14 Galentine’s Day Gifts That Are Super Cute — AND Give To Feminist Causes

One of the greatest gifts Parks and Recreation gave us, aside from Leslie Knope's unending enthusiasm for the political process and the permission to treat yo'self, complete with feminist gift ideas, was Galentine's Day. What is Galentine's Day, you ask? On February 13, the show decreed, it is imperative spend the day with your best girlfriends, thereby celebrating platonic lady love just as vociferously as you will romantic love the following day. As Knope described it: "Oh, it's only the best day of the year. Every February 13th, my lady friends and I leave our husbands and our boyfriends at home, and we just come and kick it, breakfast-style. Ladies celebrating ladies. It's like Lilith Fair, minus the angst. Plus frittatas."

In the eight years since the holiday became a part of our cultural zeitgeist, it's turned into a Real Thing, with ladies gifting their other lady friends with cards, cupcakes, brunches, fancy soaps, and other goodies for Galentine's Day (one year, my best friend from college gave me a personalized mug. I gave her nothing, but it was still a dope gift). But this year, the celebration of sisterhood feels all the more imperative, both with your gal pals and with all women fighting to keep their reproductive rights in the midst of a hostile political administration. The majority of these butt-kicking feminist gifts give back to organizations like Planned Parenthood and the ACLU, though if you choose to donate directly, you can do so here (and here!).


Pussy Necklace

Pussy Necklace, $20, Etsy

This $20 gold-tone "Pussy necklace" is both rather stylish and effective in fighting the powers out to quash your reproductive rights, with 50 percent of proceeds going to Planned Parenthood.


Enamel Pin Boob Pin

Enamel Boob Pin, $10, Etsy

This handmade $10 enamel boob pin is as adorable as it is serviceable, with a portion of proceeds going toward Planned Parenthood. It will make my mother uncomfortable but please buy it for me anyway.


Planned Parenthood Bookmark

Planned Parenthood Bookmark, $10, Etsy

This is a vaguely confusing gift, as 30 percent of the $10 this bookmark costs will go toward the ACLU, and not Planned Parenthood. But, I mean, the message stands, plus I suppose you can never have enough bookmarks.


Whipped Body Butter Gift

Body Butter, $9.60, Etsy

If you're looking for something a little more self-indulgent, this $9.60 body butter is made from all-natural ingredients, and 25 percent of profits will go to Planned Parenthood, making it a gift for both your skin and lady parts.


Pink #Resist Leather Keychain

Resist Keychain, $5.83, Etsy

This cute little $5.83 keychain was designed specifically to raise funds for Planned Parenthood, plus it'll keep all your best girlfriends from losing their keys inside their totes.


Pussycat Stud Earrings

Pussy Cat Stud Earrings, $32, Etsy

I am a big fan of these cute little studs, which cost $32-a-pair and come in silver or bronze. The manufacturers say profits from each sale will benefit Planned Parenthood, plus your buds will look like fiiiire when they don them, so it's a double-win.


Crystal Necklaces

Crystal Necklaces, $15, Etsy

I truly believe in the healing powers of crystals, if just because I used a frozen crystal to ice a hangnail one time and it totally worked. Share this magic with your clan for $15-a-pop, with proceeds from each sale going to Planned Parenthood.


"Resisting B*tch Face" tee

Resting Bitch Face Tee, $42, Valfré

Designer Ilse Valfré's been hawking activist tees for the last year now, with 20 percent of proceeds going toward Planned Parenthood. This $42 design is my favorite. It has a pun!


Resist+Rebel patches

Rebel+Resist Patches, $6, The Outrage

The Outrage makes a lot of great feminist products (they're the OG "Nasty Women Unite" apparel makers), and these funky $6 iron-on patches make wonderful, affordable gifts for all your Galentines. Proceeds benefit the ACLU.


"Strong" pin

Strong Pin, $13, The Outrage

Another great Outrage offering, this "Strong" pin runs $13 and looks fly on a jean jacket. Proceeds benefit Planned Parenthood.


"Not Your Grandpa's" Cookie Cutters

"Not Your Grandpa's" Cookie Cutters, $19, The Outrage

This cookie cutter trio, also from The Outrage, doubles as a Galentine's gift and a tool to help you create uterus-and-boob-shaped cookies to serve at any and all Galentine's brunches. They run $19-a-set and benefit Planned Parenthood.


"Nasty Women Unite" mug

Nasty Women Unite Mug, $22, The Outrage

This $22 baby's now a classic, having been birthed by The Outrage in the aftermath of Election 2016, but the message still holds. Proceeds benefit Planned Parenthood.


Year of the Nasty Woman Planner

Year Of The Nasty Woman Planner, $14, Shrill Society

Shrill Society (formerly Google Ghost) released the first of these bad boys in 2017, and they're back for another year of nastiness. This 237-page, 18-month planner runs $14 and is full of self-care tips and inspirational quotes, plus 50 percent of proceeds go toward Planned Parenthood.


Squish The Patriarchy Stress Ball*

The Patriarchy Stress Ball, $7.36, Etsy

*Tragically, this $7.36 stress ball won't benefit any non-profit, but it will keep you from punching your coffee table every time you read the news, which is a cause in of itself, so.