13 Stephen King-Themed Accessories To Spook Up Your Vibe

by Charlotte Ahlin

I don't know if you've heard of this Stephen King guy, but he seems to be doing pretty well for himself. Between the new adaptions of It, The Dark Tower, Gerald's Game, and several other King novels, popular King homages like Stranger Things, and the fact that Stephen King is still writing bestselling books every other day (more or less), it's a good time to be a King fan. But, as we all know, being a fan of an author has nothing to do with reading and everything to do with buying cool stuff on the internet. Here are a few things that every Stephen King fan should own, because why waste money on groceries when you can spend it on a Stephen King themed bath bomb?

Stephen King has written a lot of books in his tenure as the undisputed master of horror. No matter which part of the expansive King universe you're a fan of, there's something out there to help you rep your favorite book, series, or monster (and while I'm kidding about reading being unimportant, the Stephen King bath bomb is very real). Celebrate Pennywise, the Overlook Hotel, Carrie, the Gunslinger, and all the other disturbing King creations with some of these highly needful things:

Stephen King Bookends

REDRUM Metal Art Bookends, $63, Etsy

Where are you supposed to keep your creepy Stephen King books if not between a pair of creepy Stephen King bookends? Make yourself feel permanently uneasy by adding these "REDRUM" bookends to your shelf, and be nice to any twin girls who appear at the end of your hallway.

A Stephen King T-Shirt

Losers Club Tee, $15, Etsy

There are many Stephen King t-shirts out there in the world, but I like the vintage feel of this "Losers Club" tee straight out of Derry, Maine. It's a subtler nod to It than just wearing Pennywise's horrifying clown face on your chest, and it's that perfect mix of childhood nostalgia and unknowable terror.

A Stephen King Art Print

The Dark Tower Poster, $14, Etsy

You could easily decorate every room in your house with three or four different Stephen King posters, and still barely scratch the surface of King's massive body of work. Hang a print of a King quote over your reading nook, or add a post-apocalyptic sci-fi western fantasy vibe to your living room with this minimalist Dark Tower poster.

A Stephen King Pin

SS Georgie - Stephen King's IT - Enamel Pin, $8, Etsy

Carry a little piece of horror with you everywhere you go with a Stephen King pin. This SS Georgie paper boat pin is entirely adorable, affordable, and also very creepy when you remember that it's a reference to a demonic sewer clown.

A Stephen King Candle

Carrie Candle, $4, Etsy

Who knew there was such an extensive market for candles that smell like Stephen King books? There's a bloody Carrie candle, a Pet Sematary candle, a Pine Barrens candle, and even an inexplicable Annie Wilkes from Misery candle (I don't know what Annie Wilkes smells like, and frankly I don't want to know).

A Stephen King Purse

Stephen King IT Book Purse, $65, Etsy

If you really, truly want to advertise your love of all things King, break out the purse that's made out of an actual Stephen King novel. Now you can look stylish and literary and vaguely frightening while also carrying around your wallet and other small objects.

A Stephen King Bath Bomb

Stephen King Inspired Bath Bombs, $18, Etsy

If you've ever wanted to bathe in a bathtub full of blood, now's your chance. These Stephen King themed bath bombs come in "REDRUM," inspired by The Shining, "Pennywise," inspired by It, and "The Man in Black," inspired by The Dark Tower. Let's hope they're all a lot more relaxing than they sound.

Stephen King Jewelry

Stephen King #1 Fan Bracelet, $10, Etsy

Rep a whole shelf's worth of Stephen King on your wrist at all times with this book cover bracelet. And yes, you get to choose which book covers go on the bracelet, based on your top eight King books (so choose wisely).

A Stephen King Mug

The Shining Inspired Writer Bloody Mug, $10, Etsy

What are you going to drink your coffee out of? A mug that wasn't inspired by Stephen King? Do you even like Stephen King? Because every Stephen King fan deserved a blood-spattered mug.

A Stephen King Tote

Stephen King Tote Bag, $30, Etsy

Need a Stephen King bag that's big enough to actually fit a Stephen King book? This tote is perfect for freaking people out at the bookstore, gym, grocery store, or wherever else you need to tote around your horror novels.

A Stephen King Bookmark

Stephen King Bookmarks, $4, Etsy

You could dog ear your book like an animal, or you could keep your place with a cool, creepy Annie Wilkes' Book Club bookmark. Or if Annie's not quite your style, try an It bookmark or a bookmark that's a nod to the world's scariest carpeting.

A Stephen King Funko Pop

Pennywise Funko Pop, $26, Amazon

I don't know that I... personally want a small clown to stand there, staring at me on my desk everyday as I fearfully try to do my work, but surely someone does. The new Funko Pop figurine of Pennywise the clown walks that line between cute and utterly monstrous, and it comes with a tiny paper boat.

The Entire Stephen King Universe

The Illustrated Stephen King Universe Flowchart, $29, Etsy

OK, I know I already suggested a Stephen King art print, put this poster is another beast entirely: it's the whole Stephen King universe. From Castle Rock, Maine, to the Dark Tower that stands at the crux of reality, this poster connects all of Stephen King's stories in one massive web of adventure and horror. Use it for wild fan theories, or just to plan your next Stephen King read.