14 Gifts To Get Your Friend Who Has A Hard Time On Father’s Day

Father's Day is not an easy holiday for everyone. When you have a good relationship with your own father, it can be easy to forget that this likely happy occasion for you is a source of pain and grief for many other people. There's a really good chance that you have at least one friend who is going to be suffering through the days leading up to Father's Day, maybe because their dad passed away, isn't in their life any more for some reason, or was never in their life. Whatever the reason, Jun. 17 is going to be tough for some, and it's really important to show them that they aren't alone. Aside from letting them know you're there for them, you could get a gift for your friend who has a hard time on the holiday.

It may sound a bit extravagant, but a sweet and thoughtful gift could be something that cheers your friend up, makes them feel less lonely, and helps get them through the day. Of course, material possessions are never going to take away complicated emotions like grief or anger, but they can serve as a nice reminder that there are other great things in this person's life, like your friendship.

Instead of just sending flowers to your friend's house or offering to take them out to dinner (which are also both terrific options!), you might want to do something a little different. Below are a few Father's Day gift ideas for your friends who need a little extra love this holiday:


A Bath Soak


Herbivore Coconut Milk Bath Soak, $18, Sephora

Chances are good that today is a day your friend could use a lot of relaxation. A bath soak as a gift is a perfect excuse for them to sit back in the tub and relax for an hour or so. It's also something they'll be able to use quite often. This one from Herbivore smells great and feels really nice.


A Self-Care Kit


The Nightstand Box, $75, BoxFox

If you want to give something bigger than just bath soak, a whole self-care box is a good option. This one from BoxFox includes the essentials: lovely scented hand cream, a candle, a healing crystal geode, matches, a keepsake box, a handwritten card, and a book of self-care tips.


A Book About Loss


A Grief Observed by C.S. Lewis, $10.33, Amazon

C.S. Lewis wrote this book after his wife's tragic death as a way to get through the "mad midnight moment." It's a very honest book about life, death, and faith. It's not only for someone whose father has passed away — it's for anyone struggling with some kind of loss. It's about how the author got through a terrible time in his life, and it could be a helpful read for your friend.


Memorial Wind Chimes


Memorial Wind Chimes, $51.99, Amazon

If your friend is dealing with the death of a father, some kind of memorial gift could be nice to give them on Father's Day. Memorial wind chimes are a thoughtful gift — each time they blow in the wind, they not only sound beautiful, but they also act as a reminder of the person who was lost.


An Indoor Plant

Money Tree In Reclaimed Wood Container, $51.97,

A plant is a symbol of rebirth and life, making it a nice gift option for someone struggling through something difficult. Give them something that is easy to care for and can grow indoors without too much love. Unless your friend is dealing with the death of a parent, don't go for a sympathy plant. A money tree is often thought of as a symbol of good luck.


A Gift Card to The Class

Gift Card for The Class by Taryn Toomey

The Class by Taryn Toomey is something that sounds like it came right out of a movie: it's a class designed to get out all of your emotions, and it involves a lot of jumping, screaming, chanting, and usually crying. According to the website, "The result is an expansive, heart-opening, body-strengthening release." I took The Class once, shortly after the death of my grandfather, and it was very intense, so much so that I had to walk out early. It may be difficult to get through, but it is also a cathartic release that could be helpful for anyone struggling through anger, grief, or sadness.


A Salt Lamp


Natural Hand Carved Himalayan Salt Lamp, $14.95, Walmart

Himalayan salt lamps are supposed to have a whole bunch of benefits, including helping you sleep and soothing you when you're feeling stressed, as well as clearing the air of bad vibes. They're also just a nice gift to give someone.


A Book For Anxiety

Urban Outfitters

First, We Make The Beast Beautiful: A New Journey Through Anxiety by Sarah Wilson, $25.99, Urban Outfitters

Grief and/or anger can often result in anxiety. If your friend who is having a hard time with Father's Day is also dealing with a lot of anxiety, a book like this might make a good gift option. This book teaches new ways to deal with anxious thoughts, and is described as both heartwarming and funny.


A Sweet Card


Sympathy Card, $3.44, Etsy

Sometimes you don't need to spend a lot on a big gift — you just need to show your friend that you're there for them if they need anything. A thoughtful card with a heartfelt message inside might be enough to make them smile.


A Sympathy Box

Uplift Gift

Cozy Comfort, $111, Uplift Gift

Uplift Gift was founded by Kirsten Henry Fox after her battle with cancer as a way to help women support their friends with "the most meaningful gestures of love." This Cozy Comfort box is a nice sympathy gift and includes healing teas, a mug, a soft and comforting pashmina, and a custom card.


Something Simple and Cute

Urban Outfitters

Fringe Studio Catch All Dish, $12.99, Urban Outfitters

Again, a gift doesn't always have to be too extravagant to be a good one. This cheeky dish is inexpensive and a cute item to remind your friend how much you love them.


A Diffuser


Spring's Eden Reed Diffuser, $26, Anthropologie

Another relaxing gift option to give is a diffuser — they last longer than candles and can often be reused, making them more worth the money. This one is a very pretty and smells lovely.


Something Inspirational


Inspirational Quote Book, $12.99, Etsy

This tiny book of inspirational quotes is easy for your friend to carry around and read whenever they need an emotional boost. It's also a very adorable gift.


Ice Cream


Thinking Of Your Premium Collection, $54.99,

Food can be such a comforting gift no matter what the circumstances are, and these pints of ice cream from eCreamery couldn't be better for a friend going through something difficult.