13 Witchy Necklaces & Accessories That Any Creepy Woman Will Love

Courtesy of Dalmata

Maybe you practice magic in real life, simply love the look and feel of mystical and gothic jewelry, or dress like it's Halloween 24/7/365. Regardless, witchy accessories and creepy necklaces are a gorgeous, darkly romantic way to make a sartorial statement and can add such a powerful pop to your OOTD. There are lots of chokers, amulets, bracelets, rings, and handbags available that factor a combination of imagery, symbolism, and subtle lore into somewhat chilling but always stunning accessories. Witchy pieces are a fun and easy way to punch up a simple ensemble and to display a little edge.

There is no shortage of brands that camp out outside of the mainstream and that are creating accessories for those of you who like to dance with the darker side of life when it comes to dressing up your ensemble. Some brands, such as Bête Noire, are fully immersed and craft mostly witchy designs. Others incorporate creepy pieces into their overall repertoire, like up 'n coming and affordable Los Angeles brand Dalmata. There are apparel brands that also offer accessories, like Pittsburgh's vegan and urban basics-driven Helvak.

Below are 13 kinda creepy statement pieces that any witchy girl will love. Some are subtle while others are more overtly occult. Consider these items to be accessories-as-armor.

1. Abigail Necklace By Souvenir Jewelry

This mini dagger necklace is a sleek and chic rendering of the weapon. The Philadelphia-based brand also creates cool, chunky rings and lots of heavy metal-inspired pieces.

2. The Gothic Skull Necklace By Dalmata

Four petite skulls make this necklace as cute as it is creepy. It's just witchy enough to be worn every day and can be layered with other pieces.

3. It's Nice To See You Again Ring By This Sh-t Blinks

The Brooklyn brand crafts pricier pieces that are investments as much as they are conversation starters. This ring boasts a blinking eye. It's eerily beautiful and will cause anyone who sees it to stop and do a double take. That's makes it totally worth the price tag.

4. Spellbound Purse By Bête Noire

Punch up any monochromatic or neutral outfit with this cool book of spells purse. The crossbody shape and chain strap elevate it from kitschy to cool.

5. Moonchaser Ring By Rogue & Wolf

The totally witchin' UK brand ships to the U.S. so you can literally get your hands on this extra unsettling ring. The fact that the bird of prey's mouth is open makes it even more eerie.

6. Bat Bracelet By Adorn The Hunter

This bat cuff is playfully witchy and would be a stunning contrast when stacked against several other bangles. Go ahead and pile on.

7. Morbid Statement Necklace By Bête Noire

A major mix of skulls and Swarovski crystals define this epic necklace. It will dress up any open or scoop neck LBD with which you wear it. It's gothy glam at its finest.

8. Purgatory Necklace By Bête Noire

At just $20, this rosary-inspired wrap necklace is a steal. It has all of the sophistication without a massive price tag and hits on the layered trend that isn't going anywhere.

9. Grim Reaper Chain By Dalmata

While you might not normally associate the Grim Reaper with cuteness, this gold pendant necklace gives off both a creepy and cute vibes in measured doses.

10. The Pearl Rosary By Vanessa Mooney

If you prefer a softer, more subtle style, this faux pearl rosary necklace with a crucifix gives off all the fine jewelry vibes, as well as religious energy. The Vanessa Mooney site is loaded with faith-driven pieces.

11. Custom Charm Hoodie By Dalmata

Accessories and clothes collide in one fell swoop. Dalmata offers the option to customize the standard drawstring of your trusty hoodie with various charms. You can have up to 5 charms per string. It's an excellent and low-key witchy way to elevate a wardrobe basic to next level status. Who needs a necklace when you have personalized drawstrings?

12. Rhoda Cuff By Helvak

Helvak's fitted pullovers with oversized hoods are so witchy. But the brand branched out into accessories last year. A lot of the items are sold out but plenty are on clearance, too. So you don't need to break the bank to get witchy with your jewelry. This sparkly metal cuff is less than $20 and is excellent wrist armor.

13. Tiniest Scythe Necklace By Souvenir Jewelry

This delicate scythe will layer well with simple pieces. It's small but carries a big, well, statement.

You can also peruse Etsy for custom witchy pieces if it's a further authentic vibe you seek. You may have to wait a little bit longer for your accessories to arrive but they will be so worth it since they'll be distinct as DNA. Ultimately, creepy and witchy necklaces and accessories are always a do — whether it's Halloween or not.