14 Gifts For Your Fitness-Obsessed Friend


Everyone has that one friend or family member who loves sweating it out the gym, like, all the dang time. Someone who’s maybe trying to convince you to join them way too early in the morning, but you love them anyway. But hey, maybe if you’re lucky, they’ll forget all about you promising to tag along to that 6 A.M. spin class if you get them a sweet fitness-enhancing present. These 14 gift ideas are perfect for your fitness-obsessed friend.

Seriously, having quality gym items — something as simple as a water bottle that stays chilled — can make or break someone’s experience at the gym. Ever try to workout in sweatpants that cause wedgies? No, thank you. On top of that, there’s nothing more annoying than having headphones that won’t stay in your ears, and hair bands that won’t keep your flyaways out of your face.

Basically, comfort and quality are key, and fortunately, they don’t have to come at a huge cost. Whether or not you want to splurge on your friend or family member who hearts fitness, there are cool AF products available in every price range. From moisturizer made for gym lovers, to pre-workout trail mix, here are 14 gift ideas for your friend that’s always at the gym.

1A Reusable Water Bottle

Hydro Flask Insulated Water Bottle


Reusable water bottles are an essential item for gym-goers. Rather than using plastic water bottles, gift the gym lover in your life a fancy ass water bottle that is more eco-friendly. This one made by Hydro Flask is insulated, leak-proof, and made with stainless steel.

2A Towel That Actually Absorbs Sweat

Fitness Gym Towels


Finding a towel that actually wicks sweat is hard, but this two-pack from Amazon should do the trick. It has a five-star rating on Amazon, but is still super affordable.

3High Quality Earbuds

Optoma NuForce BE Sport4 Wireless Sport Earphones


Every gym-goer needs a pair of quality Bluetooth ear buds. These ones from Optoma are among the top-rated headphones on Amazon, so your friend can exercise to their favorite jams without getting tangled up in wires.

4A ClassPass Membership

A ClassPass Membership


If you have a friend that loves to switch up their gym routine, gift them a membership to ClassPass — a service that connects people with boutique and unique workouts in the area. They start at $29 a month. It’ll keep fitness feeling fresh!

5Comfortable Insoles

Sof Sole Insoles Full-Length Gel Shoe Insert


Gym shoes take a lot of wear and tear – especially if you’ve a friend who is a runner. Buying new shoes regularly may not be practical, but gel insoles can help ease any discomfort caused by old tennies.

6A Hoodie To Work Out In Style

Cut Out Hoodie


We all have that 5-year-old hoodie with holes we’re hanging onto for dear life. However, with the weather is getting chillier, gift your friend a new sweatshirt made with the gym in mind. This gray hoodie may be under $60, but it has a designer feel.

7Leggings That Won't Rip

High-Rise Lattice-Hem Yoga Leggings

Old Navy

These leggings from Old Navy are not only cute, but durable. Snag a pair for a loved one who's always going through leggings.

8A Personal Yoga Mat

Harmony Mat

Jade Yoga

Many gyms have yoga mats available for guests to use, but TBH, who wants to lay down on a mat that hundreds of people have likely sweated on? Buy your fitness friend their very own mat so they can avoid some of the germy-ness at the gym. Plus, for every mat Jade Yoga sells, they plant a tree.

9A Gym Bag

Adidas Defender III Duffel Bag


Every gym goer needs a decent bag to haul their athletic clothes and shoes in. Pick up this classic duffle from Adidas that comes in an array of colors, including a mint green, rainbow, and pink.

10A CBD Salve

CBD Therapeutic Balm


CBD, aka cannabidiol, has become one the most popular items of 2018. This topical relief balm produced by Hempure is "ideal for stiffness, workout recovery, joint mobility, and skin care." It's great to use following an intense workout.

11A Moisturizer Made For The Gym

CliniqueFIT Workout Makeup

Ulta Beauty

Wearing skincare and makeup products at the gym can often leave your pores feeling clogged, and lead to breakouts. However, this lightweight foundation was designed to withstand a workout.

12A Head Wrap To Tame Your Hair

Gymwrap Scientifically Advanced Fitness HeadWrap


Gymwrap uses "patented EvapoTECH technology [that] consists of three layers of fabric designed to wick moisture away from your hair, and [to] allow heat to escape." Gift this to your fitness loving friend who needs to tame their flyaways.

13A Pre-Workout Trail Mix

Gourmet Nut POWER UP Mega Omega Trail Mix


Trail mix can be a great source of energy pre and post-workout. This snack is packed with antioxidants, and it's delish.

14A Belt For Running

Build & Fitness Running Belt


This sleek, storage waistband is like a less bulky fanny pack, and makes a good present for anyone who enjoys cardio. It has two pockets for your phone and wallet, as well as a clip for keys so important items are all in one place.

There's a gift on this list for every fitness lover, at every price point. Your friend who loves to hit the gym will be ultra-prepared for their workout.