60 Dope Gifts On Amazon Prime That Men Actually Want

I consider myself a little obsessed when it comes to gift giving. I have Pinterest boards, secret notebooks, and discreet pictures I've taken of labels when someone points out a cool product — you name it, I've done it. That's why, when it comes to gifts that men actually want, I have a pretty solid arsenal of suggestions. Some of these ideas even come straight from the mouths of the men in my life, so your own brother, boyfriend, or dad will thank you.

A little secret when it comes to finding the perfect present? I've found that most adults prefer practicality. Gifts that he actually wants and gifts that he'll actually use tend to be one in the same, because if it speeds up his routine, makes an annoying task a little easier, or improves his day-to-day life, what's not to love? That's not to say that he won't adore the poop emoji pillow you've considered. It just means that a useful gift is, more often than not, a foolproof gift — for anyone, and definitely not just men.

Now for the best news of all: these are all gifts for men that you can buy on Amazon Prime, so if Father's Day or his birthday is quickly approaching, no worries — you still have time. Free, two-day shipping saves the day once again.


This Retractable Cord That Can Charge Both Google And Apple Products

Both a lightning pin and micro-USB cable in one, this Earldom retractable cord has an adjustable length of up to 3.3 feet and keeps the wires safe when they're not in use. It can charge iPhones as well as Galaxy and Google devices, and it's available in four metallic colors.


These Bamboo Gloves That Feel Like A Second Skin For Both Protection And Dexterity

Even though they keep your hands cool due to their breathable bamboo construction, these Pine Tree Tools working gloves also offer durable protection while gardening, woodworking, or fishing. The exterior around the palm and fingertips allows you to feel what you're doing, retain dexterity, and even use your touch screen — all while avoiding cuts, thorns, and splinters.


This Curved Mat Make Crunches And Ab Workouts Way More Effective

This Nayoya abdominal mat provides support for your lower back and lumbar while you work out your abs and core. It's made from premium, high-density material for stability and a full range of motion, so unlike regular crunches, you can move from a stretched position all the way up for a much more effective workout. It's also lightweight, portable, non-slip, and easy to wipe clean when you're done.


The Sleeve That Turns A Lighter Into A Six-In-One Multi-Tool

Fire is an invaluable tool for survivalists, but it just got a whole lot more useful. The LighterBro is a sleeve that slips over your lighter to provide six new tools in a smart, keychain design. It functions as a hole poker, knife, scissors, bottle opener, and two different screwdrivers. It also has a metallic, laser-ingrained design that reviewers say feels "high quality."


A Two-In-One Memory Foam Car Pillow To Support The Neck Or Lumbar

This two-in-one ZATOOTO pillow attaches to your car seat to support the neck and head while you're driving, or it can be turned around for use as a lumbar support cushion. It's made from dense memory foam, has an adjustable elastic band that fits most seats, and even has a removable cover if you want to wash the exterior.


This Indoor Grill That Cooks Eggs, Pancakes, Chicken, Corn — You Name It

If you'd rather not fire up the grill in the middle of January, or you don't have one to begin with, the Gourmia digital grill is an awesome indoor alternative. It's versatile, digitally-controlled, and combines a grill with a griddle to cook just about everything. It even has an oil-drip tray, eight temperatures, easy-to-clean parts, and is totally smoke-free.


This Brilliantly-Designed Headband That Keeps Sweat Out Of The Eyes During A Workout

Thanks to its sweat seal grip technology, the Halo II headband channels sweat back and away from your eyes and forehead. It's made from fabric that quickly absorbs and evaporates moisture, and the grip design ensures that it stays in place throughout your whole workout. It's even available in tons of colors and designs.


The Tool That's More Effective And Less Messy Than Your Average Tenderizer

The XSpecial tenderizer turns inexpensive cuts into tender, delicious-tasting meat in minutes. It has 48 razor-sharp blades that break down the connective tissues, making steak, chicken, or pork way less tough and a lot more tasty. Hundreds of reviewers have given it a 4.6-star rating, because it "actually works."


An Activated Charcoal Face Wash Thats Cleans Pores And Keeps Oil In Check

Designed to balance oil production, gently kill bacteria, and cleanse pores, Beau Brummell face wash utilizes natural ingredients like activated charcoal and plant extracts. It creates a generous lather without stripping away essential moisture, and reviewers say it smells incredible and leaves skin feeling so soft.


