14 Cheap Secret Santa Gifts For 2016 That Are Both Useful & Funny

Sometimes, a Secret Santa gift exchange can be somewhat of a drag — especially if it's happening within a group you're not super close with. That said, with a little bit of help and a few suggestions for cheap Secret Santa gifts you can buy for either your friend or coworker this year, your exchange can go by pretty quickly and successfully. If you think outside the box, you'll definitely be able to find something that'll make finding gifts for even the hardest-to-shop-for seem like a piece of cake.

Typically, Secret Santa exchanges have a limit — and usually, that limit is $25 and under. While you might balk at spending $25 on Cheryl from the accounting department (especially after she messed up your paycheck three months ago) that price point is pretty standard.

But, of course, if you want to make it seem like you're gifting a lot for a little, you can do some research on the best ways to spend your dollars — perhaps even falling under budget. Secret Santa exchanges don't require a receipt — it's not like you're gifting a TV or a vacation, here — so really, the only person who'll know what the checkout total is, is you. And your cashier, if you decide to find something in-store. (And unless you've supplied them with a full story about your gift exchange, they likely won't give it a second thought.)

Here are a few great items that'll make your Secret Santa recipient happy and won't break the bank.


Tipsy Tubes

If your Secret Santa recipient is generally responsible when it comes to alcohol, they might get a good laugh out of these Tipsy Tubes ($16) from Amazon. Because, even if they mind their drinking, they've probably endured a family vacation or two that would have been less tense with the help of a secret shot.


"The Office" Secret Santa Pack

Do you ever compare your office to Dunder Mufflin? Then, this DVD that compiles four classic The Office Christmas episodes ($5) from Amazon is the perfect gift to get. True fans know that the holiday episodes are usually the funniest, and now your own favorite Dwight Schrute will be able to re-watch them every holiday season.


Tone Day At A Time Calendar

If you've picked the name of a creative friend or co-worker, this gorgeous Tone Day At A Time wall calendar ($15) from Modcloth will brighten up their 2017. It also might inspire them to re-paint the interior of their house — but that's on them.


Microwave Popcorn Popper

Everyone loves a nice bowl of popcorn on occasion — and if you're working in an office, you're probably used to the smell of it by now. That's why this microwave popcorn popper ($15) from Uncommon Goods will help your Secret Santa recipient step up their popcorn game a little bit. Not only will this contraption give a better taste to the popcorn, but it's much fancier than the standard paper bag that popcorn is normally popped in.


Crackling Candles

Every holiday brings a need for warmth by the fire. But since not all of us have fireplaces (or, want to maintain a fireplace year-round) sometimes we need a shortcut or two. There's the Yule Log on television every year, and there's also these crackling candles ($18) from Uncommon Goods that come in three different, yet incredible, scents.


Cake-Themed Travel Mug

If your Secret Santa recipient loves to make a statement, this "Eat Cake For Breakfast" travel mug ($20) from ModCloth will definitely get a lot of use. Everyone could always use another travel mug.


Wooden Ornaments

The best part about this set of eight ornaments from WoodPresentStudio on Etsy ($21) is the fact that they're classy, yet not overbearing. These would be perfect for the Secret Santa recipient who just got his or her first apartment, or is celebrating a first Christmas with a new husband or wife — there's a good chance that their tree is looking a bit bare this year.


Chocolate Chip Gift Tin

Everyone loves chocolate chips, so this gift tin ($15) from Cheryl's is sure to be well received. Even if your Secret Santa recipient baked his or her own, they won't turn down additional goodies.


Pusheen Ear Buds

I guarantee your Secret Santa recipient would enjoy this cute set of Pusheen ear buds ($11) from Hot Topic — especially if they work at a loud office, or need help concentrating. Pusheen is really hard to turn down, even for those unfamiliar with her web comic series.


Amazing Socks

Listen, there are too many incredible socks on the BlueQ website to highlight just one pair. But if I had to, it'd be the I Hate Everyone Too Crew socks ($10). It's been a heck of a year, and it's been awhile since a sock has summed up why.


Mystic Emoji Ball

We all remember the Magic 8-Ball of our youth. Well, here's the 2016 edition — an emoji 8-ball ($15) from Amazon that'll tell you your future. These are always fun to have around, either on your desk at work, or on your coffee table as a conversation starter.


Bacon Toothpaste

So, sure — this bacon toothpaste ($6) from Amazon is technically a gag gift. But the recipient will definitely give it a shot. In fact, I'm fairly sure they'll bring it home and try it that night. They just won't admit it to your face.


Metal Puzzle Set

When you want to challenge your brain, you step away from the computer and look for something just a bit more stimulating. That's why this metal puzzle set ($10) from Target would be the perfect gift, especially for the recipient who loves brain teasers, trivia, and challenges.


Beverage Warmer

If your Secret Santa recipient works a bit too much, they might face the problem of cold coffee on a daily basis. Luckily, this beverage warmer ($10) available at Target is both cheap and reliable.