14 Christmas Songs From 2017 That You Need To Add To Your Holiday Playlist

SiaVEVO on YouTube

The holiday season means that you can't walk more than 10 feet without hearing one of the few Christmas standards that stand the test of time. Either you love this, or you hate this; Christmas music is a polarizing topic, and not in the Polar Express way. But if you happen to love Christmas music, you need to add these 2017 Christmas songs to to your holiday playlist.

Some of the tracks are celebs' takes on the classics like "White Christmas" or "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas." The others, however, add a completely new flavor to what you might think of as holiday music, and you should give it a shot. Branching out to listen to the new pop Christmas music might feel sacrilegious — even if the new pop songs include plenty of Biblical imagery — because it can be a little weird to try to make Christmas cool. The holiday is arguably about cozying up to the fire with your loved ones, which isn't exactly "cool" by high schoolers' standards, at least.

So, yeah, it might feel strange to listen to these modern pop Christmas songs, but they actually still capture the spirit — mostly thanks to their use of jingle bells — and they just might become the new classics. Who knows?

1. Gwen Stefani Ft. Blake Shelton, "You Make It Feel Like Christmas"

GwenStefaniVEVO on YouTube

If you ever wanted a glimpse into Stefani and Shelton's life together, this is your chance. Their voices and styles meld together so well, and their union makes a lot more sense thanks to this song.

2. Good Charlotte, "Christmas By The Phone"

Good Charlotte on YouTube

This one is everything you could have hoped for from a Good Charlotte Christmas album. Warning: it will make you feel like a tween listening to "Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous."

3. Village People, "A Very Merry Christmas To You"

Village People - Topic on YouTube

Christmas has a way of bringing people together, including the Village People, for a special single.

4. Noah Cyrus, "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas"

NoahCyrusVEVO on YouTube

If you want a poppy version of a classic, look no further than Noah Cyrus' single.

5. Kelly Clarkson, "Christmas Eve"

Kelly Clarkson on YouTube

This song from a special Spotify Sessions will make you want another Christmas album from Kelly Clarkson.

6. Mariah Carey, "The Star"

MariahCareyVEVO on YouTube

Ah yes, the Queen of Christmas has returned for a new song, this time for the new movie The Star.

7. Fantasia, "What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve?"

Fantasia Barrino - Topic on YouTube

As if Kelly Clarkson didn't prove this point enough already, Fantasia Barrino is further evidence that American Idol winners make great Christmas songs.

8. Fifth Harmony, "Can You See"

TheStarVEVO on YouTube

This song, also from The Star, brings Fifth Harmony's poppy vibe to a new Christmas classic.

9. Sia, "Ho Ho Ho"

SiaVEVO on YouTube

The entire Sia Christmas album is incredible, really.

10. Nora Jones, "It's Not Christmas 'Til You Come Home"


Nora Jones' voice was made for this song, and you should listen to her recording of it from her NYC Spotify Session.

11. Hanson, "Finally It's Christmas"

HANSON on YouTube

It's not quite "MMMBop," but this song has the same upbeat, boyish vibe of the brothers' 1997 hit.

12. Chanté Moore, "Santa Don't Sleigh"

Chanté Moore - Topic on YouTube

Moore's new Christmas album brings a unique R&B vibe to a lot of the classics, and a few new ones like "Santa Don't Sleigh."

13. Reba McEntire, "Hard Candy Christmas"

Reba McEntire/YouTube

If anyone can re-make Dolly Parton's classic song, it's Reba McEntire. She nails it entirely.

14. Josh Groban, "White Christmas"

Josh Groban - Topic on YouTube

According to Salon, this new version of Groban's take on "White Christmas" uses a 70-piece orchestra.

If you're still not sold on these songs, Frank Sinatra's classic Christmas album is still waiting for you in every aisle of every drugstore, don't worry.