13 Times Chandler From 'Friends' Was The Most Relatable Character On TV, Hands Down

Friends contains so many delightful moments from every character that it's almost impossible for fans to choose a favorite season, let alone a favorite episode. Yet there isn't much of a question when it comes to who the most relatable character is, because Chandler Bing stands out in that category as an obvious winner. Even if you think you're more like a Monica or a Phoebe, once you see these 13 relatable Chandler moments from Friends, you might just be convinced to change your prepared answer for which Friends character most resembles you.

Because Chandler is one of the least quirky people in the group, he serves as the voice of wisdom during many scenes in which he calls out his friends' eccentricities. Of course, he has his own quirks — like his constant desire to go back to smoking cigarettes and his colorful upbringing — but he usually provides the funniest commentary during the show's most ridiculous moments.

Chandler's not a bad character to resemble, and if you're bummed that you actually relate to him more than you do, say, Rachel, you shouldn't feel bad. He goes from having the least luck in romance to forming the most solid relationship — with Monica — out of everyone, and he thrives in his career. It's a great thing to be like Bing, really, as shown by these 13 super relatable moments.


When He Can't Break Up With Janice

Listen, breaking up with people is hard, and nobody knows that better than Chandler Bing-a-ling.


When He Finds Out That Monica Didn't Intend To Hook Up With Him

Not everyone hooks up with their friend and then discovers that that friend meant to hook up with someone else, but still. Fortunately, it all works out for Chandler.


When He Tries To Bond With Monica's Dad

You want to do your best to impress your significant other's parents, but sometimes it doesn't go as smoothly as you'd like it to.


When He Discovers How Amazing Baths Are

Who hasn't had a moment when they turned from staunch shower stan to bath believer? It's a truly relatable storyline for Chandler — you just have to ignore the cringey stuff about baths being "feminine."


When He Laughs At His Own Jokes

Face it, we've all done it.


When He Hates Traveling With His Friend

When Ross marries Emily in London, the whole Friends gang (well, except Phoebe) takes a trip. It turns out that Chandler's tourist style doesn't quite gel with his friends', though, and that's such a real-life conundrum.


When He Tries To Convince His Coworkers To Like Him

When Phoebe tells Chandler that his coworkers don't like him since he got promoted, Chandler gets flustered in a totally relatable way.


When He Keeps Getting Back Together With His Ex

Just as he can't break up with Janice, he can't stop getting back together with her after they finally do part ways. It happens to the best of us.


When He Feels Jealous That His BFF Chooses Another Friend Over Him

Joey protects Ross when the three Friends men go on a ride-along with a cop, and the left-out Chandler feels bad. Friend jealousy isn't necessarily healthy, but you can't always help it if you just love your BFF so much. Oh, and as you probably know, Joey actually was protecting his sandwich, not Ross.


When He Really Loves 'Annie'

You know what? It's a great movie with a great soundtrack. Chandler has stellar taste.


When He Wonders If Changing His Zip Code Might Change His Dating Odds

"Am I sexy in Oklahoma?" Chandler asks, and again, who hasn't?


When He Takes His Role As A Pet Parent Seriously

Whether you have a duck or a dog, it's hard not to get incredibly defensive over your animal child.


When He White-Lies To Monica Because He's Afraid Of Screwing Up Their Relationship

Chandler hates getting massages from Monica, but he doesn't want to tell her because, as he tells Joey later, "For the first time in my life, I'm in a real relationship, OK? I'm not going to screw that up by telling the truth." Sadly, as everyone has to find out, healthy relationships require honesty and communication — which Chandler finally gets later.

If you always thought about yourself as a Monica or Rachel, sorry — you might just be a Chandler.