13 Times That Taylor Townsend Proved She Was Seriously The Best On 'The O.C.'

Taylor Townsend started off on the wrong foot with pretty much every character on The O.C., but things quickly changed. Despite beginning the show as the resident over-achiever wearing polo shirts, pastel sweaters, and pearls, Taylor Townsend had some of the best moments on The O.C. of all the characters, because she turned out to be completely different from what everyone expected of her.

It's a great lesson in how writing complex female characters can create exciting new storylines in TV shows. Taylor could have easily continued as a one-note stereotype or an uptight replica of Election's Tracy Flick, but Seth, Summer, Ryan, and even Marissa quickly learned that she had a lot more depth to her than being a "goody two shoes." What Taylor ended up becoming was a close friend of Summer's, and even a love interest for Ryan. She was far from a "replacement" Marissa, though, because even though Taylor also had a tumultuous relationship with her mom like Marissa did, she was a completely original character.

So take a good look back at some of Taylor Townsend's most memorable moments on the show, because she really did bring so much to the table during The O.C.'s later seasons.

When She Stepped In For Marissa As Social Chair

It may have secured her initial role as an enemy of Marissa and Summer, but Taylor's competitive ambition was part of her charm.

And When She Battled Summer For Social Chair

Even if you were rooting against Taylor, you have to admit that her rivalry with Summer added a lot of humor to the show. Plus, it led to the Summer and Taylor's friendship, and all of their passive aggressive remarks to each other just proved that the two were a match made in heaven.

When She Finally Showed Her Vulnerability

No one's perfect, and when Taylor finally accepted the fact that she wasn't as great as she wanted everyone to believe, she became more human and therefore much more likable.

When She Ripped Off Ryan's Shirt

Taylor wasn't afraid to take control of any situation, especially with Ryan, when they hooked up in the series finale.

When She Tried To Get Ryan Drunk At Dinner

The plan backfired when Taylor got drunk and Ryan carried her off to bed. "If I can't get you drunk you'll never tell me you love me," Taylor said, breaking everyone's hearts.

When She Made Up With Her Mom

The earthquake that literally shook up everyone's lives led to Taylor and her mom Veronica's long-overdue heart to heart. Since Veronica was so despicable to Taylor, it was nice to see them finally address their relationship's issues.

When She Pretended To Be A Sleep Therapist

Call her manipulative, but the time that Taylor pretended to be a sleep therapist to get closer to Ryan made for some of Season 4's best scenes.

When She Dream-Seduced Ryan

Sure it was a dream, but everyone knows that the real Taylor would also get onto a countertop to seduce Ryan.

Whenever She Was So Sex-Positive

Taylor often suggested that her relationship with her French husband was based on the two's sexual chemistry, and she made it clear that being pleasured was important to her. Go, girl.

When She Revealed Her Dating Requirements

Taylor loved the finer things in life, and she definitely had her priorities in order.

When She Lied About Having An Affair So She Could Get Divorced

Taylor wanted to get divorced so badly that she resorted to saying she had an affair with Ryan, and it resulted in a hilarious moment when Ryan was asked to corroborate. It may not have been the most moral thing to do, but none of the characters on The O.C. were exactly role models.

When She Helped Sandy Punish A Man Committing Sexual Assault

Back in her first appearances on The O.C., Taylor was having relations with Dean Hess. Summer and Cohen eventually convince her to help them blackmail the dean — so Ryan could return to school. While the Cohens could have punished the dean without leveraging Ryan, the way that Taylor handled the situation proved how great she could be.

When She Was Summer's Maid Of Honor

Losing Marissa left Summer heartbroken, but knowing that Taylor was there to stand in as her BFF made it all so much better. Seeing Taylor at the alter next to Summer at Summer and Seth's wedding warmed everyone's hearts.

Taylor was the un-sung hero of The O.C. and nobody should forget it.