13 Yoga With Adriene Videos For That Half Hour In Between Zoom Calls

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Feeling extra frustrated that Brett from accounting put three Zoom calls on your calendar today? Adriene Mishler, AKA Yoga with Adriene, has a video for that. With meetings being the new emails, you likely notice that you never seem to have enough time between Zoom calls to actually get any good work done. When you find yourself with that inconvenient half-hour break, squeezing in a yoga session between meetings might just be the best choice you'll make all day.

When your days have become a seemingly endless slog of meeting after meeting, taking care of your body through yoga won't just make you feel better — it'll also help you do your job more effectively. Getting your blood flowing can boost your energy levels and improve your overall focus and productivity.

By engaging so many muscles in your body and paying extra attention to your breath, you can channel your physical restlessness while prepping your mind for the next Zoom call in one fell swoop. If you don't want to "waste" the time between meetings, use one of these 13 Yoga with Adriene videos that you can complete in less than 30 minutes to re-center your mind and body before Zooming all over again.


Yoga for Anxiety and Stress

Your last Zoom meeting featured your colleague swearing they never got the email you definitely sent them last week, so you can really use this yoga flow to reduce stress and anxiety. The timing on this one is perfect — coming in at 28 minutes, your stress-brain won't have a chance to re-emerge before your next call.


Yoga For When You're Angry

You might associate being properly enraged with wanting to crank up Linkin Park and beat up a heavy bag. But assuming you don't have a heavy bag, you might want a quieter physical practice when you're on your last nerve. Adriene's 18 minute yoga for when you're angry video will keep you literally grounded the entire time. Stretching out your body instead of your flexing your rage muscles, you'll stay on your mat through this whole flow, breathing out your irritation instead of keeping it in.


Yoga For Your Lunch Break

You don't need a yoga mat to dive into this lunch break yoga sequence. Originally designed to be accessible in your break room at work, you'll probably be able to actually roll out a mat now that your break room is... your living room. Still, if you're trying to give yourself a sense of office-like routine, Adriene's commentary on your lunchtime shenanigans might just help you feel more like your pre-WFH self.


Yoga For Digestion Flow

When you're feeling extra sluggish after the brunch-style breakfast you actually had time to make, there's no cause for alarm — this yoga for digestion flow can help you hop back into your next Zoom meeting like you've just had the best coffee of your life. Focused on helping you "massage the internal organs," this is one of the sequences that Adriene narrates off camera, giving you an extra quiet and reflective practice.


Yoga For Hamstrings

Sure, you're used to having a desk job. But while you're working from home, you're probably sitting way more than you usually do. That tends to lock up your hamstrings and hips in painful ways, but this yoga for hamstrings flow is especially designed for your situation. A yoga block and strap will be helpful for this one, but Adriene has some pretty creative ideas for you if the entire internet sold out of fitness equipment before you could get your hands on anything (think: using a tie to help you get a deeper stretch).


Yoga for Complete Beginners

If work is getting you down, you might want to learn something entirely new (and therefore feel extra accomplished) before your next endless meeting. Search no further than this yoga sequence for complete beginners. No experience is necessary, and Adriene invites you to begin your practice with curiosity rather than intimidating expectations.


Yoga For Self-Respect

Let's face it — it can be hard to maintain peak levels of self-love when you feel like everyone's being more productive than you (they're not) and you haven't worn proper pants in days (no one else has, either). This yoga for self-respect sequence can work wonders for reminding you that you do, in fact, deserve to be treated well (even if your boss is grumpy that your state is listening to public health officials and not reopening yet).


Yoga for Chronic Pain

If you're living with chronic pain, yoga isn't necessarily always welcoming to the ways you need to move (and not move) your body. This sequence includes standing and seated variations, with Adriene splitting the screen when needed to show you what both versions look like. As an added bonus, her fluffy four-legged pal Benji is on screen with her the whole time, so your heart will also get a dose of sheer delight.


Yoga For Tension Relief

The good stuff starts right away with this yoga for tension relief sequence, because Adriene's dog Benji is lying next to her the entire time. (Talk about down dog.) Don't think you need to relieve any tension? Take a quick second to check whether you need to soften your shoulders and jaw right now — you probably do. But don't worry, because that's exactly what this flow is for.


Yoga For Suffering

Your angst will ease the moment you click into this video, because Adriene starts her introduction by holding the most perfect and sleepy doggo, Benji. Once you settle down from the initial wave of utter cuteness, this yoga for suffering flow will keep you gently on your mat the entire time. So if things hurt so badly right now that you can't imagine standing up, you won't have to in order to get the benefits of these soft poses.


Yoga For Transitions

If now isn't a time of transitions, what is? Most of this yoga for transitions session will keep you physically grounded, and your body will mimic the changes your mind might be going through. You'll learn to flow from one pose into the next, with emphasis on transforming one move into another. That physical preparation might just help you adjust to suddenly having your colleagues see the chaos that is the improvised desk in your bedroom, as opposed to the neat and clean space you have in your office at work.


Yoga For Back Pain

Working from your "home office chair" (AKA your couch) can easily lock up your hips and cause low back pain, especially when you're sitting weirdly to find a webcam angle that will make your colleagues less likely to discover your My Chemical Romance posters. Diving into this yoga for back pain session will help you learn exactly which muscles to activate (and which to stretch out) to combat the growing stiffness in your low back.


Yoga For Confidence

Suddenly working from home means that you're probably struggling with everything from your out-of-whack routine to the persistent self-doubt (which, by the way, is affecting pretty much everyone right now). Whether your overall confidence level has taken a plunge or you need an extra boost for your next Zoom meeting with the entire senior staff, this yoga for confidence session features powerful standing positions that can make you feel like you just spent 27 minutes in a superhero pose.

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