These 13 Harry Potter Accessories Are So Subtle Only A True Fan Will Notice Them

If there's one thing Harry Potter fans love, it's Harry Potter merchandise — bedsheets, pillows, posters, wine glasses, clothing, backpacks, necklaces. You name it, someone sells it, and you can buy it right now.

But what if you want to keep things a little more chill? What if you want to spread some Harry Potter cheer in your home but you don't want to decorate everything in gold and red like the Gryffindor common room? That's where these 13 subtle Harry Potter home decorations come into play. These sheets, welcome mats, candles, and more will add a little bit of Harry Potter panache to your space without completely taking over your aesthetic.

So, if you're looking to give your place just a teeny tiny spark of that wizarding world magic, here are some items that will help you update your home in true Harry Potter fashion. Trust me when I say that some of these are so subtle only the true fans will recognize them — so consider these a little test for anyone who enters your home. And the best part? You don't even have to travel to Diagon Alley to get these for you and all your friends:

These Flying Key Hooks

Just like the ones Harry has to catch in order to get to the Sorcerer's Stone, except these won't fly away from you.

Harry Potter Flying Key Jewelry Hooks, $89, PBteen

This Whimsical Print.

Only true fans will be able to identify this print as a Harry Potter reference.

"Errol Delivers a Howler" Print, $45, Pottermore

This elegant key holder.

This lovely key holder is both pretty and practical.

The Original Harry Potter Hand Painted Alohomora Spell Key Rack, $44, Etsy

These Wooden Coasters

Only when you look close can you tell that these are an homage to The Boy Who Lived.

Harry Potter Coaster Set (4), $19, AdorkableWood on Etsy

This Heartwarming Sign

....for people who actually like Ron Weasley.

"It's Not Much" Sign, $25, TheChalkBarn on Etsy

This Magical AF Door Mat.

All aboard! This doormat lets guests know they're about to enter a whole new magical world.

9 3/4 Welcome Mat, $27, ThePoshMat on Etsy

This Adorable Throw Pillow.

Simple and splendid! Never underestimate the power of a good throw pillow.

Swish and Flick Pillow, $45, PrintingbyProxy on Etsy

This Butterbeer Flavored Candle.

Give your place a sweet pick-me-up with this gorgeous candle.

Buttery Brew Scented Soy Candle, $28, HighlandBluffStudio on Etsy

This Hedwig-inspired Jewelry Cage

This gorgeous jewelry stand is also a subtle homage to one of Harry's most faithful companions, Hedwig.

Harry Potter Hedwig Jewelry Cage, $99, PBteen

This Vintage-Style Honeydukes Print.
This Deathly Hallows Lamp

A creative, architecturally-driven piece? Actually, it's just a Harry Potter reference.

Deathly Hallows Lamp, $125, AveryGoodShop on Etsy

These Enchanted Sheets

These also provide perfect opportunity to breakout your favorite Harry Potter pick-up-lines.

Harry Potter Enchanted Night-Sky Sheet Set, $25 - $117, PBteen

This lovely wooden clock.

Bring the Hogwarts spirit to your place with this intricate clock.

Harry Potter Gift Wall Wood Clock, $36, FixArtStudio on Etsy