Did You Catch These Things In '13 Going On 30'?

One of my secret shames — or at least, it was a secret before I started writing for the internet — is that I kind of love 13 Going On 30. Despite being garish, saccharine, and very, very silly, it's utterly rewatchable. And if you've revisited 13 Going On 30 as much as I have, you tend to realize that there's a lot more nuance in this film than you'd originally think. And indeed, there are intriguing things in 13 Going On 30 that you probably wouldn't have noticed back in the day (aka 2004).

Of course, at least one of these things wouldn't have necessarily meant anything in 2004, and only becomes relevant with the passage of time. But beyond that, there are plenty of little touches that help make Jenna's story complete. Perhaps unsurprisingly, a lot of those touches have to do with using fashion to showcase certain changes in the magazine character (or just showcase the bizarro sartorial persuasions of 13-year-old girls). And other details visually reflect who Jenna grows up to be, and how deep down she's still the same person. Deep.

...And other things on this list are just plain lolz-worthy. For your amusement, here are 13 of those little things you may not have noticed in 13 Going On 30.

The Famous Faces In The Six Chicks

Ashley Benson of Pretty Little Liars and Oscar winner (!!!) Brie Larson are the most popular girls in this scrunchie-loving clique.

How Oddly Spacious This Closet Is

Like, it has a lot of room for bra-fillers and self-loathing.

The Blindfold Jenna Was Wearing Is Nearly Identical To The Sleeping Mask She Wakes Up In

Which kicks off a string of things that translate interestingly into her adulthood.

And That Pattern Is Also Loosely Mimicked In Her Dress

It may not be an exact replica, but the color scheme is very, very similar, and I highly doubt that's coincidental.

Jenna's Apartment Is The Same One Featured In The 'Poise' Article

She certainly is 30, flirty, and thriving.

Which Sort Of Bookends The Dreamhouse At the End

The fact that the happy couple's perfect pink home is the Jenna dream house is pretty obvious, but coupled with the apartment, it does really tie things together.

And There's Also A Madonna Connection

Jenna has a framed photo of Madonna in her childhood bedroom, and in her office, she owns a framed, signed photo of Madonna (her BFF, apparently).

After Tom-Tom Critiques Jenna For Wearing A Slip To Work, She Then Shows Up At The Party In A Slip Dress

I don't know if this was an intentional move on the costuming department's part. I just think it's intriguing for Lucy to rock a look she originally deemed as "a little '97" (unless it's retro?).

The Way Jenna Awkwardly Rolls Over To Matty After Jumping Off The Swings

There is nothing accidental about that. This is a very intentional move, guys.

All The Weird Dress-Up Things That Are Going On In The 'Love Is A Battlefield Singalong

I guess this isn't out of character for tweenage girls -- personally, I barely remember being a tweenage girl -- but there are a lot of layers I don't really understand here. Like, I'm just going to place a special focus on the fact that everyone decides that they need a purse for this sing-along. Why?

Just How Much Mark Ruffalo Is Half-Assing It In The Thriller Scene

OK, maybe you caught his genuine resentment and lack of effort (how hard is it to raise your arms?), but let's watch it again for old time's sake.

When "Todd" Calls Jenna's Secretary At The Office, It's Actually Mark Ruffalo's Voice On The Other Line

Maybe they were just short-staffed that day?

Grown-Up Jenna Starts Wearing Warmer Colors As She Gets Sweeter And More Thoughtful

She tries to rectify the awful person she's grown up to be, and as such, becomes warmer overall. The fashion doesn't lie.

Finally, This Selfie Is A Little Off

Like, as a technicality, wouldn't the image be reversed, or am I just crazy?