The Cigarette Lighter USB Port That Also Holds Your Phone Up In The Car

Not only does it plug into your cigarette lighter to provide two USB ports for charging, but it holds your phone at virtually any angle using a flexible gooseneck design. That's why the Vansky car mount has reviewers calling it "the best car phone holder [they've] ever seen or owned." It even has adjustable clamps to fit almost any smartphone.


This One Easy Gadget To Charge And Mount Your Devices

Charge up to five electronic devices and keep them safely stored nearby with the RND Power Solutions wall station. It utilizes a secure attachment to provide three new AC ports and two new USB ports over any existing outlet. It also provides pull-out acrylic holders with bottom cut-outs to accommodate charging cables, and since it's surge-protected and compatible with virtually all USB devices, it's a great way to keep all your electronics at full power.


These Stainless Steel Stones That Chill Your Drink Without Diluting It

Chill drinks without dilution thanks to these Kollea chilling cubes. They're made from non-corrosive stainless steel that retains cold from the freezer, so you can place them in any drink without affecting the taste or the strength of the beverage. They're also reusable, dishwasher-safe, and come with a free pair of tongs.


This Dense, Textured Massage Ball For Sore Muscles Or Knots

With ideal firmness for circulation, a textured pattern for trigger point release, and a versatile size to reach almost any muscle group, this SKLZ massage ball is great for anyone with pain or soreness. It's also portable, water-resistant, and easy to clean, so you can bring it to and from the gym to break up knots, ease tension, and improve flexibility.


These Professional Clippers Give You A Barber-Quality Haircut At Home

These professional electric hair clippers come with everything you need to get a haircut that's "legitimately barber shop and salon quality," according to reviewers. It has a unique ceramic blade, titanium edge design, a USB-rechargeable lithium ion battery, an LCD display, and multiple length-adjustment heads. It even comes with a free comb, cleaning tool, and cape.


This Cold Brew Maker For Delicious Coffee Without The Bitterness

Since this Coffee Gator coffee and tea maker brews with cold water, it seriously lessens the acidity (and therefore the bitterness) of your beverage. Simply fill the coffee maker with cold water and coarse ground coffee, put it in the fridge, and relax. In eight to 24 hours, you have a gently-extracted drink that stays fresh for days, thanks to its borosilicate glass design.


A Giant Razor With A Long Handle To Reach The Back

Thanks to its long handle and its lightweight, ergonomic design, the Vremi back shaver easily reaches difficult spots to painlessly remove hair. It can be used wet or dry, and has extra-wide stainless steel blades that cover large areas of the back in minimal movements. "I bought this for my husband and he loves it," one reviewer writes. "He was able to shave his back without assistance... It worked really well without getting any nicks."


A Brilliant Way To Store Beers So They're Organized And Accessible

If the fridge is cluttered with beer or soda bottles, try this Neat-O beverage dispenser rack. It's constructed from durable steel, fits well in the pantry or refrigerator, and utilizes a sloped design so that the next bottle is always accessible and easy to grab. According to reviewers, it also works for everything from canned food to coconut milk.


The Duffel Bag That Almost Looks Too Classy For The Gym, But According To Reviewers, Can Handle Anything

Reviewers cannot stop raving about the Mouteenoo duffel bag, saying that it's "gorgeous," has a "very convenient design," and "fits everything." The material is water-resistant and high-quality, and the varying pockets mean you can store your clothes, water bottles, wallet, cell phone, headphones, and even your shoes. It also comes in two sizes and 11 colors. No wonder it has a 4.8-star rating.


A Manicure Set That Has Everything They'll Need

Everything in this Mifine manicure set is made from 100 percent surgical-grade stainless steel with a sleek black finish. It comes with 16 tools including ergonomic clippers, eyebrow scissors, skin extractors, a pedicure knife, tweezers, and a nail file, all in a sturdy and well-designed travel case.


The Stainless Steel Pocket Tool That Does Five Different Jobs

Even though its smooth edges and compact shape fit easily in your pocket, the Braudel multi-tool can tackle several difficult jobs. It has a built-in screwdriver, wrench, bottle opener, and double rulers, and since it's made from heavy-duty stainless steel, reviewers say, "This wont be easy to break."


