13 Things Bryan's IG Reveals About 'The Bach' Star

by Lindsey Kupfer
ABC/Craig Sjodin

I feel like if there was a song to describe Bachelorette contestant Bryan Abasolo, it would probably be "I Knew You Were Trouble" by Taylor Swift. Rachel Lindsay was swept off her feet by him the moment he walked out of the limo and started whispering romantic things to her in Spanish. We know some things about the chiropractor like he's one of the oldest contestants on The Bachelorette and he was the "hottest first kiss" of Rachel's life. But now that Bryan received the first impression rose, the pressure is on for him. I decided that since he made such a good impression on Rachel, he needed to be looked into and by looked into, I mean I did a real deep dive on Instagram. You're welcome.

But first, let's talk about his first night at the mansion because the first impression rose can mean a lot. Bryan asked Rachel if she's ever dated a Colombian and she said no and his response was, "You're in trouble now" and the attraction was pretty much immediate. He then offered her a massage, which is a major perk of dating a chiropractor. It soon led to a heavy make out session followed up by him accepting the first rose of the night. Bryan is definitely a frontrunner at the moment, so naturally fans want to know everything about him — and I've delivered.

This Is Bryan With A Fever

Seriously though? Who looks that good when they're sick? "Lookin a hot mess w/ a 101 degree fever 🤒on opening night of #thebachelorette...lovely!!!" he captioned the photo.

This Is The Reason He's On The Show

"Just wanted to give a shout to my dear friend @pauldine for being the sole reason I was able to live out the most incredible experience of my life! That phone call on that fateful day has forever changed me! I appreciate you and I cannot thank you enough Diddy!! 💙💙💙 #15+yearsoffriendship #forevergrateful," he captioned the pic with his lady friend. Thanks Pauldine, you're a hero.

He's An Aquarius

According to astrology expert Susan Miller, an Aquarius man is independent and creative. They're focused on the future and are naturally charismatic. Unfortunately, Miller says they put their friends above love. "Loving an Aquarius is often frustrating because they often act aloof and hard to catch," she writes. Hopefully Bryan has more of the good and less of the challenging Aquarius traits.

He Loves His Grandma


He Loves A Good Insta-Collage

Guys, there's a lot of collages on Bryan's Instagram. How long do you think they take to put together?

He's Close To His Family

He hashtagged this #familyalwaysfirst. It's pretty cute. Also, it's a collage.

He Didn't Care Who Won The Election

He captioned this meme: "My response to everyone who will cry and complain tomorrow about their candidate losing #election2016 #lifegoeson #dealwithit #peaceandlove✌" Oof.

He Heads The Daycare Center At His Office

Bryan with a baby. How cute!

He Really Really Really Loves His Mom

That's cool, but hopefully she'll approve of Rachel. I have a feeling no woman gets to Bryan without mom's blessing.

Sometimes He Plays Basketball

His team won a trophy, so they must be pretty decent.

He Was Selling Weight Loss Tea

I honestly don't know how I feel about this. I'm just waiting for Science Smiles to hit this guy up.

He Was A Cute Baby

Look at that face!

He Graduated From University Of Florida

Go gators.

After learning more about Bryan, I think he was right, Rachel could be in trouble.