Why Randall & Beth Will Always Be The Best 'This Is Us' Couple, No Matter What

Ron Batzdorff/NBC

There are a lot of standout couples on This Is Us: Jack and Rebecca, Kate and Toby, even Kevin and Zoe. But it's Randall and Beth that are relationship goals for This Is Us viewers. Find a more equal, loving, fun-having relationship, I dare you. From the very start of the series, it's easy to see that Randall and Beth are perfectly complemented to each other. She takes charge when he needs to let loose. He steps up when Beth needs a reminder of how awesome she is. They share parenting duties right down the middle and still make time for one another.

Sure, they've had their rough patches. Randall brought his dying father home one day and installed him in their house without really asking Beth. Randall quit his job and decided he wanted to be a foster parent. Beth lost her own job and once called being married to Randall "not always a party." But they've stuck through every tough time together. And that's the key word: together. That's why the pair is such couple goals — because they're a team of equals who complement, balance, support, and genuinely enjoy each other.

But if you need more reasons to love them, or just want a sweet list of their best moments together, I've got that for you too.

1. Beth Bonded With Randall's Father

She may not have always loved that William was camped out in their house all of a sudden, but she didn't let that stop her from letting William into her heart. The two actually had a special bond outside of even Randall.

2. Randall Misses Beth Whenever They're Apart

True love doesn't fade, y'all. Space apart can be nice for anyone, but at the end of the day you should want to see your partner again.

3. They're Totally Committed To Each Other

Nothing can get in the way of their bond.

4. Their Relationship Is Honest

Sometimes you just have to voice you deepest fears sans-judgement or say what you're really thinking and have your partner still love you. Beth and Randall know that they can be honest and yet not hold it against one another.

5. Randall Never Stops Telling Beth How Much He Loves Her

Even when she doesn't believe him, he just keeps saying it.

6. They Make Intimacy A Priority

Randall and Beth don't ignore their relationship's romantic needs even though they're busy parents.

7. Beth Was 100 Percent On Board With Being A Foster Parent

Not only did she support Randall's decision, but she pushed things a step further when she suggested they foster an older child in need instead of a baby.

8. They Went To Therapy Together

First of all, a couple that can go to therapy together is a couple who can make it last. Therapy is not the enemy. Secondly, the therapist told them they were adorable and then Beth and Randall said, "We know." Like, awww.

9. They're Not Afraid To Gently Tease Each Other

All marriages need a little fun.

10. Beth Lets Randall Show Emotion

Some men feel like they can't cry, but Randall does pretty often — and Beth has never shamed him for that.

11. Randall Is Not Threatened By Having A Successful Wife

When she went back to work full time, he was thrilled for her. He's always been a champion of her success.

12. And Beth Wasn't Threatened By Her Husband Quitting His Job

She recognized that the money he got from working there wasn't worth the stress it was causing him, and she said they'd find a way to figure it out.

13. They're A Team

Ultimately what makes Beth and Randall work so well together is that they tackle everything as a team. So even bad news and bumps in the road are no match for what they can deliver as a unit.