14 Memes For Galentine’s Day All Besties Can Relate To

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One of the best ways to celebrate Galentine's Day is to shower your best friends with relevant musings from the internet. I know that might sound like what you do on most days, but these best friend Galentine's Day memes that I've rounded up for your sharing pleasure are sure to make your besties feel extra loved and seen, on this extra special day. If we're being honest, I think we all know that friendship in the year 2019 looks a lot of a thread of meme exchanges in an Instagram DM inbox.

Instead of fighting the times, just lean into it and pick a few great memes to send to your besties in lieu of a card. No one gets your friendships like the internet, so take a day off from sending irrelevant cute animal content and switch over to some very relevant best friend content. Giving your besties the gift of laughter or understanding is a thoughtful gift in the year 2019. FYI, I'm half kidding, you should probably also give you best friend a card or at least a lengthy phone call on Galentine's Day. I think we can all use an excuse to put some extra love and care into our female friendships. Just don't forget the laughs, too.

When You're A Grown Up

And you still race home at the end of the day, eager to call your best friend and tell her everything that happened since you last spoke on the phone the day before.

That Moment When

You know that moment when you realized you and your new friend were going from 0 to 60.


Real friendship means following that private account so that your bestie can send you memes from it.

Just One More?

That one bestie who goes to bed before all the good memes come out to play.

When you and your bestie switch off between comic and fan-in-the-audience.

I'm On A Business Call, Mom

That one bestie whose life you take really seriously...Hold my calls, boss, my best friend is on the line.

Is It Really You?

*Rubs eyes* *Bursts into tears* *Does weird hug dance*

Only Every Day

Oh, you thought this was just you and your bestie? Yeah, same.

I Got You

When you slip into private detective mode for your bestie, ready to dig up a big mystery or just find out of he's single or not.

On Repeat

If you're wondering if you're a bad friend, by default you're probably a good friend.

Give Credit Where It's Due

To that one bestie who always comments on your memes with more encouragement than your mother gave you at your graduation — yeah, she's for keeps.

The Key To Friendship having a large arsenal of memes to send back and forth for eternity.

Those Friends

Don't forget to reach out to the friends that you're not quite best friends with, but have a meme relationship with.

I'm With Her

The love we have for our best friends only ever grows.