13 Weirdly Nostalgic Fashion Collections You Need To Shop


When it comes to fashion, we've seen that time and time again, trends awaken, run their course, and eventually die down, only to come back in style again. Nostalgic fashion collections have been coming in hot and there's never been a more playful time for fashion, thanks to designers embracing pop culture relics of the '90s and 2000s like Hello Kitty, Harry Potter, and a gaggle of Nickelodeon shows and characters.

No matter how old us millennials grow, nothing hits us in the feels quite as much as a throwback, whether it's a summer hit from 2003 playing on the radio, or an embarrassing photo from middle school resurfacing, tiny jean skirts and platform flip flops included. It's such a part of who we are that when we encounter a Lizzie McGuire or Laguna Beach reference, we're transported immediately back to those awkward, yet glorious days, when all we wanted was to go to the mall, chat with our friends on AIM, and get in line to see the newest Harry Potter movie.

It's no wonder that when a nostalgic fashion collaboration pops up, it gets major hype and often sells out. Here, the weirdest (and most fun) nostalgic fashion collections that'll have you posting a #throwbackthursday faster than Bop It's expert level.

1. Lazy Oaf x Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty x Lazy Oaf Keyhole Dress, $75, Lazy Oaf

London-based brand Lazy Oaf has come out with practically the cutest Hello Kitty collection. With 16 pieces in the collection, you'll have a range of shirts, pants, and even a pair of adorable overalls to choose from. Quirky and playful, this super cute collection is begging to find a spot in your wardrobe.

2. Opening Ceremony x Esprit

Esprit Logo Hoodie, $110, Opening Ceremony

How could we forget Esprit? With its brightly-colored shirts and laidback aesthetic, Esprit became America's sweetheart of brands. Opening Ceremony saw such success with their first Esprit collaboration that they're now onto a second.

3. Harry Potter x BlackMilk

Sweet Surprise Ringer Tee, $55, BlackMilk Clothing

Hogwarts lovers, here's the ultimate collection for you. BlackMilk, an Australian brand, came out with a Harry Potter-themed collection, filled with Skater dresses for each house, Hogwarts overalls, a Patronus-themed maxi skirt, and more.

4. BoxLunch x Nickelodeon

All That Logo Women's Ringer Tee, $23, BoxLunch

It's safe to say that All That is one of the best television shows of our time. But BoxLunch's collab with Nickelodeon includes many, many more Nickelodeon shows. If you're not familiar with BoxLunch, they're an online retailer that donates part of their proceeds to Feeding America. Pretty cool, right? Now, you can shop your faves — from Rocko's Modern Life hats to Rugrats backpacks — and help out a pretty cool organization, too. Double whammy!

5. Space Jam x Forever 21

Tune Squad Graphic Tee, $20, Forever 21

In a mix of color and black and white, this Space Jam-inspired tee is so good, we want to live in it. The gang's all here in this one.

6. Danielle Nicole x Disney

Cindarella Crossbody, $68, Danielle-Nicole

This may just be our favorite collection yet. Glittery, playful, and featuring our fave Disney characters (we're looking at you, Sebastian and Cogsworth), you'll never get bored looking at all the pieces in this collection. Featuring purses and stickers, this line is too cute for words.

7. Kith x Rugrats

Chase Tee, $50, Kith

A little modern, a little throwback, this collection is where street style meets pure unadulterated nostalgia. And we're all about it.

8. Spongebob Gold x Wonderland

Patrick Star Drooling Face sweater, $228, Wonderland

Obsessed. Spongebob-themed dresses, sweaters, jeans, and even hoop earrings can be found in this ridiculously playful collection.

9. Ren & Stimpy x Jeremy Scott

Ren & Stimpy Dress, $171, Jeremy Scott

A t-shirt dress with major attitude. For his Fall 2016 Ready To Wear collection, Jeremy Scott sent this beauty down the runway. With those matching boots, it's an outfit made in cartoon heaven.

10. Wonder Woman x Hot Topic & Her Universe

DC Comics Wonder Woman Satin Souvenir Jacket, $64- $66, Hot Topic

Both badass and super wearable, this collection was made for DC Comic lovers. Filled with t-shirts, jewelry, and yes, even swimsuits, this line may just empty your wallet out.

11. Moschino x Powerpuff Girls

Jeremy Scott Powerpuff Girls Sweater, $695, ebay

Moschino presented a Powerpuff Girls-themed collection for spring/summer 2016 filled with one pieces, cross-body bags, and cute sweaters. You can find this collection on eBay — if you're willing to shell out the dollars. Even if you can't purchase, you can still admire!

12. Wildfox Couture x Barbie

Barbie 80's One-Piece, $128, dollskill

This collection by Wildfox features pieces that Barbie actually wore. Pieces include a "Ken" sweater and two-toned warm up sweaters that read "Barbie."

13. Vans x Toy Story

Toy Story Old Skool, $70, vans

There are a ton of super cool prints and designs in the Vans x Toy Story collection, including this Buzz Lightyear-themed sneaker. This collection even features apparel and accessories for toddlers, kids, and adults,

While it may seem silly to spend your money on an item from a TV show or movie in the past, there's a sense of pride in being a part of a specific generation. Wearing one of these pieces makes us feel like we're part of a culture that grew up together — it's a way of identifying ourselves and exciting those around us who get the reference. And what's greater than spreading a little bit of joy, one piece of clothing at a time?

Images: Courtesy of Brands.