A Hub-Free Smart Bulb To Make Your Home More Hi-Tech

Control the light in a room from your phone or device with the Kasa Smart LED bulb. It doesn't require any extra hubs because it connects through WiFi, but it's compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant. You can also customize brightness, set schedules to make your own sunrise lamp, and save energy by tracking usage.


An All-Natural Beard Oil That's Widely Considered The Best There Is

"I've used quite a few different beard oils in my bearded journey," one reviewer writes, "and sweet mother of god, [Badass Beard Care Beard Oil] is the bees knees." People absolutely love it because it smells incredible, is easy to apply without the excess grease, and leaves beards feeling softer than ever. It's also made using totally food-grade ingredients, so it's safe for sensitive skin. It can even help with dry skin and hair growth.


A Space-Savvy Sharpener That Works On All Different Types Of Tools For A Like-New Collection

The Kleva Sharp knife sharpener transforms an old blade so it cuts like new again, and all it takes is a simple one-handed movement. The versatile, V-shaped tungsten carbide is set at the optimal angle for blades, peelers, and even clippers, and the suction-cup base ensures safety and efficiency.


An Essential Oil Diffuser That's Actually Rechargeable, So You Can Take It Anywhere

Thanks to its 1200 mAh battery and USB adapter, you can take the SmartDelux essential oil diffuser anywhere. Refresh, purify, and add humidity to the air in your car or office with the three mist settings and portable water bottle for easy refills. It also comes with the necessary cords, a non-slip mat, and a bottle for transporting your essential oils.


A Cooling Gel Pillow That'll Make Sweaty Sleepers More Comfortable Throughout The Night

Everything about this memory foam pillow is designed to keep you cool and comfortable all night long. Its contoured shape supports and conforms to your neck and shoulders, but it also has a cooling gel pad to effortlessly disperse body heat. The cover is made from light spandex, so it stays breathable, and the pillow itself is naturally antimicrobial and resistant to germs, mold, and dust.


This Five-Star Shiatsu Foot Massager With Infrared Heat Therapy

So far, the Gideon Shiatsu foot massager has a perfect five-star rating, and reviewers "can't even begin to say how amazing this is." It utilizes 18 deep-kneading 3-D massage nodes to ease the symptoms of foot pain, heel spurs, and plantar fasciitis — and it even has optimal infrared-based heat therapy. The single button makes it easy to control, and the 5-foot cord is great for home or office use.


A Purifier That Rids Air Of Smells, Allergens, And Germs Without Effort Or Harsh Chemicals

Just plug the Gideon purifier into any wall outlet to release ions, kill germs, eliminate allergens, and get rid of odors. It has a UV light that kills over 98 percent of airborne germs, and its stainless steel filters never need replacing because they're so easy to clean. It's also whisper-quiet, stays cool to the touch, and is safe around pets and kids.


These Quality Men's Multivitamins That Use Pure Ingredients Instead Of Lab-Created Additives

The ingredients in these NATURELO daily men's multivitamins come from nature — not a lab. They contain essentials like vitamin A, C, E, K, and B12, along with folate, calcium, and iodine, all without the additives, preservatives, gluten, or flavoring. Hundreds of reviewers have given it a 4.7-star rating because it's a "phenomenal deal," "doesn't upset [their] stomach," and helps with both immunity and energy levels. Of course, anyone should consult a doctor before trying out new supplements — so write that in the card!


A Paste That Adds Shine, Texture, And Long-Lasting Style All Without The Parabens And Alcohol

It can be difficult to find a long-lasting, matte-finish hair product that skips the alcohol and parabens. Texture Paste uses ingredients like argan oil, coconut, and yerba mate to condition and nourish hair — while offering extended texture and style. It also smells amazing, improves shine, and a little goes a very long way.


This Adult Game That Combines Charades, Pictionary, And Super Inappropriate Prompts

This hilariously twisted take on a classic party game is called Over The Line, and reviewers say it's not for the uptight, but it had their friends "laughing so hard, [they] were crying." It comes with hundreds of prompts, a dry-erase board, and a timer for a combination of charades and Pictionary — but the things you have to act out or draw are anything but appropriate.


