14 Easy Easter 2019 Crock Pot Recipes That Even A Beginner Chef Can Master

Easter is ~hopping~ its way closer and closer on the calendar, which means it's time to start thinking about your holiday menu. Of course, after your respective Church services or egg hunts, there is a feast to take a seat at. And because the word "feast" indicates a bunch of dishes sprawled across the dining table, you're probably looking for a way to get a lot of cooking done at once. Luckily, these easy Easter Crock Pot recipes can easily swoop in to help prepare dinner so maybe you too can engage in the Easter egg hunt.

The Easter dinner menu can be extensive. Between ham, lamb, scalloped potatoes, and asparagus galettes, your oven and stove top will be experiencing a restaurant level work out. Give your home appliances a break by breaking out the crock pot, or slow cooker, on Easter morning. This trusted cooking tool takes at least one main dish off your plate so that it can actually be on everyone's plate.

Easter 2019 is on Sunday, Apr. 21 so now is a good time to start planning your Easter feast menu. If you're all about preparing the impressive line up of side dishes and getting up close and personal with fresh spring produce, let your crock pot take care of the glazed ham. When every kitchen appliance has a job, you can comfortably partake in the Easter day festivities without compromising dinner.