14 Berkeley Rally Against Hate Signs That Will Inspire Your Next Piece Of Resistance Art


The latest public political feud went down Sunday night in Berkeley, California as left and right-wing protesters clashed in the city's historic Martin Luther King Civic Center Park. Even though the violence at the rally became the primary narrative, thousands more non-violent protesters came out to march peacefully and display some awesome signs at the Berkeley Rally Against Hate, so here's a collection of some of the best.

The Berkeley rally appears to be the most violent protest since Charlottesville two weeks earlier. Several rallies in Boston and San Fransisco have come and gone in the interim without significant violence. Unlike Charlottesville, however, no deaths have been reported at the rally in Berkeley.

It's somewhat unsurprising that tensions boiled over in Berkeley, which has a history of militant liberal activism during the 1960s free speech movement. More than a dozen arrests have been made, according to local CBS affiliate station KCBS, because the city of Berkeley did not issue a permit allowing the event.

Yet the violence that took place there isn't the whole story behind the Berkeley rally. Thousands of protesters came out peacefully to display their art and rally for unity. That time and commitment should be honored by those who stand with these protesters, so check out their signs below.

Hundreds Of These Could Be Seen In Berkeley

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Nearby Oakland, CA Joined In Too


They're Mutually Exclusive

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Excellent Black Lives Matter Representation

Red T Raccoon on Twitter

Hate Is Not Funny

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You Tell Em Berkeley

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The Bigger The Better

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Lots Of Gems In Here

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I Can Barely Draw A Straight Line

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The Sign Does Not Seem To Have Worked


The Very Apropos Quote On The Top Right

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Not A Sign, But Even Better

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Creating art is one of the most powerful forms of resistance possible, so take after these creators and display your art at a rally near you.