14 Date Ideas For Valentine’s Day That Don’t Include Alcohol


Valentine's Day, like so many other holidays, can be strongly associated with drinking alcohol. Many date ideas include a glass of wine or a cold beer, restaurants push pink and red colored cocktails at you, and friends talk about getting drunk to get through the holiday. It's not a big deal for some people, but for those who don't drink, for whatever reason, it can be kind of frustrating. After a while, it can start to feel like a date can't be fun if there isn't some sort of drink involved that will at least get you tipsy. But this definitely isn't true — there's still plenty of romantic ways to celebrate that keep you completely sober, like these alcohol-free Valentine's Day date ideas.

These ideas are proof that you can still have a really great time without drinking. They're also proof that dates without alcohol don't have to be awkward and uncomfortable. Oh, and they're also just a lot more fun than simply going out to dinner at a restaurant full of Valentine's Day specials. Sure, you could do that, and there would be nothing with it, but why not shake things up a bit? There are so many other date options that are creative, unique, and a really good time. These can help you bond with your partner, have a fantastic first date experience, or just be fun for you to do with your friends if you're single. Check out these Valentine's Day date ideas that don't involve alcohol:


Cook Dinner


Getting dinner is a Valentine's Day date staple. While going out can be enjoyable and delicious, making dinner with your bae or your friends at home can be a really fun bonding experience — plus, it might even be cheaper. Dress up, make something you both love, then have an intimate and quiet dinner together, without having to go out and brave the crowds.


Hang At A Coffee Shop


A café that's open late is a great place to hang out on Valentine's Day. Find a cozy one near you, order coffee or tea, then sit down and talk in a more intimate environment. You might even be able to find one that has live music, which is an added bonus.


Take A Cooking Class


Or, really, you could take any kind of class — the point is that you're trying something new. Cooking classes are fun because you typically get to enjoy the meal afterwards, but if that's not your thing, try painting or something else.


Have Breakfast In Bed


Valentine's Day falls on a Thursday, so your schedule may not allow you to do this with your significant other on the actual holiday... but if you can, go for it. If not, maybe celebrate on the weekend. Having breakfast in bed is adorably romantic and a lot cuter than sitting in a crowded restaurant.


See A Movie


Want to keep things low-key? Have a movie night out. There are lots of great films to choose from right now, and it can be nice to get out of the house a bit. Grab some popcorn and a soda and you're good to go.


Have A Game Night


Talk to your friends about the possibility of having a group Valentine's Day date and then plan a game night. Sure, V-day is considered a couple's holiday, but who says you can't spend it with other couples?


Visit A Museum


Get a dose of culture by strolling through a museum instead of doing anything involving food. A museum on a weekday can be nice and quiet, making it a great place to roam around undisturbed.


Go Away For The Weekend


If possible, consider planning a last-minute Valentine's Day getaway for the weekend. It doesn't have to be anything too fancy or far, as long as you're both getting out of your comfort zones and exploring someplace new. It's a great bonding experience and a lot of fun.


Have A Spa Day


Head to the spa with your significant other for a few hours of rest and relaxation. Couples massages are always romantic, but you can also get matching facials and just sit back and relax in a hot tub or sauna together.


Go Out For Ice Cream


Have an old-fashioned ice cream date! Find a place near you where you can sit down and order ice cream, and then go crazy getting lots of toppings and flavors. It's a really adorable and inexpensive way to celebrate.


Go Ice Skating


If the weather is cold where you live, consider an ice skating date. It can be super romantic to ice skate at night, all bundled up with mugs of hot chocolate to keep you warm. Or you can save the date for the weekend and go during the day.


Go To A Sports Game


Buy tickets to a sports game that you both like, and get ready to have a really exciting dates. Sports games often go hand in hand with drinking, but that definitely doesn't mean you have to have alcohol to have a great time.


Hang At An Aquarium


Go to an aquarium near you to check out all the fish. It's weirdly romantic and might be quiet on a weeknight. If it's nice enough out, you could also consider going to the zoo.


Go Watch The Sunset With A Picnic


What's more romantic than watching the sunset together? Bundle up, make some mugs of hot chocolate, put together a little spread of food, and go out somewhere to watch the sun disappear. If it's too cold, sit in your car and have a cute picnic. If it's nice where you live, go enjoy the weather outside.