13 Times 'The O.C.'s Summer Roberts Proved She Was The World's Best BFF

The O.C. played a huge part in almost every adolescent's life when it aired from 2003 through 2007. During those years, Seth, Ryan, Summer, and Marissa each went through many changes, but Summer and Marissa's friendship always remained strong. That's mostly because Summer Roberts is the world's best BFF. When you really think about it, Marissa was the source of most of the O.C.'s epic melodrama. From her con artist father to her manipulative mother, Marissa's life was always tumultuous, and that doesn't even begin to describe all of her boyfriend drama. But no matter how terrible of a situation Marissa found herself in, Summer was always there to help pick up the pieces for her BFF.

The duo were friends since their childhoods, and Summer proved throughout the show that she always had Marissa's back even if it meant joining her friend in some reckless behavior. Just as Seth and Ryan became one of the best male BFFs ever on TV, Summer and Marissa also proved how close a friendship could be. Since Marissa wasn't always an easy person to be friends with, Summer deserves some recognition for how loyal of a friend she was. She was always there to give her bestie a pep talk or to redirect the conversation to something less intense. Her comic relief was much appreciated by the viewers as well. Summer was, simply, the best, as shown by these occasions.


When She Steals Marissa A Glass Of Champagne

In the first episode, Summer and Marissa attend a fancy party that they both don't enjoy. To make the event more exciting, Summer finds Marissa in the bathroom with two glasses of champagne and squeals, "Look what I stole!"


When She Puts Marissa At Ease About Her New Relationship

Marissa is nervous to tell Summer about her new relationship with Alex (played by Olivia Wilde), but Summer instantly sets her friend at ease. While the conversation they have about Marissa's sexuality isn't perfect, Summer succeeds in making Marissa feel at ease and unconditionally loved. Every friend should do that for their BFF.


When Summer Tells Marissa "You're My Best Friend Forever"

This comes after she tells Marissa "I love you so much" when they say goodbye. The fact that this moment is the last time that Summer and Marissa see each other makes it even more emotional in retrospect.


When She Buys Marissa A Berkeley Sweatshirt

"Looks like somebody believed in you," Summer tells Marissa after presenting her with a Berkeley sweatshirt. It's true that Summer is always the most supportive person in Marissa's life.


When They Bond Before Their Senior Prom

The senior prom in the The O.C. is nothing short of a disaster, with Summer getting too drunk and Marissa going with Volchok. The moment the ladies have before it is so sweet, though, and Summer shows that she cares about their friendship too much to let Volchok get in the way.


When Summer Redecorates Marissa's Room

After Marissa moves into Jimmy's house, Summer drafts Seth to help her decorate the room so Marissa will like it. Of course, Summer does most of the work.


When She Tells Summer Not To Feel Guilty For Dating Someone Else After Ryan Left

After Season 1, Summer makes sure that Marissa doesn't just let Ryan back into her life after he and Seth left so abruptly. Plus, the fact that Marissa moved on while the guys were away is nothing to feel guilty about, and Summer makes sure Marissa knows that.


When She Stands Up For Marissa Against Taylor

Summer is always the queen of sass, so she frequently goes to bat to defend Marissa. The moment when she stands up for her pal against Taylor is one of the most memorable verbal smack downs on the show.


When Summer Vouches For Marissa To Ryan

Towards the end of Season 1, Summer convinces Ryan to forgive Marissa over the Oliver incident. "She has a good heart," Summer tells him. That definitely makes her a contender for the "best friend award."


When She Gives Marissa Tough Love

Everyone hates Volchok, and for good reason — he causes Marissa's death, after all. Summer makes sure that Marissa knows that she doesn't approve of her behavior, as a truly good friend does.


When She Brings Fun To Marissa's Chaotic Life

Without Summer, Marissa's ridiculously dramatic life would not be any fun. Summer is always there to be a shoulder for Marissa to cry on, then a person to cheer Marissa up.


When She Gives A Locket To Julie

After Marissa dies, Summer gives a locket with a picture of her friend's face in it to Julie, Marissa's mother. It's a sweet way to honor Marissa on Julie's wedding day, and it shows how much Summer cherishes her memories of her best friend.


When She Leads The Search Party For Marissa In Tijuana

The most shocking events from Season 1 take place in Tijuana, when Marissa overdoses on a mix of alcohol and pills. When Summer, Seth, and Ryan realize that she's missing, Summer is the first one to take to the streets to search.

If only everyone could have a friend like Summer Roberts in their lives.