12 Easter Gifts You Can Still Order Online Right Now


It may be hard to believe, but Easter will be here before you know it. That means that if you wanted to buy a gift for someone for the holiday, you need to do it really, really soon... like, kind of immediately. Especially if you plan on ordering something online! Easter might be a very religious holiday (in fact, it's the holiest day of the year for some), but that doesn't mean it's a holiday that doesn't include gifts. Whether you're getting something for the hostess making dinner or brunch for you, a friend, or a family member, you'll want to get something seasonally appropriate and adorable. Luckily, there are a few options for the cutest Easter gifts that offer two-day shipping — so if you wanted until the last minute, you're still covered.

Easter gifts are pretty simple: you can usually stick to something plant or floral related, since this holiday happens in the spring, when everything is just starting to bloom. It's never a bad idea to bring some fresh flowers as a gift for someone! Then, of course, there's candy. You have so many options on Easter, from chocolate bunnies (make sure they're solid!) to little candies that look like decorated eggs. You can opt for products with an Easter vibe to them if you want to do something a little different.

Whatever you're looking for, though, you'll probably find it in the choices below. These all offer two-day shipping, although be warned: you might have to pay a charge in order to get these that fast. Still, it will probably be worth it in the end!


Cute Succulent Plants

Not everyone has a green thumb. If you want to gift a plant to someone and you aren't sure if they know how to take care of them, opt for a succulent. They're super low-maintenance, and these are particularly adorable. This set could even be split up so you give little chicks to three different people if you wanted to. They make great small gifts!


Chocolate Eggs

These Maggie Louise chocolate eggs are so chic and gorgeous that the recipient almost won't want to eat them. Almost. But they will, because they're too delicious to pass up.


Easter Candy

When in doubt, go for a set of classic Easter candy. This tray includes little gummy carrots, some chocolate eggs, and more. It's easy, inexpensive, and anyone would appreciate it.



Fresh flowers make an excellent Easter gift, especially when they come with a pretty vase. This bunny-shaped vase is subtle enough to make a cute spring decoration past the holiday, and the flowers will be a nice bright addition to any home.


A Pretty Teapot

Instead of gifting real flowers, gift something with flowers on it! This beautiful teapot from Anthropologie is very fancy-looking and will make anyone smile.


Easter Cookies

These little Easter themed cookies are so adorable that they'll be hard to eat! But really, who can pass up some good cookies? No one!


A Floral Mug

This is a great inexpensive gift option that feels super personalized thanks to the initial. It's also the perfect mug for spring... and it would even go great with that teapot if you wanted to combine them.


The Cutest Dish Towels

This set of Easter-themed dish towels makes an adorable addition to the Easter basket of your significant other. It's so sweet!


Easter Cake Pops

You can never go wrong with cake pops, especially when they look like tiny chicks and bunnies. This is a fun and delicious gift option.


Chocolate Tulips

You could give someone real tulips that they'll have to take care of... or you can give them chocolate tulips that they can eat. One definitely sounds more appealing than the other.


Candy Bunnies

This sweet and sugary set from Dylan's Candy Bar is bound to be delicious and a fan favorite. The little tins are always good to hold onto as well.


A Flower Pillow

Not into gifting real flowers? This floral inspired pillow is a great alternative. It makes a chic and pretty addition to any home for spring and summer.