Phaedra Parks Is The Queen Of Throwing Shade

Charles Sykes/Bravo

The Real Housewives franchise just wouldn't be the same without the stars throwing major shade. Each Housewife is capable of hurling insults left and right, but there is one particular woman who is especially good at it. Obviously, I'm talking about Phaedra Parks, the queen of shade on Real Housewives of Atlanta.

She just has the finesse of reading someone so much better than every other Housewife. Yes, most every Atlanta Housewife has had their fair share of fabulous shady moments, but if I had to choose a winner out of them, it'd be Parks.

Whether she and her former bestie Kandi Burruss are going toe to toe, she and Kenya Moore are arguing over Apollo Nida, she's trying to field rumors about her love life, or she's attempting to avoid drama at all costs, Parks somehow manages to throw the best shade you have ever seen in your life.

You know how Andy Cohen has the Watch What Happens Live segment, "Shady Boot Moment of the Night"? Well, Parks deserves the spotlight every time. She doesn't even need to use words, but can toss out shade with a simple facial expression. And that is why she is the queen of shade. Now, here's more for your viewing pleasure.

When She Simply Rolled Her Eyes

Her eye roll says it all.

When She Tried To Make Kenya Feel Better

Yeah, that doesn't really make things better.

When She Made This Face

One look, but so much is being said.

When She Got All Deep About Grass

Sometimes she gets metaphorical.

When She Was Truly Blunt

She certainly doesn't mince words.

When She Brought Up Casper

Oh, snap. Now that's how you read someone.

When She Talked Appropriate Headwear

Something she wanted former RHOA star Kim Zolciak to remember.

When She Made A Wish

The Parks and Moore shade has been intense over the years.

When She Agreed, But Not Really

Yeah, this is her throwing shade, not agreeing. Parks can say so much with only a noise.

When She Wanted To Educate

When She Played Off Of The Show's Title

She was just trying to help out Moore.

When She Channeled A Pig

It's unclear who she is oinking at, but she's not afraid to practice her barn animal noises if it means dissing someone.

When She Really Needed A Spoon

This was in response to Moore saying she'd "rather take a spoon of the table and gouge [her] eyes out."

Yeah, there's going to be a lot more of this in the seasons to come.