This 'Bach' Contestant Is Older Than The Usual Suspects

Only in Bachelor Nation could 37 be considered old. When Chris Harrison announced the men who will be vying for Rachel's heart during a live Facebook video, he called chiropractor Bryan "ancient" for being in his late 30s. But is Bryan the oldest Bachelorette contestant ever? Not quite. The title of the oldest contestant is still held by Season 6's Byron Velvick, who was 40 when he was cast.

Nope, that doesn't make Bryan the second oldest either. He is trailing Season 11's then 38-year-old Brad Womack by one year. Even though he's not the oldest contestant ever, the chiropractor's age may still work against him. According to A Dash of Data, the two previous oldest contestants were eliminated during their first rose ceremonies.

But what may work in Bryan's favor is the fact that at 31, Rachel is slightly older than most of the previous Bachelorettes. As a result, she may be more open to dating a man who is 37 — especially since he could be closer to her age than some of the contestants who are in their mid-20s.

Besides, Bryan already has a lot going for him. Not only does he have a good job, he's also a genuinely interesting guy. His questionnaire reveals he's bilingual, and if he could be anyone for a day, it would be Bill Gates so that he could experience what it's like to be as altruistic as the tech genius. If he is as charismatic in real life as he is on paper, Rachel might break the trend and keep him around for awhile.

Rachel is passionate about her career, and she's made it clear she's ready to settle down in her personal life. It certainly sounds like Bryan is in a similar place — he already knows how many kids he wants — so don't be surprised if sparks fly when these two meet for the first time.