7 New IKEA Products That Are Specifically Designed To Improve Your Sleep

by Kaitlyn Wylde
Many people actually sleep better when they don't drink alcohol.

IKEA has likely always been your go-to place for fast furniture and simple design solutions. But now, IKEA is about to be the place you go to get a good night sleep. The new IKEA products that are designed to improve your sleep are going to give you a new reason to spend a Sunday getting lost in the mega store. In case you need an excuse to update your bedroom game, IKEA has come out with a collection of products that help you to transform your room into a quiet, comfortable, and dark space so that no matter where you live, you can get some peace and quiet.

From natural and breathable bed clothes, to sound absorbing wall coverings and two-in-one bedside electronics, there are many new ways to reduce the factors that get between you and sleep. If you live in a city and struggle with a combination of noise and light pollution, IKEA has a few solutions. If you move around a lot in your sleep and have yet to find a pillow that can keep up with you, IKEA has a solution. If you don't have the space for a couch and a club chair, but want the benefits of both, IKEA has a solution. What's more, all of these new sleep enhancing or inducing products are reasonably priced and come in different colors, shape and sizes so that you can further customize your choice. Here are a few of the most notable products in IKEA's new sleep-forward initiative:

Ergonomic Pillow

This ergonomic pillow was created to suit all different kinds of sleepers. No matter how much you toss and turn, this line of pillows will still be a comfort and support to you.

Sustainable Duvet Cover

Sleep sound knowing that your all cotton duvet cover was sustainably grown, making it not only a green choice, but also a super comfortable asset in bed.

Sound Absorbing Panel

These sound absorbing panels are perfect for city dwellers. Quite literally, these panels absorb sound pollution and are going to be an absolute must have if you live in an apartment. You can use them by a window, as a room divider, or even as a wall cover.

Adjustable Recliner

This new recliner has three adjustable positions to accommodate your comfort in any task. Whether you're sitting upright and reading before bed, leaning back to relax or lying flat for a full on nap, this recliner has your back — and your feet, with a built-in footrest.

Bookshelf With WiFi Speaker

Instead of making space for a speaker, check out this speaker that doubles as a bedside shelf. It's efficient and super handy at the same time, especially if you're looking for something to act as a white noise machine.

Table Lamp With WiFi Speaker

It's a lamp, it's a speaker, and it's going to be your new bedside BFF. Use it on a dim setting while playing white noise sounds to help you get to sleep. With one product performing both functions, your room will feel far less cluttered, and you'll get a better night's sleep in a more relaxed space.

Blackout Roller Blind

Blackout blinds not only keep the light out so you can sleep longer, but they also help to filter out some noise to keep the room as peaceful as possible. Add another layer of curtains over the roller blinds and you're basically sleeping in a cocoon.

Privacy Curtains

These room darkening privacy curtains are great at blocking light, but also come in a variety of colors so it's easy to match them to your home decor game, too.

Motorized Blackout Blinds

The future is here: these blackout roller blinds open and close with the touch of a button. Keep the remote by your bed and enjoy that futuristic life, while also getting a great night's sleep in a totally dark room. (Note: These blinds are available for IKEA U.S. customers beginning Aug. 1.)

An Easy Care Pillow

This cotton blend pillow has a down-like feel, but is totally down free, so most people with allergies will find this pillow safe. It's easy to clean and at a low price point, it's a great style to stock up on.

Roller Blinds

These roller blinds are cordless, so they're safe for homes with small children. The pull down tab is super easy to use, and these blackout blinds instantly block harsh light when pulled down fully.

Room Darkening Curtains

These beautiful light-blocking curtains also help to keep a stable temperature in your bedroom. While the sun is up, keep these curtains closed on hot days to keep your room cool so that it's comfortable by bedtime.

Dimmable Lamp

This bedside lamp has multiple settings so you can surround yourself with soft lights before bedtime to wind down slowly and peacefully. Plus it's chic and Scandinavian AF.

A Multi-Position Pillow

This multi-position pillow is great for all kinds of sleepers, and though it's currently only available in Canada, it's coming to the U.S. soon!