These 14 Clothes Organizers At Target Will Instantly Transform Your Closet


Organizing clothes seems like it should be easy: hang the things that shouldn't be stuffed in a drawer, fold everything else, and put it away. Simple, right? Except it really isn't. Most of us aren't able to afford the luxury of a Kardashian-sized closet, meaning we barely have the room to store all of the clothes we own... and that can get messy and disorganized fast. Sometimes you have to rely on some storage options other than the shelves in your closet and the drawers in your dresser to make sure your clothes are neat and easy to find. Luckily, there are some great clothes organizers you can buy from Target right now that are pretty inexpensive and will get the job done.

The clothing organizer you buy should be based on what you're trying to store, how much room you have, and your organizing style. There are specific products that will be better for you if you're looking for a place to store your clothings seasonally, when you don't need to find them every single day. If you just need a more efficient way to organize your closet, there are options for that as well. Think about what makes the most sense for you, and go from there. And, if need be, you can get a bunch of these. They're all under $100, and a lot are even under $50, making them a super accessible option.

Check out the below clothing organizers from Target to really get your life together in 2019... or at least just your wardrobe:


Clothing Bags

These clothing bags are ideal for storing items you don't wear all the time — maybe sweaters during the summer, or tanks and t-shirts during the winter. They can also be used for everyday clothes too, though, since they're easy to open up and look into.


Hanging Shelves

A hanging shelf like this one is inexpensive, holds a bunch of different items, and doesn't take up too much space. However, keep in mind that these usually don't hold too many clothes, so if you're looking to organize lots of items, this might not be worth it.


3-Piece Closet Storage Set

This 3-piece storage set comes with two hanging shelves and one wardrobe bag. The wardrobe bag is good for dresses or suits or blazers you don't wear very often, while the wider hanging shelf is good for clothing. The longer hanging shelf is better for accessories.


3-Shelf Closet System

You can also try closet systems like this one. This is great for small spaces that don't have a very big closet, or for someone who just needs a little extra organization space instead of a ton. It's also stackable, so you can add on.


Shelf Divider

Sometimes you just need to make sense of the shelves in your closet so that your stacks of clothes don't fall on top of each other, creating a huge, disorganized mess. These shelf organizers will help with exactly that.


5-Drawer Storage Tower

This storage tower features five drawers of different sizes, so you can store clothes and smaller accessories.


3-Drawer Organizer

Just need a little extra space? This 3-drawer organizer gives you that, and it has a very cool minimalist look that doesn't take up too much of your closet or room.


Clear Bins

If you don't care about aesthetics and just want to keep things neater, try clear clothing bins. They're super inexpensive and you can get as many as you need and can fit. Clear ones make it easy to see what you need without rifling through everything, and they can make shelves more organized.


Storage Boxes

If you want to store clothes seasonally, these zip-up storage boxes are great. Again, you can easily see inside of them to find what you need, and they keep clothes safe.


3-Drawer Medium Cart

A rolling cart always makes your life easier, since you can move it around whenever you need to. This one doesn't offer a ton of space, but it's also cheap enough to buy two.


Plastic Stacking Drawers

Clear plastic stacking drawers are a great way to utilize floor or shelving space. They make it easy to see inside and you can get as many as you need and stack 'em up.



Stand-Alone Storage Closet

Don't have a closet? use a stand-alone storage closet like this one, which is great for small living spaces since it's not too bulky.


This is a good addition to a closet or can be used as a makeshift one if needed. The below drawers are great for folding and the rack allows you to hang dresses and nicer shirts.


Under-the-Bed Storage

If you're storing clothes seasonally, under the bed bags like this one are great. They keep clothes out of the way and protected.