13 Valentine’s Day Items At Target That Are Too Cute Not To Buy

Oh my god. Valentine's Day (or "Singles Awareness Day," potato, poh-tah-to) is coming up faster than you want to admit. How is it already February?

Thankfully, gift-giving is simpler than ever — hence, list of Valentine's Day items you can buy at Target that you never knew you needed. If you're looking for a last minute gift to anyone or even just an excuse to decorate, there's a quite extensive selection. Because even for those of us who have an S.O., I'm sure we also understand that our commitments are first to Target and its ah-mazing merchandise.

I already knew Target was quality, but they've really come in handy when push comes to shove and you aren't quite feeling the love — if you suffer from gift-giving anxiety, like me, Target has your back! Sometimes Target has had their displays up sometimes as early as the day after Christmas, and there is no shortage of interesting things that can bring you joy. Not to mention the joyous Feb. 15 candy sales (and discounted merchandise they didn't sell off!) that will leave all of us feeling collectively smug and satisfied, whether you're hitched or not.

But with the clock ticking down and decorations and gifts to buy, below is a curated list of items that are available now for you and all of your gift needs that you can buy online right here, right now.

Valentine's Day Grumpy Cat Cards

32ct Valentine's Day Grumpy Cat Cards with Stickers, $2.50, Target

If you're all about tagging the bae in memes, this Grumpy Cat collection of cards is a nice contrast to how you actually feel about each other, but cute enough to be socially acceptable. Or if you're just trying to give some to your group of friends, this is the best way to get a laugh.

"LOVE" Throw Pillow

"LOVE" Throw Pillow, $14.99, Target

This "LOVE" pillow might be a worthy substitute to hug it out when the nights get a little lonely — er, cold, I mean. Valentine's Day aside, this the chic, millennial pink kind of pillow that looks good all year round.

Valentine's Day Bubble Sticks

16ct Valentine's Day Bubble Sticks, $3.00, Target

Why go on a romantic candlelit dinner date when you can run around blowing bubbles everywhere? These guys are perfect for the rare sunny day in the middle of a frozen winter — romance will literally be in the air.

Heart-Shaped Artificial Wreath

Heart-Shaped Artificial Wreath Pink, $19.99, Target

Hang this on your door, in your living room, or your bedroom wall — but in any case, deck the halls with hearts of holly jolly love! This wreath is cheesy enough to hold a dash of irony, but it's also heartfelt enough if you just want your home to have a pop of color during an otherwise dreary winter season. So pick your reasoning, but either way, pick it up!

Valentine's Day Decal Glass Candle

Valentine's Day Decal Glass Candle, $5.99, Target

This is the ultimate gift for a partner, a galentine, a BFF, or even your sister or your mom — Valentine's Day is a celebration of love! While you're remembering your partner, remember the people who loved you first and love you always, too.

Valentine's Day Heart Putty

16ct Valentine's Day Heart Putty, $3.50, Target

Don't go playin' with someone's heart ... when you can pick up this clay instead.

Rectangular Ceramic Jewelry Tray

Rectangular Ceramic Jewelry Tray, $9.99, Target

This white jewelry tray can hold all of your rings and your necklaces and all the accessories you might have bought over the years, or can serve as an adorable gift for a special someone in your life.

Tassel Garland Lights

Tassel Garland Lights, $9.99, Target

These are also pretty and minimalistic enough to keep around all year long. They're five feet long, and the different colors and eco-friendly materials (!) are festive enough to be a great party decoration.

Green Inspired Enclosure Cards With Quotes

Green Inspired Enclosure Cards With Quotes, $9.99, Target

Valentine's Day isn't just about gift-giving — it's about making your loved ones in your life feel special, and reminding them just what it is that keeps that love going strong. It always helps when you can write it down as adorably as possible with cards like these.

Valentine's Day Create Your Own Unicorn Mailbox Kit

Valentine's Day Create Your Own Unicorn Mailbox Kit, $5.00, Target

Hopefully mail for you isn't as rare as unicorns are! Hold Valentines here or other useful documents all year round. It comes with the box, stickers, and colored paper to help you build your masterpiece.

I Love Rock 'n' Roll Reusable Tote Bag

I Love Rock 'n' Roll Reusable Tote Bag, $6.00, Target

This tote is as catchy as your favorite song. Send it on to your favorite shopping enthusiast, and let the eco-friendly love spread this holiday.

Wine Is My Valentine XL Novelty Glass

Wine Is My Valentine XL Novelty Glass, $27.49, Target

Ah, yes, the one Valentine that so many of us have in common — wine. Truth be told, though, this XL glass holds a whopping 25 ounces in it, which is the equivalent of five glasses of wine. Better to save this one as a party game for a Valentine's Day or Galentine's Day fete (or at the very least, for an Olive Pope reenactment photo shoot).

Dylan's Candy Bar Valentine's Day Rectangle Tackle Box

Dylan's Candy Bar Valentine's Day Rectangle Tackle Box, $9.49, Target

Our tastebuds have been #blessed ever since the famous Dylan's Candy Bar started retailing at Target, and this Valentine's Day is no exception. While Dylan's has a lot of V-Day offerings on Target's website and in stores, this tackle box is arguably the most Instagrammable of the bunch.

Metallic Pink Throw Knit

Metallic Pink Throw Knit, $19.99, Target

Whether you're cozying up with bae, your BFFs, or flying solo this Valentine's Day, this snuggly throw knit will warm your heart and toast your toes all night long.