14 Mother’s Day Gifts For Foodie Moms That You’ll Probably Want For Yourself, Too

Sunday is a brunch day. How perfect is it then that Mother's Day falls on a Sunday. And this year brunch — I mean, Mother's Day — will grace the calendar on May 12. Show up to the table with foodie Mother's Day gifts that she'll love — and could potentially use right then and there.

If your mom is a foodie, hook her up with the hottest cookbook of the season or the trendiest salt and pepper shakers on the market. Flowers are nice, but they aren't a fish spatula. And nobody could understand the sentiment of a bouquet of utensils better than your foodie mother.

If mom accessorizes with aprons more than anything else, get her something that adds to her cooking arsenal like a hot sauce kit. On the other kitchen mitt, if mom stays away from the pots and the pans but partakes in food from an always-at-the-hottest-restaurant point, get her something like a cheese of the month club. That way she can know exactly how to order her DIY cheese board. However your mom consumes food culture, there's a gift for her that'll make her hungry for more time with you.

Back Pocket Pasta

Cookbook author and NYTimes Cooking contributor Colu Henry knows what she's talking about. This cookbook will elevate your mom's pasta game and you'll probably want to head home to help her stain the pages of this book with vodka sauce.

Chef’n Avoquado 4-in-1 Avocado Tool

Excuse me, avocados aren't just for millennials. Chances are that your mom has a thing for the creamy green fruit. Help her get the most of her Sunday morning toast with this tool.

1 Year of Bon Appétit

There's nothing like setting up a snack situation at the kitchen table and flipping through the glossy pages of the latest Bon Appétit magazine. Get mom a whole year's subscription (plus a tote for her farmer's market hauls!) so she can keep up with the test kitchen.

Italian Spritz Carry On Cocktail Kit

"Foodie" isn't only exclusive to what's on your plate. It can be what's at the bar too. If you're mom is a foodie that likes to travel for eating and drinking purposes, she might appreciate having a cocktail kit to take on the flight with her. Salute!

Porter Bowl - Ceramic

Help mom join the rest of the foodie community — and the world — bid aideu to single use plastics in the kitchen. From car snacks to desk lunches the ceramic Porter bowl will reduce waste and up mom's sustainable style.

The Chili Lab Homemade Hot Sauce Kit

Get mom into making her own condiments. That way she can send you a bottle of her original hot sauce to get a kick of her ~spice~ in your kitchen.

Milk Glass Cake Stand - Hearth & Hand™ with Magnolia

Mom's baking is best. Give her classic Brown Butter Cake the pedestal it deserves.

Burrata Lover's Collection

Mom deserves the best .... burrata. What great news is it then you can have the silkiest blobs arrive at her door. She might be expecting fresh flowers. Surprise her with prosciutto and olives instead.

Salt & Pepper Bottle Grinders (Set of 2)

Look, there's nothing like an aesthetically pleasing salt and pepper grinder to reach for every time it's time to season whatever is on the stove top which — as your mom knows — is often for maximum flavor.

Spannocchia 2018 Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 500ml

Few things in life are more pleasurable than plush homemade sourdough dipped into a pool of olive oil that packs a spicy punch. If you know your mom appreciates quality — nay, the best — ingredients, this olive oil from the groves of a sustainable, working, and educational farm in Tuscany is a pantry must. The best part is, if you like the olive oil, you can plan your next family trip to the farm for cooking classes. This is a gift that has the potential to keep giving.

Rattan Rolling Market Cart

You got your style from your mama. Keep her farmer's market style strong with these market carts. Rock and roll? Rattan and roll!

Foodie Dice

Give mom the chance to spice it up in the kitchen. And not with only the spice rack. Roll the dice to spark inspiration on new twists to old classics or entirely new dinner ideas.

Vintage Preserve Canning Jars, 17 oz.

If mom's garden is popping in the summer, help her expand her canning jar supply with these adorable additions.

Restaurant Passport Journal

No matter where your mom travels to for a dish, she'll be able to recount the details course by course in her new restaurant journal. She can be critic, student, admirer of any dining room she takes a seat.