This RFID-Blocking Minimalist Wallet That's Available In Tons Of Styles And Colors

For a minimalist wallet, the Travelambo has loads of genius features. Its slim, genuine leather holds several cards and all your cash, and the clear license pocket keeps your ID handy. That being said, everything is made with RFID-blocking technology to keep your info safe from high-tech pickpockets. This wallet is available in three designs — crosshatch leather, Napa leather, and oil wax leather — and comes in tons of different colors.


This One-Pan Cookbook For Hearty Breakfasts, Restaurant-Quality Dinners, And Unforgettable Desserts

"I actually liked it so much, I bought a few for Christmas presents, as the recipes are easy, fun, and I'm turning out restaurant quality food I never dreamed I could make," one reviewer writes. A Man, A Pan, A Plan is a simple but genius cookbook that provides 100 single-pan recipes of hearty breakfasts, full meals, and unforgettable desserts. It uses easy-to-find ingredients and tools you already own, so both prep and clean-up are a breeze.


This Versatile Cast Iron Pan To Make Homemade Pizzas, Bread, Meat, And Breakfast Foods

Since it's made from authentic cast iron and pre-seasoned for immediate use, the Home-Complete pan makes pizza the way they do in the villages of Italy. It's also great for grilling meat and vegetables, and cleans well using only hot water. Reviewers use it on their stoves, in their ovens, and even on the grill to make everything from eggs to homemade bread.


An Automatic Cooker For Poached, Boiled, Steamed, Or Scrambled Eggs

Whether you're prepping appetizers or trying to fit in breakfast in the morning, the Chefman electric egg cooker makes all of it so unbelievably easy. It can boil, poach, or steam up to six eggs in minutes, or it can make scrambled eggs or omelets using its special trays. It's even great for vegetables and other food items — just add the ingredients, add the water, and press one simple button.


These Strap-On Aerators That Help Water, Air, And Nutrients Seep Into The Roots Of His Lawn

Promote greener, healthier lawns with these Punchau aerator shoes. They strap onto your sneakers or boots with their durable straps and metal buckles, so simply walking around your yard allows the necessary water, air, and nutrients to seep down to the roots. One size fits all, and reviewers say they're comfortable to wear.


This Bedside Caddy Is A Brilliant Alternative For A Night Stand

For those bedrooms (or living rooms) with minimal table space, give the gift of this MISSLO caddy. Its Velcro straps wrap around bars or secure under mattresses and cushions so it can hang vertically, taking up minimal space. That being said, it provides eight various pockets for phones, tablets, remote controls, notebooks, pens, tissues, flashlights, magazines — all within arm's reach.


This Sweat-Wicking Compression Shirt That Stays Cool When It's Hot And Warm When It's Not

The Goodsport training shirt wicks moisture, balances temperature, and offers effortless compression no matter what you're doing. Its long-sleeve design and chafe-free seams mean that it's great for both runs or hanging out around the house, and reviewers say it "keeps you warm if [it's] cold, and cool if it's hot out."


This Hammock That's Reliable, Lightweight, And Easy To Use

This Wise Owl hammock can support up to 400 pounds and is held together with triple interlocking stitching. That being said, it's extremely lightweight and packs into a 5 by 5 inch ball for easy storage in your bag. It comes with everything you need for easy hanging between trees or poles, and it's available in tons of colors.


These Highly-Rated Gel Insoles To Transform Boots Or Running Shoes

Thanks to the specially-designed air bubbles in the heel and arch, these Sof Sole insoles absorb impact and provide maximum cushioning in virtually all athletic shoes. They also have a fabric cover that wicks away moisture to keep feet cool, dry, and fresh, and reviewers write that they have "completely transformed" their boots and running shoes.


A Classy Laptop Sleeve That Holds So Much More Than Just Your Laptop

Yes, the iCozzier laptop sleeve holds your laptop, but it also ensures that all your accessories and cables are secure, safe, and organized. A large padded pocket holds your computer, while the mesh slips, elastic bands, and zipper compartments handle everything else. It's available in two sizes, the handle is super comfortable, and the exterior is sleek and classy.


