13 Totally Impractical Holiday Nails That Will Make You Wonder How These People Use The Bathroom

Everything about the holidays is extra. The sweaters have ornaments and pom poms hanging off of them, beards are covered in glitter, dresses sparkle and shimmer, makeup is a kaleidoscope of red and green, and the nails are walking art exhibits. Let's talk about the nails for a minute. While some people decide to get glittery manis or tasteful sweater art designs, others scrap that idea and decide to go big or go home. And it's fabulous. There are so many crazy holiday nail designs out there that will make your heart somersault in appreciation — even if your mind simultaneously wonders how you would ever manage to rip off any toilet paper in the bathroom with such talons.

But that's just a minor detail. You can hold your pee into 2018 if it means you'll have a manicure-turned-art-instillation as part of your holiday look. Rather than making people remember you because of your bomb dress, your crushed velvet tuxedo, or stop-traffic lipstick, sear yourself into their memories with a manicure that will have their jaws dropping.

Don't know what kind of mani would do just that? Below are 13 totally impractical, but 100 percent fabulous holiday nails that will have you running to your nearest salon.


Christmas Aquarium Nails

Stiletto nails are the go-to silhouette for extra-enthusiasts, but stand out from the crowd by transforming your ring finger into an aquarium. It sounds complicated, but it's actually pretty easy to DIY. And to show for it, you'll have snowflake confetti dancing in your fingertips every time you wave hello from across the party.


Peppermint Spiral Nails

With extra long stiletto tips, shimmering confetti, a spiral candy cane ring finger, and a floppy satin bow, these just might be the most over-the-top nails you have ever seen. But in the best way possible. They're so festive that they make an Ugly Christmas sweater spilled with eggnog pale in comparison.


Ice Queen Nails

Channel your inner ice monarch with these sharp Ice Queen nails. You'll look like you sit upon a frosted throne with this fresh mani, rocking silver floral appliqués and gem accents.


Snow Globe Nails

Bring the magic of a twinkling snow globe to your nail bed with this insanely clever snow globe nail DIY. After getting a million requests from her followers, the nail artist decided to take a stab at the trend herself, creating a shimmering ball with a snowman on her manicure. She created the actual globe by using the top of a dropper bottle, and covering it with clear nail gel. Genius!


Christmas Wish Spiral Nails

Are you ready to make everyone's jaws drop at the annual work holiday party? Incorporating three inch stilettos, wild spirals, holographic paper, and millions and millions of rhinestones and gems, your hands are going to be the talk of 2017.


Real Candy Cane Nails

Warning: You will be tempted to lick your nails from time to time if you attempt this at home. Dubbed "Mrs. Claus Nails," this manicure incorporates real crushed candy canes, ensuring you waft the smell of peppermints no matter where you go. You'll be quite literally spreading Christmas cheer.


Spiral Candy Cane Nails

Tired of the same ol' same ol' pointy nail silhouettes? Mix it up by switching over to a spiral nail design instead. And if you're a nail novice and aren't comfortable with all the fancy nail art materials yet, don't fret: You create this shape using a normal plastic straw!


Santa Clause In A Chimney Nails

Forget 3D nail art. That's so old school. We're in 2017 now and have moved onto 4D. In this clever tutorial, you learn how to create a starry sky across your nail bed, build a glittery chimney, and make a contraption that lets your Santa FALL INTO THE CHIMNEY. That's right, your manicure is interactive.


Christmas Sweater Nails

Bring the magic of Christmas sweaters to your hands with this super-extra nail art tutorial. This isn't for the faint of heart. Pom poms, chains, gemstones, and glitter will all be involved — and will all be used to gorgeous excess.


Christmas Unicorn Nails

Do you think just because it's the holidays we're going to put unicorns onto the back burner? I don't think so. The mystical creatures can get a little festive, too.


Icicle Sugar Nails

Bring some texture into your stabby nail design by using fairy dust glitter to create an icicle effect on your nail art. The glitter is super fine, so it gives the effect of snow.


3D Christmas Ornament Nails

Don't just draw ornaments onto your mani — transform your mani into literal ornaments. The bauble nails are intense and labor intensive, but fabulously extra.


Santa Nails

What's more "Christmas" than jolly St. Nick himself? Learn how to 3D paint him onto your ring finger to really bring the festive mood to your nails. Ho, Ho, Ho.

Sure, you can get a red manicure and call it a holiday mani. Or you can get creative and try one of these over-the-top looks. You won't regret it — except maybe when you need to pee.