13 'The OC' Moments Where Taylor Townsend Proved She Was Seriously The Best

Taylor Townsend started off on the wrong foot with pretty much every character on The O.C., but things quickly changed. Despite beginning the show as the resident over-achiever wearing polo shirts, pastel sweaters, and pearls, Taylor Townsend had some of the best moments on The O.C. of all the characters, because she turned out to be completely different from what everyone expected of her.

It's a great lesson in how writing complex female characters can create exciting new storylines in TV shows. Taylor could have easily continued as a one-note stereotype or an uptight replica of Election's Tracy Flick, but Seth, Summer, Ryan, and even Marissa quickly learned that she had a lot more depth to her than being a "goody two shoes." What Taylor ended up becoming was a close friend of Summer's, and even a love interest for Ryan. She was far from a "replacement" Marissa, though, because even though Taylor also had a tumultuous relationship with her mom like Marissa did, she was a completely original character.

So take a good look back at some of Taylor Townsend's most memorable moments on the show, because she really did bring so much to the table during The O.C.'s later seasons.