The 14 Most Clever Women's March Signs
by Courteney Larocca

On Saturday, thousands of people gathered in Washington D.C. for the Women's March on Washington to stand up against a presidency that seems to threaten our basic human rights. And while the march itself is something that should be taken seriously by everyone, some of the protesters have been able to muster up a sense of humor with their clever Women's March signs. From referencing Donald Trump's hair to highlighting how we've essentially transcended backwards in history, protesters around the country are proving that speaking up for what we believe in can be both serious and seriously clever.

If you've ever been to a protest, you're probably well aware that the signs people carry tend to set the tone of what the protest is all about. If someone's willing to carry around a sign all day, clearly it's because the point they're trying to make is important to them. And the point the people at the Women's March are making is a huge one: women's rights are human rights.

The next four years are going to be long and hard for many Americans, and this is just day one of what will be an ongoing battle. But people from all over the country came prepared to take a stand. Here are some of the most clever signs that protesters are using to speak up at the Women's March:


We're Going Back In Time

Is it 1917 or 2017? Based on Trump's presidency, the world may never know.


Remember That 'The Handmaid's Tale' Is Fiction

Seriously, it's not an instruction manual.


Supergirl To The Rescue

Melissa Benoist, aka Supergirl, coming in clutch with the political puns.


Our Ancestors Fought And So Will We

Women have been fighting for centuries, and we're not stopping now.


More Than Just Nasty Women



Overcombing Adversity

It's time to groom this country back into shape.


No, I Won't Keep Calm


Hands Off

Just in case anyone needed to be reminded that women don't like being "grabbed by the p*ssy."



Whoever decided to bring a cardboard cutout of Hillary Clinton to the Women's March is my personal hero.


Carrie Fisher Would Be Proud

Princess Leia wouldn't stand for this.


What Year Is It?



Asking The Real Questions

Too many things to protest, too little time.


Don't Be Indifferent

It's time to get angry.


Protest Like It's 2017

Not sure what to write on your sign? Print out one of Hillary Clinton's tweets.

No matter what these signs say, the message is clear: women of all backgrounds and identities are not going to stop fighting for equality.