14 Funny Gift Exchange Games To Play At Work That Aren’t Just Secret Santa

This season is all about giving. So why not give — and get — a few laughs while you're at it? Wrapping the perfect present in the perfect paper and presenting it at the office is so much fun that it could be considered an adrenaline rush. To make the exchange more of an ~event~, there are plenty of funny gift exchange games to play at work. These gift swaps are a work event that is bound to be the best 3 p.m. coffee break of the year.

The merry energy is palpable as everyone enters the office doors accompanied by something adorned with a red bow. Even if you have a number of conference calls scheduled, nothing can ruin the festivities of an office gift exchange day. The actual gifts themselves don't even have to be a gag to get you and your co-workers laughing like a pack of hyenas. It's the candor of the gift exchange games that might actually be the greatest gift of all. Huddled around conference room tables, laughing with your co-workers like this is summer camp, having so much fun that you haven't checked if the clock reads 5 p.m. for the last 20 minutes.

These games might be so successful that your office morale boosts, sales soar and hey, maybe the executives assign games like these every month or so for the sake of good laugh.

White Elephant

Want to know how to play White Elephant, the classic gift exchange game? There's an entire website dedicated to the rules which will certainly help in the office wide e-mail. The basic run down is that everyone comes prepared with a wrapped gift and puts into it the designated gift pile. Everybody gets a number. That's the order in which you'll pick your gifts. When the first person picks, the person who comes after can either steal that gift or pick from the pile. This sentiment continues until all the gifts have been picked. While it sounds straight forward and simple, present theft is oddly hilarious.

Hot Gift Potato

Even though we're all grown adults operating in the workforce, birthday party games apply surprisingly well here. Throw it back to the good old days by tossing a gift around the conference room table to the beat — or beep — of a timer. When the timer stops, the person who is holding onto the gift gets to keep it. Continue playing until all your co-workers have a gift in hand! You'll be surprised how the anxiety of the dwindling timer brings concentration and laughs. And hey, when you're out, at least you're out with a gift.

Holiday Dice Exchange

Have a small-ish office? This could be the perfect game. All you need is a pair of dice and a rule sheet print out. Have everyone come prepared with a gift, obviously. From there, roll the dice one at a time. The number your land on comes with instructions that dictates the fate of your present.

Secret Santa Reveal

OK, we all know and love Secret Santa. It's like having a secret admirer, except not. Gather all the presents, with the recipients' names on them, in the center of the conference room table. Once everyone has and has opened their gift, it's time to guess who was the undercover Santa. The guessing game has the potential to get very interesting, and therefore hilarious.

Musical Chairs

Similar to Hot Potato's significance in our past, musical chairs provides a lot of anxious fun. But this iteration of the game crowns everyone a winner due to all the awesome gifts up for grabs. Press play on classic Holiday tunes and circle the chairs until the music stops. Last person standing gets a gift. This is a game you might actually want to lose. Make this game unique to your office by setting a theme for presents!

Numbers Fact Game

How well do you know your co-workers? This is a great way to find out — or learn a little fun fact about one of your cubicle-mates. Have your most enthusiastic co-worker host. When everyone brings a gift in, it'll be marked with a number and you'll be given a paper with that same number on it. Write down a fun fact about yourself. The fact paper will go into a hat and the host will read off the facts. Whoever guesses who the coordinating fact is about first gets the gift associated with the number!

Trivia Gift Exchange

Similar to the numbers game, play a round of trivia with your office. It can even be tailored to office trivia for lots of office inside joke laughs. When you answer correctly, you get a gift. Simple, informative and hilarious.

Swapping Game

When everyone shows up with a gift, let the giving frenzy begin as dictated by specific rule cards. Have enough cards for everyone participating in the office that are scripted with instructions like "give your gift to someone wearing a hat" or "swap with your cubicle mate." Presents will be taken from you, as warned by Gifts.com, and given to you in a whirlwind fashion which is sure to give you a case of the giggles. This is perfect content for your Instagram story.

Never Have I Ever Game

As we grew up we found delight in a little game called "Never Have I Ever." Tailor this game to the holidays with prompts like, "never have I ever had eggnog." When you're out, pick up a gift. The laughs are in finding out whose done what.


I don't know what you heard but bingo isn't just a game for retirement homes. Gifts.com offers a Holiday take on the classic game by adding fresh rules. While the first winner gets to pick from the fresh pile of presents, the second winner can easily steal that gift or pick another gift. Continue the cycle until everyone has a gift that'll make them yell "BINGO!"

Coffee Mugs

This is a simple, straightforward office game that'll have the camaraderie formed during this exchange last throughout the year. Why? Because everyone's desk will have a new mug on it reminding them of these good times. For this year's gift everyone will be getting some type of mug. Mugs these days come with creative designs and sayings so witty they might cause a spit take. Mark each wrapped mug with a number, as inspired by Gifts.com, and then have each person participating in your office pick a number from a hat. Pick up your mug and relish in the festive chuckles.

Dollar Store Exchange

Set a specific low budget or pick a certain store. You and your co-workers are only allowed to exchange gifts within these perimeters. The gifts, no matter how small, will bring big time laughs.

Mystery Gift

Remember when you were young and at Halloween parties and had to blindly stick your hand into a bowl of something and guess what it was? Usually a bowl of spaghetti was worms, you know? Take the essence of the mystery game and translate it to holiday gift exchanges. You'll at least crack a smile as you watch your co-workers blindly try to figure out what it is they're taking home.

Gift Hunt

Turn your office into a treasure trove. This game can easily be combined with Secret Santa. Except, you'll have to bring a set of clues along with your gift. Hide your recipient's gift somewhere in the office. Your map of clues will draw them closer to the gold. Once everyone has found their gift, extend the work day break by opening the gifts over tea.