People On Reddit Are Sharing Why They Left In The Middle Of A Date & It's So Uncomfortable

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It's not unusual to have a bad date. So many of us have been there — it's awkward and you just want the floor to swallow you up. Even when it's going pretty OK, it can still be not all that fun to sit through — especially a first date.

"For the most part, first dates are incredibly pressured, self-conscious experiences where you are often preoccupied through the whole experience about how you are coming across to the other person," Rhonda Milrad, Founder and Chief Relationship Advisor of Relationup, tells Bustle. "It is actually hard to focus on getting to know your date because you are so focused on your date’s reaction to you."

So if you've been there before, don't feel bad, because plenty of people have been in your shoes. How bad can a date get? For some folks, a bad date was bad enough that they actually get up and walk out of a date, which I thought only happened in the movies. In a recent Reddit thread people shared what went so wrong that they had to get up and leave — and it makes for some pretty amazing reading.

Sure it's awkward and cringeworthy, but reading their responses may make some of your bad dates pale in comparison. Here's how bad things can get, according to Reddit users.


When They Tell You You're Unattractive

If you tell someone that they should feel special because of something you're doing for them, they 100 percent do not feel special and you 100 percent look like a jerk.


When You Find Out The Real Reason They Changed Jobs

I am forever and always going to start referring to my vagina as a natural pocket. I'm not sure I have multiple, but I'll see what I can do with the one.


When They Mention Their Casual Arrests

Ruining a car and an arrest due to aggression does not spell good first-date material.


When They Don't Remember They've Been Out With You Before & Talk Badly About You

OK, this obviously sounds pretty horrific for the person on the date, but is also kind of amazing — right? I want to live so blissfully in my own world that I don't realize I'm on a date with the same person. Also, who doesn't like banana splits?


When There's An Unexpected Toe Suck

I mean, this came out of nowhere. And, this actually wasn't the only weird foot post that someone put up in this thread.


When They Think You Owe Them A Makeout Because They Just Bought You Two Beers

Sticking your tongue down someone's throat in public when they're clearly uncomfortable is never OK, but using money you spent to justify it is even worse.


When They Want You To Get In A Van

I'm not clear if they were apologizing in a "Sorry it looked like I wanted to put you in a van" way or in a "Sorry I tried to put you in a van" way, but in either case it's not good enough.


When They're Glued To Their Phone

No cell phones on first dates. Can we just agree? No cell phone on first dates.


When They're Using You For Food & It's Obvious

Yup, I really think that would do it.


When They Creep In Their Car

It's bad enough that he thought he could expose himself — but why did he need porn in the background? And how did he not realize why this wasn't OK? I have a lot of questions.


When Their Kid Is A Bully

If "bragging" and "mean" are used in the same sentence, you know that things are probably not cool. The fact that she thought that would be an impressive anecdote is pretty worrying.


When She Breaks The Ultimate Rule

People actually do this. Human people who live in the world actually think it's OK to answer their phone in a movie theater. In what way could that possibly be acceptable behavior?


When Everything Goes Wrong

This is a five star train-wreck. It's amazing that she could fit so much horrible behavior before drinks were even ordered, but some people are committed to being the worst.

First dates are almost always awkward, so a few missteps aren't anything to stress about, especially when you see how bad a date can actually get. So don't worry that you once said your favorite color was French fries on a first date, it could have been way worse.