14 Funny Father’s Day Gifts That Have Two-Day Shipping Options

Uncommon Goods

It might seem like Mother's Day literally just ended, but if you have a dad you're close to in your life, then we're sorry to tell you that you do already need to spend money on another parental gift. Father's Day is being celebrated on Sunday, June 16, and you will probably want to get a Father's Day gift for your dad to show him you're thinking about him. Of course, there are other ways to do that as well that don't involve buying him something, but there's also no harm in getting your dad a little present! And, yes, you can do that even if you waited until the very last minute to go shopping.

If you forget about Father's Day or time just slipped away from you, you may find yourself scrambling to find the perfect gift just a few days before the holiday. You're not alone! The good news is that there are plenty of websites that offer two-day shipping (or even overnight shipping) for those procrastinators out there who need a little extra help. That means you can order your dad a gift from the comfort of your own couch only two days before you're supposed to see him for Father's Day. Who doesn't want that?

A good idea for a Father's Day present is something that will make your dad laugh and tap into his sense of humor. Sure, sentimental gifts are sweet, but funny ones will be something he'll really appreciate. Here are a few funny Father's Day gifts that come with two-day shipping so you don't have to feel like a jerk when you show up to his place empty-handed.


The Perfect Bar Glass

If your dad enjoys a nice drink every now and then, get him this cute rocks glass. It will let everyone know his mood so he doesn't even need to explain. Plus, this seller offers overnight shipping, which is awesome for those of you who waited until the very last minute.


A Dad Jokes Book

Hey, every dad needs to stock up on their dad joke inventory! Help him do exactly that with this cute little book.


A Funny T-Shirt

If your dad has this kind of sense of humor, he'll definitely love this gag shirt.


A Funny Coffee Mug

Honestly, he should be thanking you for making Father's Day possible!


A Pint Glass

Is your dad more into beer than anything else? If so, he'll love this pint glass that pretty much says it all.


A Cute Cutting Board

This is perfect for the dad who takes over the grill every summer... and who has an appreciation for The Godfather.


A Fun Paperweight

This unique paperweight is the perfect fun gift for a dad who has a bit of a dirty mouth. It will definitely stand out! Uncommon Goods also offers two-day and even one-day shipping for those who need it.


A Funny Apron

Is this not the perfect dad joke? Get this for the father who loves to BBQ during the summer.


Eyeglass Holder

Why does your dad need this pig shaped eyeglass holder? Well, for one, it's useful... and for another thing, it's just awesome.


A Funny Book

If your dad likes to read — or even if he doesn't do it that often — this book is a good gift. It's a collection of conversations Judd Apatow has had with stars like Jerry Seinfeld, Jon Stewart, Sarah Silverman, Seth Rogen, Chris Rock, and more.


Shark Socks

Why get your dad shark socks that look like they're eating his legs? The better question is... why not?


The Office Mug

This is the best mug for the dad who always loved The Office, or just recently started watching it.


A Bob Ross Shirt

How do you even describe this slightly ridiculous t-shirt? It's hard to say!


Bottle Opener

Who wouldn't want this adorable beer and wine opener shaped like a pirate?! It's such a good little gift idea!