14 Random ‘Chuck’ Guest Stars Even The Biggest Fans Probably Forgot About

One of the best things about rewatching Chuck is the opportunity to see all the guest stars you overlooked the first (or second) time around. Thanks to Team Bartowski's weekly missions, the show hosted a bevy of one-off or minor characters played by your favorite TV stars, athletes, and future famous faces. At least half of Community's cast showed up, so clearly the Chuck team had a knack for spotting talent. While some guest stars were impossible to miss — Brandon Routh, Matt Bomer, Rachel Bilson — there are plenty of Chuck guest stars you definitely forgot about.

It's time to refresh your memory, because quite a few stars stopped by the Buy More during the series' five-season run. From a future This Is Us fan favorite to two of the Guardians of the Galaxy, the actors who appeared on Chuck are an eclectic bunch. Some of them were spies, and some were Buy More customers or employees, but every single one deserves to be remembered for adding something special to the series.

Fair warning: Once you see just how many of your favorite actors were on Chuck, you are going to want to rewatch the show as soon as possible. But honestly, that's just a perk, right?

1. & 2. Justin Hartley & Jeff Fahey

Before he was making you cry every week on This Is Us, Hartley appeared in the Season 5 episode, "Chuck Versus the Bearded Bandit." He plays Wesley Sneijder, a man who's having issues with his brother — who happens to be played by another famous face, Lost's Jeff Fahey.

3. Kristin Kreuk

Smallville's Lana Lang spent four episodes playing Hannah, one of Chuck's few love interests who didn't turn out to be a double agent.

4. Lauren Cohen

The future Walking Dead star played a crucial role in Season 4 as Alexei Volkoff's daughter.

5. Danny Pudi

Pudi took a break from playing Community's Abed to stop by the Buy More as Vali Chandrasekaren, a new employee aiming to lure Lester back to the store.

6. Dave Bautista

The WWE superstar appeared in Season 4's "Chuck Versus the Couch Lock" as an old frenemy of Casey's. These day Bautista is busy saving the world as Drax in Guardians of the Galaxy.

7. & 8. Ben Savage & Nicole Richie

Season 2's "Chuck Versus the Cougars" is one of the series' best episodes. Not only is it the first to delve into Sarah's backstory, but it features Boy Meets World's Cory married to the one and only Nicole Richie.

9. Olivia Munn

It's official: Munn has done everything. From her role in the X-Men franchise to her past as a Daily Show correspondent to an appearance in Chuck as one of the many "Gretas," there's nothing she can't do.

10. Melinda Clarke

The O.C.'s Julie Cooper is hilarious in "Chuck Versus the Seduction."

11. Swoosie Kurtz

Pushing Daisies' Kurtz appears as a career spy, who may be one of the show's coolest guest characters ever.

12. Michael Rooker

Yep, Guardians' Yandu also popped up in Chuck (and was promptly executed by Sarah).

13. Mark Hamill

The Force was with the Season 5 premiere when Hamill made a geek-tastic appearance.

14. Tricia Helfer

As Chuck's new handler, Helfer is all kinds of scary, but Casey would have loved for the Battlestar Galactica star to become a permanent part of the team.

These Chuck guest stars all deserve a shoutout, because the show just wouldn't have been the same without them.