These Stylish And Comfy Fleece Sweat Pants That Also Have Pockets

Style, comfort, and phone storage? No wonder people are psyched about these Starter sweatpants. With their soft fleece interior, open hem design, and adjustable waistband, reviewers are warning that "you won't want to take them off to go to work." They come in six sizes, four colors, and offer "legendary softness" with on-seam front pockets.


This Portable Oven That's Like A Lunch Box And A Slow Cooker In One

Enjoy a hot meal wherever your day takes you with the Hot Logic Mini-Mac. It's a personal oven and lunch box that cooks your meal wherever you are, whenever you're ready. Just plug it in to cook your leftovers, fresh recipes, or frozen dinners. It's fine with glass, plastic, aluminum, or cardboard, and since it knows when your meal is thoroughly hot, your food will never overcook.


A Bamboo Watch That Combines Elegance And Eco-Consciousness

Few brands combine style and eco-elegance quite like this one. Treehut's wooden watch is made with an environmentally-conscious bamboo face and a genuine leather band. It utilizes Japanese quartz movement to ensure lasting precision, and its wood grain face is both smart and simple. Reviewers are saying things like, "You really can't beat the price for a watch like this," and "He wears it all the time and gets so many compliments."


These Ear Plugs That Protect Your Hearing Without Muffling The Music

If you're buying for a musician or avid concert-goer, try these Vibes ear plugs. Since they reduce the decibel levels without compromising sound quality, they're definitely not your average buds. They're made with hypoallergenic silicon that's both sleek and comfortable, and since you can still hear everything, you won't feel like you're missing out on the show.


This Insulated, Easy-Sip Bottle That Blows All The Others Out Of The Water

I'm basically an unintentional water bottle collector — at this point, I have an entire cabinet filled with designs that didn't quite work for me. The Takeya Original has been my go-to for a full year now because it keeps my water cold with its double wall-insulation, has a stainless steel interior, and is extremely easy to drink from due to its leak-proof twist cap. Put simply, if you know someone who's trying to drink more water, this is the gift for them. It's also available in multiple colors and sizes.


A Map To Scratch Off All The Places You've Been For An Instant Visual Of Your Travels

For the avid traveler, try out the Scratch the World map. It features a gold overlay of countries, cities, and hill shading, and when you return home from your most recent trip, you can scratch it off to reveal the colorful shades underneath. One reviewer bought it for their 88-year-old father who had traveled the world in the Air Force as a jet manufacturer, and they said, "The map provided the perfect partner for these memories."


These Brilliantly-Designed Pint Glasses That Chill Beers Without Diluting Them

It's a rough feeling when you get home to find that you forgot to restock the fridge with beers, and now they're all room temperature. These Dimple pint glasses chill beers and other drinks without diluting them, thanks to their gel-filled dimple cones that live in the freezer. When it's time for some instant chilling, simply take them out and pop them into the magnetic stainless steel glass bottoms — they even double as built-in coasters, and everything is dishwasher-safe.


The Whimsical And Elegant Apothecary Candle That Smells "Sweet, Musky, And Earthy"

The Paddywax Apothecary Collection features signature soy candles with up to 60 hours of burn time, and they're created with totally natural fragrances. They're then hand-poured into amber glass jars to bring whimsical elegance to any space. This one is scented with tobacco and patchouli, which reviewers say reminds them of a "cabin in the woods, surrounded by towering pine trees and creeping wildflowers... Sweet, musky, and earthy. It smells like home."


These Bamboo Dress Socks That Keep Feet Smelling Fresh

How interesting can socks really be? Granted these Bolero dress socks are hypoallergenic, antibacterial, and super breathable, I'd say pretty interesting. They're made from 80 percent bamboo, so in addition to their sweat-wicking abilities, they also keep feet smelling fresher, according to reviewers. Since they're ultra-stretchy, they fit a variety of shoe sizes.


A Himalayan Salt Lamp That Looks Sleeker Than Most, But Still Purifies The Air

Himalayan salt lamps are currently trending like nobody's business, and that's because they provide a soothing orange glow and actually purify the air by releasing negative ions into your space. This Hisoo lamp is hand-carved using real Himalayan salt crystals, but it has a sleek, square design that looks awesome in any office, bedroom, bathroom, or study.


