaki

You can certainly straighten your Kinky Curly Yaki hair, but why even bother? From corse Yaki to Afro Coily, every collection features such jaw-dropping texture. The retailer even sells head wraps, hair tools and accessories, everything you need to completely slay your clip-ins.

9. Kinkistry

Kinknetics Clip-Ins, $110, Kinkistry

The Kinkistry virtual shop features some serious hair porn. As you browse every magestic kinky-coily hairpiece, try not to loose your mind over the stunning product photos and models.

10. Knappy Hair Extensions

Knatural Coarse Clip-Ins, $189, Krshair Group

Make Knappy Hair Extensions your textured hair destination if you're known to rock a blow out like no other. Their selection of clip-in extensions maintain the coarse and textured look of natural hair even while having a sleek, straightened look.

11. Runway Curls

Diry Girl Bundle, $95, Runway Curl

Shop any of the Runway Curls collections for clip-ins, wefts, and bulk blended hair for braiding. You can even add a hair maintenance guide to your purchase for tips on caring for your extensions, free of charge.

12. King Me Hair

King Me Koily Clip-Ins, $105, King Me Hair

King Me Hair fully breaks down each hair type on their site so there will be no second guessing which category fits your tresses. Find wigs, clip-ins, and braiding hair that can blend seamlessly into your fro.

13. Big Chop Hair

Corkscrew Curl Clip-Ins, $120, Big Chop Hair

From corkscrew to kinky to spiral curls, Big Chop Hair has it all. Clip in one set for fullness or go nuts with two or three for loads of length and volume.

These kinky girl friendly clip-ins and extensions are a godsend for Afro-textured hair types. So celebrate your texture and slay on!

Images: Courtesy Brands