Legit Reasons You Broke Up With Your '90s BFF

by Megan Grant
Warner Bros. TV

What are the guidelines as an adult for breaking up with a best friend? I feel like we learn to be more forgiving, knowing that real friends are hard to come by. Was this the case when we were younger? Probably not. You swore you had totally legit reasons you broke up with your BFF in the '90s; but looking back, "because she dried out my favorite gelly roll pen" may not have been the best reason to end a friendship. But you were a sensitive youngster, and people seriously needed to learn to show some respect. (We're talking about Gelly Roll pens, here, people!)

I can remember some girls in elementary school having new best friends every week. It was a cause for gossip, and they knew it. What happened between Chelsey and Stacey? Why is Stacey eating lunch by herself now? And what is Chelsey doing with Brittany?

This was entertainment for us. We were all dying to know what caused the BFF break-up, but so few of us were let in on the secret. But you went through a couple best friend break-ups yourself, and you know that it usually had something to do with one of these things.


They Showed Up To School Wearing The Same Sunflower Hat As You

You clearly specified your wardrobe choices for that day over the phone the previous night. She still had the nerve to copy your Blossom-inspired hat.


They Held Hands With Your Crush On The Playground

They weren't even that into it... but they did it anyway.


They Stole The Cosmic Brownies From Your Lunchbox When You Weren't Looking

They, like, didn't even care that your meal was no longer well-rounded and part of a balanced diet.


They Scratched Your Destiny's Child CD And Didn't Replace It

It never stopped skipping after that. There's no greater pain in the world.


They Gave You A Cootie Catcher With Nothing But Horrible Results

You just wanted to find out who you were going to marry. You were less than enthused to learn the options were a frog, a shoe, the janitor, and your grandpa.


They Picked You Last For Their Dodgeball Team

Even if you suck, there's no excuse. They're supposed to stick with you through thick and thin. Oh, the betrayal.


They Started A Rumor That You Wore Disney Underwear

Yeah? And? So? So what if I did? Sue me.


They Copied Your Manic Panic Dye Job

They had even pinky-promised they would go with a different color. Lies. It's nothing but a web of lies.


They Exchanged BFF Necklaces With Someone Else At School

It came from Claire's. It was a pizza. Each friend wore one half. Things were never the same after that day.


They Ate The Sprinkles From Your Sprinkl'ins

They knew that was your favorite part. Who wants to eat plain yogurt?


They Put Chewed Up Bubble Yum On Your Seat Before You Sat Down On It

Your mom couldn't get it out of your brown corduroy overalls and you were both so upset.


They Ding Dong Ditched Your House

You used to play Ding Dong Ditch together, but then they turned against you. It's lonely on the other side of the door.


They Hit Up The Sale At Hot Topic Without You

And they bought a Blink-182 shirt and didn't get you one. So insensitive.