A Fun Gadget For Those That Work With Their Hands A Lot

Whether you're reading, crafting, tinkering with your car, or fixing a pair of eyeglasses, the Ledgle neck light is a brilliant thing to have. It's a flexible, rechargeable tool with double LED lights that you can point any which way to provide the optimal illumination, and since it wraps around your neck, it's totally hands-free. It even has multiple settings to create flood lights, spot lights, or a combination.


A Must-Have Set For The Wine Lover In Your Life

You might as well call this set the wine lover's dream package. It comes with a rechargeable automatic wine opener, a charger, a foil-cutter, a vacuum stopper, an aerator, and a ring-shaped thermometer so you always know when your bottle is the perfect temperature. "This is one fancy set," one reviewer writes, while another says, "It works even better than I had anticipated."


This Extremely Rugged Bluetooth Speaker That Can Stand Up To All His Adventures

The AOMAIS Sport II Bluetooth speaker is fully waterproof, totally rechargeable for a battery life of up to 12 hours, and designed to provide premium sound despite wind or surrounding noise. No wonder reviewers bring it everywhere from the shower to the beach to enjoy crystal-clear music without any hassle. It even has on-device buttons and a built-in mic for easy control and hands-free calls.


This Flexible Gooseneck Phone Holder That Secures Around Pretty Much Anything

Sure, they sell mounts for cars and bedside tables, but what about everything else? The Geekx universal stand uses a removable clamp and a super flexible gooseneck so you can position your phone around your neck, secure it to the edges of counter tops, wrap it around your steering wheel, or tie it around a tree if you wanted to. It holds most smart phone models thanks to its adjustable clasp, and it rotates 360-degrees for the ideal viewing angle.


For Those Times When He'll Eventually Need A Backpack — Just Not This Very Minute

Because it folds up into a tiny little pouch, the ZOMAKE packable backpack fits right into your carry-on or briefcase when it's not in use. When you do need it, it transforms into a waterproof, tear-resistant bag with breathable mesh shoulder pads, multiple pockets, and a 20-liter storage capacity. It's even available in ten cool colors.


This Classy Beech Wood Organizer That Keeps Cables Right Where They Need Them

Thanks to its easy peel-and-stick adhesive, the Akwox cable organizer works with practically any desk, bedside table, or wall material. It has five slots for phone chargers, mouse cords, computer wires, or anything else, and the slits ensure that you can easily remove them whenever. Since it's made from eco-friendly beech wood, it makes a stylish addition to any office or bedroom.


A Sturdy Tri-Leg Stool That Folds Up Into A Compact Carrying Bag

Thanks to its powder-coated steel frame, tri-leg design, and stabilizing feet, this ALPS Mountaineering stool provides a sturdy seat wherever you need it. That being said, it also folds up into a compact bag with a shoulder strap, so it's amazing for camping, sporting events, barbecues, and backpacking trips.


The Virtually-Indestructible Stainless Steel Charger For The Person Who Breaks Everything Else

The second generation version of this ZECEEN metal cable is virtually indestructible, and it's 5 feet long for a little freedom during charging sessions. It has a stainless steel jacket spring wire cord and sturdy zinc alloy connectors that are flexible, yet extremely durable. It also has a pure copper wire core and a 2A current so you can charge anything from the iPhone 5 to the iPhone X ridiculously fast. One reviewer even posted pictures of their cat chewing on it and said, "great product."


This Metal Tube Squeezer Tool For The Man Who Doesn't Like To Waste Things

Get every last drop of that toothpaste, gel, glue, paint, or dye with this tube squeezer tool. It's made from sturdy, rust-proof aluminum alloy that clamps down on virtually any tube to squeeze out all the remaining product, and according to reviewers, it's super effective and really easy to use.


A Notebook You Can Reuse Up To 500 Times

Reuse each page of this Elfinbook Everlast notebook up to 500 times, erasing your notes and doodles like a white board when it's time to start over. After downloading the Elfinbook app, you can also scan your most important pages and immediately upload them to cloud-storing programs like Google Drive, Dropbox, and Evernote. In addition to its durability and travel-friendly design, it's also an eco-friendly option that you can feel good about.

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